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Aug 082017

Other than kissing Putin’s ass, a prominent part of the campaign of Donald "Peach Pinocchio" Trump was "Buy American – Hire American".  That always struck me as strange, because all the third rate products he sells to sheeple, stupid enough to buy them, are of third world or Chinese manufacture.  Now we learn that he’s just as big a hypocrite about hiring Americans.


President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club needs to hire 35 waiters for this winter’s social season in Palm Beach, Fla.

Late last month, the club placed an ad on page C8 of the Palm Beach Post, crammed full of tiny print laying out the job experience requirements in classified ad shorthand. “3 mos recent & verifiable exp in fine dining/country club,” the ad said. “No tips.”

The ad gave no email address or phone number. “Apply by fax,” it said. The ad also provided a mailing address. It ran twice, then never again.

This was an underwhelming way to attract local job-seekers. But that wasn’t the point. The ads were actually part of Mar-a-Lago’s efforts to hire foreign workers for those 35 jobs…

From <Washington Post>

Joy-Ann Reid also covered the story.

I’d like to thank Joy-Ann for the wonderful job she did, filling in for Rachel Maddow, during her absence.  That said, welcome back Rachel, who returns this evening.

Considering the draconian anti-immigrant regulations that Trump and the Republican Rectum Reich are currently pushing, this is beyond excuse.  It’s just one more of the innumerable examples of IOKIYAR.


Mar 282017

Wendy is on the way now and will be here, before I can finish this.  I slept very well last night for the first time in weeks, but I want to keep it light to avoid stressing myself, so this is today’s only article.

Wendy is gone, and I took time out to write a letter to the Parole Board for one of my guys for whom I do prison volunteer work.  I’ve known him for almost 30 years, and he is the one most deserving of release.

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Short Takes:

From YouTube (GQ Channel): Which of Trump’s Cronies Will Flip on Him First? | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann


And I called Fuhrer Drumpfenfarten the Tangerine Traitor, even before his inauguration. RESIST!!

From NY Times: The Trump administration, signaling its intent to toughen enforcement of immigration laws across the country, threatened on Monday to withhold or revoke law enforcement funding from states, cities and localities that block the police or sheriffs from telling federal authorities about undocumented immigrants in their custody.

In an announcement at the White House, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said state and local governments seeking certain law enforcement grants would have to certify that they were complying with a law that bars any official from withholding information from the Department of Homeland Security about a person’s immigration status. Those that are violating the policy could see such grants clawed back, he said.

What Hooded Beauregard (R-KKK) is not telling us is that that Republicans already plan to strip federal funding from state and local programming anyway. RESIST!!

From Think Progress: Nationally, clean energy jobs outnumber fossil fuel jobs by more than 2.5 to 1, according to a new Sierra Club analysis of Department of Energy jobs data. And when it comes to coal and gas — two sectors President Donald Trump has promised to bolster through his upcoming executive order on energy regulation — clean energy jobs outnumber jobs dealing with those two fossil fuels by 5 to 1.

“Right now, clean energy jobs already overwhelm dirty fuels in nearly every state across America, and that growth is only going to continue as clean energy keeps getting more affordable and accessible by the day,” Sierra Club executive director Michael Brune said in a statement. “These facts make it clear that Donald Trump is attacking clean energy jobs purely in order to boost the profits of fossil fuel billionaires.”

By hamstringing clean energy to subsidize fossil fuel, the Peach Plutocrat is ensuring Americand will have fewer jobs and less energy independence. But it does serve the interests of Gazprom. RESIST!!



Mar 082016

I’m running way late this morning, because I felt very tired and cold, so I took an extra nap.  Lu should arrive soon fir my shower.  Tomorrow I have an appointment that should take all morning, so expect only a Personal Update.

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Short Takes:

From The New Yorker: Canada, already bracing for the possible inflow of millions of American refugees in November, might have made matters worse by releasing an unacceptably adorable photo of its Prime Minister hugging two baby pandas, Canadians fear.

The photo, taken at the Toronto Zoo and showing Justin Trudeau cuddling with two panda cubs, was “the last thing this country needed,” Harland Dorrinson, the executive director of Canadians for Responsible Immigration, a prominent anti-immigration organization based in Ottawa, said.

“Canada is already staring down the potential crisis of millions of Americans pouring over its border later this year,” Dorrinson said. “Did we really have to announce that we have pandas, too?”

Dang, Andy! Trudeau really Canucked-up!!

From Daily Kos: Of all the fictions peddled by the Republican Party and its candidates in this election cycle, the most ridiculous is the trope that the Obama Administration has “failed” the American people economically. This is a lie which apparently has been poll-tested with Republican focus groups as it has popped up again and again in the GOP debates, expressed almost ritualistically by Trump, Cruz and Rubio alike. Listening to the Republicans tell it, one could actually start to believe that the 4.9% unemployment rate the country currently enjoys (for the second straight month) is somehow beside the point—that hidden beneath this robust reflection on the country’s powerful economic resurgence since the Bush disaster lies some terrible undercurrent of “failure” on the part of this Democratic Administration.


And that happened despite seditious Republican sabotage.

From Alternet: Stephen Colbert has not aired a show since last Thursday’s Republican debate, so until last night, the late-night comedian had not had time to weigh in on the fact that Donald Trump brought up the size of his penis. Monday night, Colbert made up for lost time, unleashing a stream of jokes, including some self-deprecating ones, that got right to the meat of the matter.


