Jun 192015

While there remain many issues, about which I disagree with Pope Francis, I do consider him an authentic Christian.  As such, he is evoking guttural responses from rabid Republicans.  They are in a quandary, because that are used to Popes, like the recent Pope Pit Bull,  that goose step with their pseudo-Christianity on every issue.  Their absurd responses to Francis’ Encyclical on Climate Change is most entertaining.

0619PopeThe papal encyclical on climate change — highly anticipated and applauded by people who accept and care about the fact that human-caused climate change is threatening our existence — came out Thursday morning. Not everyone was pleased.

In the lead-up to the release of the document (which was leaked earlier this week), climate deniers and conspiracy theorists have railed against Pope Francis, theologian and former chemist, for wading into the “political” issue of taking care of the environment.

The Usual Suspects

The Heartland Institute got out ahead of the curve, publishing a piece titled Is The Global Left Counting on Pope to Split the Catholic Church Over Global Warming? back in May. Take a moment to ponder this:

Has the Left finally come out with a method that will destroy the power of the Church to cause further damage to an already weakened Church, having been busy for years preparing for this moment? Not to be forgotten is the unholy alliance of international communism with the jihadi Islamists.

According to the article, the Pope’s stance on global warming is part of a left-wing communist conspiracy to… do something. You can read the whole thing here.

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Click through for an appalling collection of Republican statements from wing-nuts and tinfoil hat racks galore! Here’s an example.

Barf Bag Alert!!



Jun 172015

I’m feeling quite tired after last night’s meeting, although I did sleep well.  Today is a grocery delivery day, and tomorrow, I have my first appointment with an Orthopedist to treat my rotator cuff.  I will be gone for at least five hours, so expect no more than a Personal Update, please.

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Short Takes:

From NPR: This afternoon, the U.S. House voted 236 to 189 to give itself six more weeks to sort out tangled legislation involving trade.

The House Republican leaders prodded their members to approve a rule change that extends time for a second vote on one part of a trade package. This portion, called Trade Adjustment Assistance, failed on Friday.

That outcome tripped up the entire package, which also would have granted Trade Promotion Authority to the president. Now lawmakers have until July 30 — just before the August recess — to try to find compromises to pass the entire package and get it to President Obama for his signature.

When that second vote might happen is far from clear at this point. Democrats were virtually united in opposing the six-week extension to reconsider the matter, even though that’s what Obama wanted. [emphasis added]

This is a bad development. It gives Republicans six more weeks to figure out how to pass Trade Adjustment Assistance, while assuring their rabid InsaniTEA base that they will actually assist billionaires only.

From Daily Kos: Did I say advocate? I meant nutjob.

An Iowa mall cop — with a Facebook account loaded with open-carry and right-wing memes and photos of multiple weapons — is under arrest for shooting and killing a fellow mall worker because she filed sexual harassment complaints against him.

– – –

KCJJ reports that a cousin of Farrington’s said that Kozak had been harassing the victim for at least six weeks and that she had complained to his superiors about unwanted advances he had made toward her.

So he shoots her 3 times in the back.

She was 20 years old.

Another day, another Republican Ammosexual.

From The New Yorker: A spokesman for ISIS said on Tuesday that its leaders were “genuinely confused” by the abundant hotel analogies in Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s announcement speech, acknowledging that they were having a difficult time understanding how his colorful anecdotes about running a hotel empire translated into a strategy to defeat the terror group.

In a prepared statement, the ISIS spokesman said that Trump’s pronouncements about such hotel-industry concerns as air-conditioning and renting the proper-sized ballroom were creating confusion within ISIS, as the group’s leaders struggled to determine how any of the examples applied to them.

“We’re having a very hard time making sense of the speech,” the ISIS spokesman said. “He talked about defeating us, but it seemed like what he was saying was pretty specific to hotels.”

Minutes after the statement was released, Trump responded that the fact that he had confused ISIS “means I’m already winning the war against it.”

Somehow I think Andy knows better. I’m sure Hairball will offer ISIS leaders a suite in the Trump Towers. I want to see his birth certificate. It’s not about where he was born. It’s about whether he was born.



How little things change, in some ways.

Jun 142015

Almost every week, Republicans join a competition to see who can say the most outlandish things, and in the process, they push the envelope on just how ditzy InsaniTEA can become.  I trust that you will believe it, when I tell you that last week was no exception.

Pat Robertson officially and dramatically goes off the deep end.

RobertsonHatUncle Pat has told a bunch of whoppers in his day, but he killed it this week by coming up with possibly the most outlandish answer to the question posed by a woman whose co-worker lost her three-year-old child.  What should the woman say if the co-worker asked her, “Why did God allow my baby to die?” she asked the TV pastor.

Robertson hemmed and hawed and pointed out that it just might be possible that God was not the one who let the baby die, a strange gambit for the right-wing Bible thumper who once suggested faith healing could bring dead babies back to life. Maybe the hospital screwed up—sometimes people are the “ones making mistakes.”

Then a thunderbolt struck and the televangelist suggested a whole other line of argument. What if this child had grown up to be Hitler? Maybe God had really done everyone a solid since he is all-seeing and all knowing.

“As far as God’s concerned, he knows the end from the beginning and He sees a little baby and that little baby could grow up to be Adolf Hitler, he could grow up to be Joseph Stalin, he could grow up to be some serial killer, or he could grow up to die of a hideous disease,” Robertson said. “God sees all of that, and for that life to be terminated while he’s a baby, he’s going to be with God forever in Heaven so it isn’t a bad thing.” – 

All of this is sure to make that grieving mother feel much much better.

You’re welcome.

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Robertson never fails to oppose Jesus Christ in everything he says and does. This is only the fifth of five Republican doozies from last week alone.  Click through for the other four.

Jun 142015

We have another hot day today, and I’m not back to full speed.  For some reason I just feel lethargic.  I hope your weekend id going well.

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Short Takes:

From Daily Kos (Classic: 8/2009): Notice a propensity of newly minted Libertarians showing up lately? Perhaps it’s just coincidence their ranks swelled in inverse proportion to George Bush’s approval rating, ditto that so many are mouthing traditional conservative talking points. But what about the everyday gun toting townhall screamers and taxcutters and deficit hawks we see on cable news: are they really libertarian as so many claim, or just conservatives in glibertarian clothes? Here’s a few warning signs.

  1. If you think Ron Paul isn’t conservative enough and Fox News is fair and balanced, you might not be a Libertarian.
  2. If you believe you have an inalienable right to attend Presidential townhalls brandishing a loaded assault rifle, but that arresting participants inside for wearing a pink shirt is an important public safety precaution, there’s a chance you’re dangerously unbalanced, but no chance you’re a Libertarian.
  3. If you think the government should stay the hell out of Medicare, well, you have way, way bigger problems than figuring out if you’re really a Libertarian.

Click through for the other seven.

From Alternet: Real Time host Bill Maher went on a rant about Texas police Cpl. Eric Casebolt during Friday evening’s show. “This is the high school loser who wants to re-litigate his shitty adolescence by being a cop, ’cause now he’s got some power, and he can lord it over people,” Maher told his panelists, “It’s not that hard to weed out that personality type, is it?”


Many Republican men, like Casebolt, enter law enforcement, because, when they were children, the little girls on the school bus beat them up and took their lunch money, Casebolt wanted to demonstrate his power over a little girl.

From Crooks and Liars: The gentle reader might have noticed by now that Scott Walker is a compulsive liar. Whether its about his record on job creation or dealing with protesters or Saint Ronnie’s Bible, Walker simply can’t tell the truth.

The worst part is that he’s not very good at it and always get caught in his lies.The latest example is his getting caught lying about British Prime Minister David Cameron:

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says British Prime Minister David Cameron confided in him that he was concerned about the direction of American leadership. But there’s a problem with the Republican’s tidy critique of President Barack Obama: Cameron doesn’t remember it that way.

Walker, who has taken several trips overseas in recent months to study up on foreign policy in preparation for an all-but-certain presidential bid, told a roomful of Republican donors Friday that world leaders, including Cameron, are worried about the U.S. stepping back in the world. “The Prime Minister did not say that and does not think that,” a Downing Street spokesperson told TIME.

The Fartfuhrer of Fitzwalkerstan would not recognize truth, if it bit him in the ass.



Contrary to Republican lies, this so-called tradition was NOT handed down from our founding fathers.

Jun 122015

I didn’t get as much sleep as I needed, but enough to write.  The heat wave is past, so kitty solar basking can wait until afternoon.  TGIF!!

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Short Takes:

From PRWatch: Jeb Bush is the highest profile speaker at a secretive three-day retreat in Bristol, Virginia, hosted by the CEOs of six coal companies, according to materials for the invitation-only event obtained by the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD) and shared with the Guardian.

The event, dubbed the "Coal & Investment Leadership Forum," which started Sunday and goes through Tuesday, is taking place at an exclusive private golf course and resort called the "Olde Farm," owned by the founder of United Coal Company, Jim McGlothlin. The private country club is known for its annual golf tournament in which players take sides in the Civil War for the South or the Union and which is described by McGlothlin as "our most cherished tradition."

In addition to United Coal, the forum is being hosted by the CEOs of five other coal companies: Alliance Resource Partners, Alpha Natural Resources, Consol Energy, Drummond Company, and Arch Coal.

Strike Three is clearly ready to suck a little nevermind.

From Daily Kos:

Alberto Iber is in hot water after took to the comments section of a Miami Herald article on the Texas pool party to defend the Texas officer who pulled a gun on unarmed teens:

The Miami-Dade County school district announced Wednesday that Alberto Iber had been removed as principal after going online to defend a white Texas police officer who waved a gun at black teens while responding to a call about an unruly pool party.

In a brief statement, the district said employees are required to conduct themselves, both personally and professionally, in a manner that represents the school district’s core values. The district said a replacement would be named shortly and that Iber would be reassigned to administrative duties.

I fully agree with this action, especially considering that 88% of the students ay Iber’s school are black. He was a Republican disaster waiting to happen.

From Media Matters: Rupert Murdoch is reportedly planning to step down as CEO of Fox News parent company 21st Century Fox "and hand that title to his son James," according to CNBC. James Murdoch previously resigned his role as the head of News International — which published several tabloids and newspapers abroad — amid the widespread scandal over phone hacking at News of the World, a since-shuttered UK tabloid he oversaw. As part of the fallout from that scandal, Murdoch also resigned his position as chairman of UK satellite broadcaster BSkyB.

According to CNBC, "Rupert Murdoch will continue to be the executive chairman of Fox, while his son Lachlan would also become an executive co-chairman of the company."

James Murdoch has reportedly drawn the ire of Fox News chief Roger Ailes, who allegedly called him a "fucking dope" over his inability to contain the hacking scandal. (Fox News media critic Howard Kurtz claims that despite James Murdoch’s new position, "Ailes will still report to Rupert.")

No matter whish Murdoch is in charge, Faux Noise will continue, as the Republican Reichsministry of Propaganda, to keep offering infoganda for brain dead sheeple.



Jun 072015

Almost every week, Republicans join a competition to see who can say the most outlandish things, and in the process, they push the envelope on just how idiotic InsaniTEA can become.  I trust that you will believe it, when I tell you that last week was no exception.

Nicest woman on TV suggests we deny citizenship to blind people and people in wheelchairs.

CoultergeistOh joy, the aforementioned bile-spewing hatemonger Ann Coulter has written another book, and that can only mean one thing: book tour.!!! The book is about immigration, and it will probably surprise no one that Coulter does not think much of that glorious American institution. We’re not going to give you the name of the book because if you buy it, we’ll have to shoot ourselves.

Coulter called in to Simon Conway’s talk radio show [hate monger delinked] in Iowa one day this week and curiously the conversation turned to the subject of Coulter’s unnamed book, citizenship requirements and naturalization ceremonies.

Cruella de Coulter told Conway that she disapproves of the exception to the English-language requirement for naturalized citizens for certain older people who have been legal residents for decades. If they don’t know English, she said they don’t “love this country.” Off with their heads, deport them. Something.

She also objects to making accommodations for citizenship applicants with disabilities. She is literally turning into a cartoon of herself. Her words:

“The INS has waived the English-language requirements for many immigrants, and it’s not just — that obviously goes to the heart of it, are you switching allegiance, do you love this country? — but beyond that, how about the wheelchair-only section? How about the section for the blind? Look, wish these people well, but we’re not running an international charity here,” she said.

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I bet the thought of discrimination against disabled people had the Coultergeist’s Adam’s apple bobbing at record setting speed. This is only the fifth of five idiotic Republican moments from last week alone. Click through for the other four.

May 312015

Almost every week, Republicans join a competition to see who can say the most outlandish things, and in the process, they push the envelope on just how disastrous InsaniTEA can become.  I trust that you will believe it, when I tell you that last week was no exception.

Phyllis Schlafly: Women enjoy the wage gap.

0531Phyllis_SchlaflyAnti-feminist crackpot Phyllis Schafly proved once again this week that she has never actually spoken to a single woman in her life. She has written another book, (hooray, what the world needs now is another Phyllis Schlafly book! She has written, oh,  like, 20 of them! Turning 90 has not slowed her down one bit!) The new one is called “Who Killed The American Family.” It’s a whodunit, of course, and as Right Wing Watch points out, "Spoiler: It’s not just the gays.”

Though there are many co-conspirators in the murder of the family, Schalfly zeroed in on an odd one durign the interview: “The free trade people who have done the work of the feminists by getting rid of [middle class] jobs.”

Kay, a little confused. Is this uber-Republican against a free market and free trade? And since when did feminists make it their mandate to get rid of middle class jobs? We must have missed that meeting.

Did someone say jobs? That reminds Schafly of the gender pay gap, which she said is actually something that women like. Unequal pay is a turn on.

“Women like to marry a man who makes more than she does,” she explained, patiently, again, “so then she can take time off and work fewer hours when she has something she’d rather do like have a kid and look after her children. So the pay gap, really, is something that women like.”

Schlafly has an interesting list of co-conspirators which she shared with VCY America’s very informative show “Crosstalk.”

No-fault/unilateral divorce, U.N. treaties from bureaucrats that don’t understand our way of life, expensive college loans and the family courts.  Also, there’s welfare reform, globalism vs. homemakers, psychological disorders, advice from newspapers, over-medicating children, and the influence of television and more.

She would have mentioned the Internet, but she does not know what that is.

There’s also the kitchen sink.

And the gays. Did we mention the gays?

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I trust she also believes that women prefer to go shoeless and love the Republican requirement od pregnancy on demand.  This is just the fifth of five disastrous Republican moments from last week alone.  Click through for the other four.