Fuhrer Tanks China Relations

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Dec 032016

I, for one, have been concerned that Drumpfenfarten, Fuhrer of the Republican Rectum-Rage Reich, has been refusing foreign intelligence briefings, claiming to get information from other sources (Kremlin, perhaps?).  He just tanked our China relations so badly, that without major damage control, we may find ourselves back in a cold war with China. 


President-elect Donald J. Trump spoke by telephone with Taiwan’s president on Friday, a striking break with nearly four decades of diplomatic practice that could precipitate a major rift with China even before Mr. Trump takes office.

Mr. Trump’s office said he had spoken with the Taiwanese president, Tsai Ing-wen, “who offered her congratulations.” He is believed to be the first president or president-elect who has spoken to a Taiwanese leader since at least 1979, when the United States severed diplomatic ties with Taiwan as part of its recognition of the People’s Republic of China.

In the statement, Mr. Trump’s office said the two leaders had noted “the close economic, political, and security ties” between Taiwan and the United States. Mr. Trump, it said, “also congratulated President Tsai on becoming President of Taiwan earlier this year.”

Mr. Trump’s motives in taking the call, which lasted more than 10 minutes, were not clear. In a Twitter message late Friday, he said [Twit Tweet delinked] Ms. Tsai “CALLED ME.”… [emphasis added]

From <NY Times>

Lets dispense with the idiotic "called me" excuse.  First, if I called the Fuhrer, it wouldn’t pick up the phone.  The call would go to a low level aide, who would want to know who I was and what I wanted.  If that aide thought it worthwhile, I’d be passed to a mid-level aide, who would grill me for much more detailed information.  If i passed that test, I’d be passed to a high level aide for the final vetting of my call.  If I passed, we would find a time that fit both the Fuhrer’s and my schedules, and I’d be given a special number to call at that time.  I would call the Fuhrer at the appointed time, and only then would it answer the phone.  Second, given the long-term absence of US formal relations with Taiwan, Ms. Tsai would have no reason to call, unless she had reason to believe it would be well received.  In short, the "CALLED ME" claim is a Republican Lie.  That call was prearranged!

Rachel Maddow covered the incident in much more detail and discussed it with Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT).

Did the Fuhrer understand the impact of what it was doing? There is no way to tell. Fuhrer Drumpfenfarten is certainly devious enough to return us to a cold war footing with China intentionally. However, the Fuhrer is also stupid enough to have had no idea what he was doing.

Nov 242016

Wendy’s niece couldn’t make it, but Wendy came.  Last year, I lobbied my doctors for a week to talk them into allowing me to leave my unit and eat Thanksgiving dinner in the hospital cafeteria.  For at least ten years before that, I cooked a holiday meal and shared it with people less fortunate than I.  So it’s been a very long time since I had a holiday meal, home-cooked by someone else.  Wendy brought turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, dinner rolls, creamed corn, cranberry sauce, and fruit salad.   It was to die for.  I contributed cherry pie, raspberry pudding ring, and truffles.  Purrrr!!

Julie called this morning.  Her girlfriend is now her wife.  She and Killer Dawg send greetings to you all.

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Short Takes:

From YouTube (Media Matters Channel): Journalism to be thankful for


May we get the journalism we need help us to RESIST!

From Daily Kos: Dan Rather is sounding the alarm and we would do well to listen and then take action:

Now is a time when none of us can afford to remain seated or silent. We must all stand up to be counted.

HIstory will demand to know which side were you on. This is not a question of politics or party or even policy. This is a question about the very fundamentals of our beautiful experiment in a pluralistic democracy ruled by law.

When I see neo-Nazis raise their hands in terrifying solute, in public, in our nation’s capital, I shudder in horror. When I see that action mildly rebuked by a boilerplate statement from the President-elect whom these bigots have praised, the anger in me grows. And when I see some in a pliant press turn that mild statement into what they call a denunciation I cannot hold back any longer.

Our Declaration of Independence bequeaths us our cherished foundational principle: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

These truths may be self-evident but they are not self-replicating. Each generation has to renew these vows.

E Pluribus Unum! E Pluribus Unum!! E Pluribus Unum!!! RESIST!!!!

From The Rachel Maddow Show: Long reach to find precedent for 2016 popular vote gap in US past

Rachel Maddow looks back 140 years to Reconstruction era U.S. history to find a remotely comparable gap between the popular vote and the electoral vote winner, and warns against leaping to conclusions about the significance of the 2016 popular vote.


Fuhrer Drumphenfarten is NOT MY PRESIDENT! RESIST!!

From The Last Word: Scientists call for swing state recounts

A group of computer scientists are urging Hillary Clinton to ask for a recount, claiming voting irregularities surfaced in three swing states. Gabe Sherman joins MSNBC’s Ari Melber to share his reporting.


Jill Stein is raising money for a recount. Although nothing she can do will ever make up for the way she helped get Trump elected by parroting and drawing attention to Putin’s disinformation on RT, Russia’s propaganda network, I am glad that she is is helping in this effort.  Recount and RESIST!!



Nov 192016

I did manage to get a little sleep yesterday, but I’m still behind the curve.  Tomorrow is a holy day in the Church of the Ellipsoid Orb, but my Broncos are taking the day off.  To honor the LGBT community, they have a bi week.  May the Divine Orb shine it’s blessed light on your team.

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Short Takes:

From Rachel Maddow Show: Trump makes extreme choice in Flynn for NSA

Congressman Adam Schiff, ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, talks with Rachel Maddow about Donald Trump naming Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn as his national security advisor and why he thinks Flynn is not well-suited for the job.

With want other politician does this extremist wing-nut share a love of Putin’s propaganda network, RT? Flynn reminds me of General Ripper in Doctor Strangelove.

From YouTube (Media Matters Channel): Trump’s Election And The Power Of Fear


For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind. (Hos. 8:7 KJV) That’s only half right. We have ALL reaped the Republican whirlwind.

From International Business Times: The election may be over and president-elect Donald Trump may be wavering on whether he wants a special prosecutor to investigate former rival Hillary Clinton, but that hasn’t cooled the ardor of congressional Republicans who want to investigate her private email server.

Five House and Senate panels may be planning to continue probing Clinton’s use of a private server during her tenure as secretary of state even though the FBI concluded her actions didn’t rise to the level of criminal conduct.

Why are Republicans so anxious to twist the knife, even though Hillary’s political career is effectively over? There are two reasons. Republicans politicians are hateful and vicious, and it detracts from the crimes they have never stopped committing regularly.




White House? Alt-Right House!!

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Nov 152016

The Republican Reich is moving at full speed to consolidate power as the Fuhrer makes appointees to its cabinet.  I’ve covered Bannon’s Nazi views before, but there a lot more you ought to know about him.  The position he will be occupying is the same one held by the infamous Karl Rove in the GW Bush Reich.  OMG!  I’m going to miss Rove Rat!


Anyone holding out hope that Donald Trump would govern as a uniter — that the racism, sexism, anti-Semitism and nativism of his campaign were just poses to pick up votes — should think again.

In an ominous sign of what the Trump presidency will actually look like, the president-elect on Sunday appointed Stephen Bannon as his chief White House strategist and senior counselor, an enormously influential post.

Many if not most Americans had never heard of Mr. Bannon before this weekend, and for good reason: He has kept a low profile, even after taking over Mr. Trump’s campaign in August. Before that, he worked as the executive chairman of the Breitbart News Network, parent company of the far-right website Breitbart News [Breitfart delinked], which under Mr. Bannon became what the Southern Poverty Law Center has called a “white ethno-nationalist propaganda mill.”

Mr. Bannon himself seems fine with that description, telling Mother Jones last summer that Breitbart was now “the platform for the alt-right,” a loosely organized group of mostly young men who believe in white supremacy; oppose immigration, feminism and multiculturalism; and delight in harassing Jews, Muslims and other vulnerable groups by spewing shocking insults on social media…

From <NY Times>

The Gray Lady as barely scratched the surface.  Rachel Maddow dissects his hateful background for us in horrifying detail!

I have only one word sufficiently vile for me to describe this evil monster.  Bannon is a Republican.

Nov 112016

I am still so upset, that sleep does not come.  ARGH!  I feel exhausted.

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Short Takes:

From Washington Post: Russian government officials conferred with members of Donald Trump’s campaign team, a senior Russian diplomat said Thursday, a disclosure that could reopen scrutiny of the Kremlin’s role in the president-elect’s bitter race against Hillary Clinton.

The statement came from Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, who said in an interview with the state-run Interfax news agency that “there were contacts” with the Trump team.

“Obviously, we know most of the people from his entourage,” Ryabkov said.

There’s the proof. Not only is Herr Reichsfuhrer Drumpfenfarten (R-#NotMyPresident) is Putin’s dog, but also, he seditiously conspired with a foreign government to hoodwink US voters.

From The Last Word: Electoral College turns a win to a loss


Lawrence provided fascinating history to explain how the people’s will has been overcome by the loser to install a Republican, again.

From The Rachel Maddow Show: Anti-Trump protests grip cities nationwide


I’m proud that Portland is among them.




The Third Ring

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Oct 202016

This years Presidential debates have been a three ring circus, and last night the third ring should certainly have sealed the deal for Hillary Clinton.  Although Trump had been well muzzled by his handlers, Clinton’s prodding and probing broke through that facade after half an hour.  By the end, she had reduced Trump to a red-faced, scowling, muttering fool.


In the third and final presidential debate, Mrs. Clinton outmaneuvered Mr. Trump with a surprising new approach: his.

Flipping the script, she turned herself into his relentless tormentor, condescending to him repeatedly and deploying some of his own trademark tactics against him.

The relatively subdued and largely defanged Republican nominee who showed up onstage at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, was a different figure from the candidate America has watched for the past 16 months.

Mr. Trump was, for much of the night, oddly calm and composed. He minimized his name-calling. His interruptions were relatively rare for him.

In a debate that his allies had predicted would represent 90 minutes of scorched-earth verbal warfare, Mr. Trump seemed deserted by his most bellicose instincts.

He repeatedly gave up chances to respond to pointed taunts from Mrs. Clinton, who dominated the confrontation from its opening moments, needling and baiting him over and over…

From <NY Times>

Here are three short video clips from Rachel Maddow.  In the first she summarizes the debate, stressing his increasing agitation and the evenings bombshell.

In the second, she examines the facts behind the absurd Republican voter fraud claims.

In the third, she covers how Pence is goose-stepping with Trump refusal.

The Bottom line is this. No prominent Republicans have withdrawn their support from Trump, so no matter how much they whine, they own Trump and all his positions.

The Republican Party is a cancer that must be excised to save the United States.