Again Hateful Hairball has nothing that compares with the magnificence of my kitty dingles.




Terse Tuesday Tidbits

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Dec 152015

Happy Tuesday (hey, at least it's not OGIM).  JL will be away from her computer for a while, and asked me to stand in for her (replace her, I couldn't possibly, but stand in – maybe.)  She sent me a starter and I have compiled a few related posts and sites.

Headline:  Wal-Mart's reliance on Chinese imports has cost over 400,000 U.S. Jobs.  So says a new report from the Economic Policy Institute.          walmart    

Headline:  China:  police crackdown on labour rights activists.  Apparently even those 400,000 jobs aren't what they are cracked up to be.  The IUF unites food, farm and hotel workers world wide. 

Headline:  Farm Worker Ministry Northwest Attends UFW's Darigold rally.  This was a few months ago, but if I am not mistaken, it was over two YEARS ago that Randy drowned in a pool of Darigold manure, and Darigold has still not even started to look at improving worker safety – plus there are other issues.

And in Iran:  Detained teacher unionist on hunger strike.  He is in fact one of six from his union council who are detained just for being union officials.

There are of course groups working to help working people at least survive, and hopefully, succeed.  This is a very NON-exhaustive list.  Feel free to add groups in commentschina.

Working Families

Labor Rights

Jobs With Justice

American Association of University Women  (srsly)

Labour Start  (international, helps unions run campaigns)

It is just as true now as it was when Joe Hill was alive – capital does not give up anything without a struggle.  If you are working, and there is a union in your industry, and you don't belong, for heaven's sake JOIN already.

And if not, do what you can (and I realize that may be very little) to help unions and to help unionized workers.  We still need to hang together in order not to all hang separately

Nov 122015

I’m running quite late today, because I was dealing with extreme Republicitis.  In spite of laxatives every day, I had not Republicated in over a week.  They gave me a suppository, and I had to use the bedpan twice this morning.  Fortunately the Republicans I produced were flushed quickly, because they were nasty enough to join the Clown Car.  They will be putting me in the wheelchair in about thirty minutes, and I’ll eat lunch there.  After that I’ll take a spin around the unit.

Short Takes:

From Daily Kos: On Tuesday night, Fox Business will host the next debate between the 2016 GOP presidential contenders. All involved are hoping to avoid a repeat of the last such event, the CNBC fiasco which left the moderators embarrassed and the campaigns whining. But while the Republicans have been fretting about the debate format, questions, opening and closing statements, bathroom breaks and even the room temperature, the GOP White House wannabees have a much bigger problem. As a spate of recent analyses once again confirmed, the U.S. economy almost always does better under Democratic presidents.

Going back to Herbert Hoover, the economy grew faster, job creation accelerated, incomes expanded and stock prices jumped higher when a Democrat sat in the Oval Office. And as the New Democrat Network documented last month, the last four presidencies are no exception…


The only people who do well under a Republican Reich are Banksters and the 1%.

From The New Yorker: In a potential stumbling block for his Presidential ambitions, a new study indicates that the average American can stand only four seconds of exposure to Senator Ted Cruz, the Texas Republican.

The study, conducted by University of Minnesota researchers during Tuesday night’s Republican debate, required subjects to be connected to electrodes to measure their tolerance for the senator.

Within four seconds of watching Cruz, the majority of participants begged to be released from the experiment, researchers reported.

I think Andy is exaggerating. Four seconds is way too long to tolerate Uranus Inspector.

From Alternet: Fox Business hosted the fourth Republican presidential debate on Tuesday. Unlike its sister network Fox News, many are unfamiliar with the low-rated Fox Business. But Media Matters has been watching since the network’s debut in 2007.

Here are 35 of the worst things to appear on the “business” network.

1. Fox Business Promoted Obama Birth Certificate Conspiracy Theory: “Photoshopped”

Barf Bag Alert!!

  Click through, and take a truckload of barf bags with you. There are thirty four more like this.



Waterboarding was one of his crimes punishable by the death penalty.

May 312015

Yesterday was a bad day for resting.  When  I went down to bask in the sunshine, I realized that all my spots were occupied.  The city rents put the sidewalk in front of my building for about $30 a head to watch the Rose Festival Starlight Parade.  The noise below my window magnified as the day progressed, and it did not abate until after 1 AM, when the street sweepers went through.  I’ve taken some shortcuts today, because I’m so tired.  The following video is four years old, but it will give you an idea od what it’s like from a sidewalk renter’s perspective.

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Short Takes: (All Daily Kos Classics)

From Daily Kos: Pat Robertson advises 80 year old tither to get her butt to work

Barf Bag Alert!!


September, 2014. He personifies Republican Supply-side pseudo-Christian greed.

From Daily Kos:

So there’s this thing that measures how happy people are:

The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, which interviewed more than 176,000 people from all 50 states last year, measures the physical and emotional health of Americans across the country.

So take a gander at the states with the most miserable people:

10. Louisiana
9. Oklahoma
8. Missouri
7. Tennessee
6. Arkansas
5. Ohio
4. Alabama
3. Mississippi
2. Kentucky
1. West Virginia

February, 2014. I’m not surprised. Are you? I see a direct correlation between degree of Republican rule and misery.

From Daily Kos: Which party is best for the economy? It’s not even close

September 2012 Click through for a great collection of graphics. Here’s just one: