Fourth of July 2017

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Jul 042017

4th of July 2017

Traditionally I have celebrated Independence Day with excerpts from the Declaration of Independence, videos of the local fireworks display, and lessons on the differences between true patriotism and nationalism, but that was when the US was an independent nation, not under foreign domination.

I’m sorry, but as long as Donald Trump, Putin’s Puppet, and his Republican Reich stay in power and keep the US in thrall to Russia, the 4th of July will be a day of mourning.



Memorial Day

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May 292017

Memorial Day

This is almost identical to last year's Memorial Day article.  I did nit see how I could express my opinion more accurately.

You may ask why I, as one who opposes war almost by definition, would want to celebrate the day in which we honor those military service people, who have given their lives in service to America.  From my earliest days as an antiwar activist opposing the war in Vietnam, I have believed that it is as important to honor the warriors, as it is to oppose the wars.

They took an oath to obey and honored it.  They had nothing to do with the decisions.  I have no doubt that, if those who died in our Revolutionary War, for example, can look at today’s wars, they are shedding tears over the senseless waste of life, but honoring their comrades as they fall.

Now, unlike Veterans day, Memorial Day is not intended as celebration of those who served and survived.  Nevertheless, to all veterans who read this, thank you for your service.  I thank God that you are not among those whom we honor today.

Finally, if you are in the service now, you have the hardest decisions any US service person has ever had to make.  I consider your lives far too precious to spend defending Trump's personal profit or Russia's national interest



Happy Mothers Day

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May 142017


Thanks and kudos to mothers.

Bless all who are one.

Bless all who have one.

This greeting excludes

Those Republicans for whom

The term ‘mother’ requires

A second, more explicit, word.


Apr 222017



In recent years, I’ve greeted friends with Happy Earth Day.  We were beginning to recognize the importance of climate change and take steps to minimize the damage.  But that was before less than 1/4 of American eligible voters got away with installing Donald Trump in the White House and giving the Republican Reich control of both branches of Congress.  God help us!


[3/31/2017] In the past few weeks, the Trump administration has ramped up its efforts to make good on campaign promises to dismantle President Obama’s environmental legacy.

Congressional Republicans have enthusiastically hopped on board, seizing the opportunity to repeal any environmental rules vulnerable under the Congressional Review Act and gunning to slash funding for critical environmental and scientific agencies and programs. The Trump Administration appointed Scott Pruitt, a man with well-established ties to the fossil fuel industry and a history of suing the Environmental Protection Agency, to chair the Environmental Protection Agency. On Wednesday morning, the Republican leadership of the House Science Committee convened a hearing for the sole purpose of challenging widely accepted climate science.

And this past Tuesday, surrounded by coal miners and bosses, Trump issued an executive order on “energy independence” which, among other things, places President Obama’s landmark Clean Power Plan directly in the line of fire and temporarily lifts the moratorium on new coal leasing on federal public lands.

Most of these developments have been months in the making. Trump and Congressional Republicans have never been quiet about their environmental agenda — namely, doing the bidding of the fossil fuel industry and making grandiose but ultimately empty gestures to prop up coal.

Bottom line: it’s been a discouraging few months. This week alone has been bruising, and we’re in for a tough fight going forward.

But the persistently negative headlines, emphasizing only the administration’s determination to wreak havoc on our environment, are misleading and can be counterproductive. Not because they misstate the priorities of Trump’s White House and Congressional Republicans; those are well established. But we can’t lose sight of D.C.’s real influence, or lack thereof, over energy markets and international environmental commitments — or of the power our towns, cities, and states can wield in this fight…

From <ExtraNewsFeed>

We must all do every thing we can fo at every level, because Trump and his Reich won’t quit.

Donald Trump Is F***ing Our Planet, Happy Earth Day!


The time is now!