Apr 192017

I’m still in a lot of pain, but I did get some sleep last night and this morning, so I’ll try to publish, while waiting for my grocery delivery.  Wendy comes tonight to de3stink the TomCat.

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Short Takes:

From YouTube (GQ Channel): Proof that Donald Trump is Getting Crazier | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann


If the Fuhrer is craziER, the Pope must be Catholic. RESIST!!

From The Last Word: Is the O’Reilly era at Fox News coming to an end?

New reports – including from Murdoch-owned WSJ – say Fox News may be close to cutting ties with Bill O’Reilly. NYC Public Advocate Letitia James is asking for a probe into the sexual harassment scandal. Media Matter’s Angelo Carusone also joins Lawrence O’Donnell.


Watching O’Lielly crash and burn puts a smile on my face. I’ve waited years for this. May Faux Noise, the Republican Reichsministry of Propaganda, follow him down. RESIST!!

From NY Times: Jon Ossoff, a Democrat making his first bid for elective office, narrowly missed winning outright in a heavily conservative House district in Georgia on Wednesday, throwing a scare into Republicans in a special congressional election that was seen as an early referendum on President Trump.

Mr. Ossoff received 48.1 percent of the vote, just short of the 50 percent threshold needed to win the seat, and he will face Karen Handel, the top Republican vote-getter, in a June runoff.

A documentary filmmaker and former congressional staff member, Mr. Ossoff, 30, had hoped to avert a runoff in the Sixth District, a Republican-dominated section of the Atlanta suburbs that had been represented by Tom Price, who is now Mr. Trump’s health and human services secretary. But despite his financial advantage — Mr. Ossoff had raised $8.3 million, more than quadruple that of the next-closest candidate — and a highly energized liberal base, a majority was just out of reach in a district that has not sent a Democrat to Congress since the Carter administration.

Now we need to win in December. RESIST!!



Republican Terrorism in action.

Apr 152017

This is my only article today.  I’m still quite congested,  and I suspect that a lot of it is seasonal allergy and I need to control it without an upper respiratory relapse.  The rest of today’s free time must be spent preparing my Easter articles in advance to get them up early tomorrow, before Wendy arrives.

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Short Takes:

From The Rachel Maddow Show: Trump skimps on Syria, Afghanistan policy while blowing stuff up

Rachel Maddow reports on the continued confused messages from the Donald Trump administration about U.S. military policy in Syria and Afghanistan even as Trump enjoys positive media feedback for missiles and bombs directed at those countries.


Rachel told us what to look for this weekend. I pray that Fuhrer Drumpfenfarten lets the weekend pass without blowing shit up so he can watch it go boom! RESIST!!

From NY Times: Little more than a week before France’s presidential election, Marine Le Pen remains a front-runner after working hard to sanitize the image of her party, the National Front, and to distance it from the uglier associations of Europe’s far right.

But descriptions of the inner workings of her party by present and former close Le Pen associates, as well as court documents, raise fresh doubts about the success and sincerity of those efforts.

Even before Ms. Le Pen’s remarks this week denying France’s culpability in a notorious wartime roundup of Jews, recent revelations in the French news media, including a well-documented new book, revived nagging concerns about the sympathies of the woman who would be France’s next president.

I certainly does not hope that the French do not hand over their nation to Nazis in thrall to Putin [R-RU]. Only a nation of idiots would do that. RESIST!!

From Daily Kos: Donald Trump is threatening to withhold Obamacare payments for 7 million of the most vulnerable people in this country as a way to bring Democrats to the negotiating table. Instead of working with them to strengthen and improve the Affordable Care Act, he’s threatening to inflict real, life-endangering harm, playing with people’s lives.

That setup leads to this CNN segment with commentators Jeffrey Lord and Symone Sanders on “New Day with Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota.” As the two were discussing Trump’s cruel threat, Jeffrey Lord inexplicably tries to compare Donald Trump to civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. And whelp, Symone Sanders goes there in response, saying “Let’s not equate Dr. Martin Luther king Jr. to the vagina-grabbing president of the United States”


Right on Simone Sanders!! MLK is to Trump as Jesus is to Satan. RESIST!!



Apr 092017

I have been busy working on my mother's estate and getting ready to file her income taxes for last year.  Add teaching and physio and a few other things, life has been busy.  Now I have to arrange a visit to the dentist because I broke a tooth on Friday.  On the other hand, it is always a joy to come home to my three furbabes.

Short Takes

NY Times — Judge Neil M. Gorsuch was confirmed by the Senate on Friday to become the 113th justice of the Supreme Court, capping a political brawl that lasted for more than a year and tested constitutional norms inside the Capitol’s fraying upper chamber.

The moment was a triumph for President Trump, whose campaign appeal to reluctant Republicans last year rested in large part on his pledge to appoint another committed conservative to succeed Justice Antonin Scalia, who died in February 2016. However rocky the first months of his administration may have been, Mr. Trump now has a lasting legacy: Judge Gorsuch, 49, could serve on the court for 30 years or more.

“As a deep believer in the rule of law, Judge Gorsuch will serve the American people with distinction as he continues to faithfully and vigorously defend our Constitution,” the president said.

The final tally was 54-45 in favor of confirmation.

The confirmation was also a vindication of the bare-knuckled strategy of Senate Republicans, who refused even to consider President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court pick, Judge Merrick B. Garland, saying the choice of the next justice should belong to the next president.

Click through for the rest of the article.  Well, I think we all knew that Gorsuch would be confirmed if McConnell used the nuclear option and changed the Senate tradition of 60 votes for confirmation to SCOTUS to a simple majority.  McConnell did, and Gorsuch was. When the appointment is for life, in this case for at least 30 years, there should be a requirement for 60 votes to confirm.

Otherwords.org  Well in keeping with the above article, here is Khalil Bendib's take.

Cartoon removed pending clarification.

Strange fruit on the tree of liberty.

There will interesting times ahead with Gorsuch on the bench.

Otherwords.org If you didn't guess already, I am a fan of Khalil Bendib's work.  A picture is worth a thousand words, or maybe more.  With the failure of Drumpf's healthcare bill recently, he is beginning to tally up quite a list of failures.  Stay tuned for more!

Cartoon removed pending clarification.

Our "deal-maker" president isn't nearly as good as getting things done as he proclaimed.

And of course, before the healthcare failure, there was not one, but two attempts at banning Muslims from specific countries.  The first ban was quashed by Washington state US District Judge James Robart.  Of course, not to be outdone by a judge whom Drumpf castigated, Drumpf brought forward a second ban and it was shot down in spectacular fashion by Hawaii's US District Judge Derrick Watson.  Drumpf just tweaked the original ban and it was sent to the trash heap.  One can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig! 

Cartoon removed pending clarification.

You know what they say about putting lipstick on a pig.

YouTube — And now a few words from John Oliver.


John does have a way with words.

My Universe

Mar 302017

I ran out of meds yesterday.  Today some of the congestion and coughing has returned, so I called Megan’s office to see if they will refill my Prednisone prescription.  My concern is that the coughing will exacerbate the muscular damage.  I still have quite a bit of pain in my ribs, and want to keep it tolerable.  Tomorrow morning I have a home visit coming from the agency that pays for around 20% of the care I get from Wendy.  I am more disabled than I was a year ago, because of my eyes, so I’m not worried about losing it, until Republican budget cuts reach the state level.  Then on Saturday, Carrie will be here filling in for Wendy, instead of Sunday, so my uploads will be abbreviated until Sunday.  I’ve decided not to do a Monthly Report for March.  First we do not have a full month’s data.  Second, after everything, I don’t have enough gas left in my tank to design as new report format for our Analytics.

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Short Takes:

From YouTube (GQ Channel): Could Donald Trump Pass a Sanity Test? | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann


Why?  In a single word, the Lemon Lunatic is a Republican. RESIST!!

From The New Yorker: Representative Devin Nunes, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, told reporters on Wednesday that he just spent several days alone in his apartment holding hearings on President Donald J. Trump’s ties to Russia and that those hearings “went really great.”

“Having concluded several days of hearings on my own in my apartment, I am one hundred per cent satisfied that the President had no involvement with the Russians,” Nunes said. “Now it’s time to move on.”

While Nunes would not reveal who testified at the hearings in his apartment, he called their testimony “credible and productive.”

Andy, if he said that, it would not surprise me at all. RESIST!!

From The Rachel Maddow Show: Schiff presses for public hearing for Yates

Congressman Adam Schiff, ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, talks with Rachel Maddow about resistance by Chairman Devin Nunes to hear from former acting Attorney General Sally Yates and the priorities of Democrats on the committee.


I agree with him. The investigation should also contain looking at the quid pro quo, first by the Trump campaign and now by the Trump Reich to compensate Russia for their cooperation. I also think Sally Yates testimony may be critical. RESIST!!



Feb 252017

Once again, I’m getting a late start, because other tasks tied up my morning, so I’ll be brief.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

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Short Takes:

From YouTube: Trump Supporters Wave Russian Flags At CPAC


This was so embarrassing that Republicans are claiming that progressives handed out the flags as a dirty trick. I presume they are lying, as usual, but if true, they proved that hundreds of Putin’s Pervert’s supposedly most knowledgeable supporters, CPUKE attendees, are so stupid that they waved Russian flags during an investigation or the Reich without knowing it. RESIST!!

From The New Yorker: Saying “Enough is enough,” Republican senators on Friday angrily accused their constituents of “intentionally and opportunistically” using recent town-hall meetings as vehicles to express themselves.

One of the angriest Republicans, Senator Tom Cotton, of Arkansas, said he was “disgusted and offended” by the “flagrant exercise of freedom of speech” he witnessed at his town hall.

“The spectacle of people standing up, asking their elected representatives questions, and expecting them to answer is the most disgraceful thing I’ve ever experienced,” Cotton said. “This will not stand.”

Cotton accused “outside agitators” of sending voters to the town halls “to cynically exploit an obscure provision in the Constitution called the First Amendment.”

Where is the satire, Andy?  RESIST!!

From The Rachel Maddow Show: Trump admin spikes intel report that undercuts travel ban

Rachel Maddow reports on a leaked DHS Intelligence report that finds that Donald Trump’s focus on countries in his Muslim ban is not a reliable way of targeting terrorists.


The Fuhrer tried to do what Crawford Caligula did, fix the intelligence around the policy. When it didn’t work, they tried to hide the real findings. Then came the wonderful leak of those findings. Now the Fuhrer likes folks to take a leak in him, but not that kind.  RESIST!!



The Fuhrer doesn’t!

Feb 202017

Today's cartoon is in honor of Residents Day.  Banks and state government offices may be closed for Presidents Day, but the US does not have a President.  Staff the analytics is fixed.  What do you think?

Jig Zone Puzzle:

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Short Takes:

From YouTube (TYT Channel): State Offers 'Do It Yourself' Death Row


This is insane! I also agree that execution is state-sponsored murder and could not support the death penalty even for the traitors that are selling-out our nation to Russia. RESIST!!

From Washington Post: British lawmakers are set to debate a call for U.S. President Donald Trump to be denied a state visit to the U.K. — but the Conservative government insists the invitation remains firmly in place.

Trump opponents plan to demonstrate outside Parliament in London as legislators hold a non-binding debate Monday. It comes in response to an online petition with more than 1.8 million signatures saying a formal state visit “would cause embarrassment to Her Majesty the Queen.”

On state visits, foreign leaders are welcomed with royal pomp and military ceremony, and usually stay at Buckingham Palace as guests of Queen Elizabeth II.

Kudos to Labour! It would certainly not do for Her Majesty to be groped by Putin's Pervert. RESIST!!

From Daily Kos: Republican Sen. John McCain delivered a pretty stunning speech Friday at an international security conference in Germany in which the senator made clear that he views Donald Trump's presidency as a threat to the West's well-being and world order as a whole. Aaron Blake writes:

McCain suggested the Western world is uniquely imperiled this year — even more so than when Barack Obama was president — and proceeded to question whether the Western world will survive.

“In recent years, this question would invite accusations of hyperbole and alarmism. Not this year,” McCain said. “If ever there were a time to treat this question with a deadly seriousness, it is now.”

McCain reportedly never attached his critique of the changing world order directly to Trump, but his prose were laced with references to the blurring of fact and fiction and a "hardening resentment" toward immigrants, refugees, and "especially Muslims."

But perhaps most notably, McCain painted a picture of a U.S. government at odds, and perhaps even at war, with its leader.

I think McCain,aka McConJov, is well intended but is conning himself that Trump is at odds with rest of the government, Both Lyin' Ryan and Bought Bitch Mitch, along with almost all in the Republican Reich, bend over, grab their ankles and cry Baa-a-a-a-a-a-a-a, whenever their Fuhrer calls, no matter how extreme the demand.  RESIST!!