Apr 062014

The term “Reich” in US politics can be quite confusing, because there are two: a right Reich and a wrong Reich.  Even more confusing, the right Reich is the Reich on the left.  He is economist,l Robert Reich, and virtually everything he presents is right.  Conversely, the wrong Reich is the Reich on the right.  It is the Republican Reich, the Republican attempt to convert the US into a totalitarian state, a plutocracy with sham elections, controlled media, and a state religion, Supply-side pseudo-Christianity, to control the masses.  Virtually everything they present is wrong.  Here is the right Reich.

0406JobsWhat does the Supreme Court’s “McCutcheon” decision this week have to do with today’s jobs report, showing 192,000 new jobs for March?

Connect the dots. More than five years after Wall Street’s near meltdown the number of full-time workers is still less than it was in December 2007, yet the working-age population of the U.S. has increased by 13 million since then.

This explains why so many people are still getting nowhere. Unemployment among those 18 to 29 is 11.4 percent, nearly double the national rate.

Most companies continue to shed workers, cut wages, and horde their cash because they don’t have enough customers to warrant expansion. Why? The vast middle class and poor don’t have enough purchasing power, as 95 percent of the economy’s gains go to the top 1 percent.

That’s why we need to (1) cut taxes on average people (say, exempting the first $15,000 of income from Social Security taxes and making up the shortfall by taking the cap off income subject to it), (2) raise the minimum wage, (3) create jobs by repairing roads, bridges, ports, and much of the rest of our crumbling infrastructure, (4) add teachers and teacher’s aides to now over-crowded classrooms, and (5) create “green” jobs and a new WPA for the long-term unemployed… [emphasis added]

Inserted from <Robert Reich>

In sharp contrast, just read the Ryan budget to see what the wrong Reich plans.  Unless you’re super rich, it will harm you.

Not only do I fully support the right Reich’s plan, but also, the only element I haven’t proposed myself on numerous occasions is the $15,000 FICA exemption.

To move toward the right Reich, we have to stop the wrong Reich.  Whether or not we can depends, in part, on what YOU do between now and November.

Mar 312014

Looking ahead to 2014, I often think back to 2010, when so many on the left stayed home.  I feel pain at the notion that so many have put so little value on their right to vote.  You may think you’re vote doesn’t matter, but if so many hadn’t thought so, those votes would have mattered in 2010.  This nation could have been spared the suffering that Republican obstruction has brought us.  Before you get used to the idea of not voting, remember this.  Your vote won’t count, if you can’t.

GOPvotingPivotal swing states under Republican control are embracing significant new electoral restrictions on registering and voting that go beyond the voter identification requirements that have caused fierce partisan brawls.

The bills, laws and administrative rules — some of them tried before — shake up fundamental components of state election systems, including the days and times polls are open and the locations where people vote.

Republicans in Ohio and Wisconsin this winter pushed through measures limiting the time polls are open, in particular cutting into weekend voting favored by low-income voters and blacks, who sometimes caravan from churches to polls on the Sunday before election.

Democrats in North Carolina are scrambling to fight back against the nation’s most restrictive voting laws, passed by Republicans there last year. The measures, taken together, sharply reduce the number of early voting days and establish rules that make it more difficult for people to register to vote, cast provisional ballots or, in a few cases, vote absentee.

In all, nine states have passed measures making it harder to vote since the beginning of 2013… [emphasis added]

Inserted from <NY Times>

Republicans know that the only way they can seize and hold power is to disenfranchise people, who are likely to vote against them.  Their goal is to establish a permanent Republican Regime, a totalitarian plutocracy.  Elections will exist for show only, because they will decide who gets to vote.  Unless we all do everything we can to fight these vile laws, unless we do whatever it takes to vote, and unless we do whatever it takes to help others vote, Republicans just might get their way.  Kudos and thanks to all who are already doing this.

Feb 162014

Once upon a time, the citizens of North Carolina enjoyed the benefits their state had to offer, but they believed Republican lies and allowed their state to be overthrown.  It is now the Totalitarian Racist Plutocracy of McCrorystan, led by TEAfuhrer Pat McCrory.  In typical Republican fashion, the TEAfuhrer has harmed residents with his corruption, but a federal investigation is giving him a pain in the ash, more precisely, the coal ash.


Rachel Maddow said on her show Friday night that the toxic coal ash spill in North Carolina exposes Gov. Pat McCrory (R)’s corrupt ties to Duke Energy, the company responsible for sending tens of thousands of tons of coal ash spilling into the Dan River.

On Friday, she said, the Tea Party governor did a press conference thinking that he was going to be answering questions about the winter storm that walloped the region this week. Instead, McCrory found himself on the pointed end of questions about his ties to Duke Energy, the statewide energy company that caused the spill.

Environmental groups in the state have sued Duke Energy over the spill, which has fouled miles of river ecosystems and will take years to clean up. McCrory is accused of working with Duke to quash those suits. He is also known to own a considerable amount of stock in the energy company, but refuses to disclose that amount.

Reporters wanted to know on Friday about the appearance of a conflict of interest… [emphasis added]

Inserted from <Raw Story>

Here’s that video:

As usual, Rachel is spot-on!  I’m most hopeful that the investigation will bear fruit, and TEAfuhrer McCrory becomes the best kind of Republican: unemployed and convicted.  The oppressed people of McCrorystan need their state back.

Dec 242013

I’m writing for tomorrow, so I can be awake tomorrow to cook Christmas dinner.  I may also need to warn SantaCat of the locations or Republican dawgs that are trying to shoot him down.  I actually have two articles for you today.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

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Short Takes:

From AMERICAblog: The nation’s leading closeted self-loathing gay Republican organization is throwing a hissy fit over “Get Enrolled,” an adorable new Obamacare-related Christmas-themed video aimed at getting gays to sign up for health insurance.

The Log Cabin Republicans are particularly incensed that the video, produced by a group called Out2Enroll, contains shots of some rather hot elves, which bring to mind the Kmart Jingle Bell boys we wrote about earlier.  According to Log Cabin, hot elves are as bad as Uganda. Or something.

Here’s the video. You decide.

Once again, we see Log Cabin Republicans, selling out the LGBT community in an attempt to he acceptable to Republican hate mongers. They are fools, because the only way they can become acceptable to the GOP base is to relocate to a Vladimir Putin (R-RU) gulag.

From Alternet: Militant anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd on Monday dismissed as a "sham" Australian government plans to track Japan’s annual whale hunt by air instead of by sea, saying it was a toothless and "cowardly" response.

Australia on Sunday announced an aerial Customs and Border Protection mission to the Southern Ocean as a showdown looms between Japan’s whaling fleet and Sea Shepherd activists, saying it would send a message to both sides that the world was watching.

Environment Minister Greg Hunt had first promised to send a government ship to tail the warring groups but said the Airbus A319 would increase the surveillance mission’s reach and effectiveness.

The Japanese whaling fleet makes $millions from commercial whaling, killing intelligent mammals, under the guise of research. While the Sea Shepherds use aggressive tactics against them, they make no attempt to do physical harm to the whalers. In fact, they spare no effort to avoid doing so.  Conversely, I have seen several films of whalers attempting to kill Sea Shepherds for interfering with their bloody profit. The Sea Shepherds should be put out of business by banning commercial whaling. In the meantime Australia should do more to police the whalers’ criminal behavior toward them.

From Daily Kos: …Republicans balk when one speaks about the Republican war on women, war on the poor, war on the environment, war on gays, war on minorities, and many other select micro wars. They don’t want these wars called out. And the reality is these should not be called wars at all. It is much too simplistic.

It is a war on democracy. How do you win a war on democracy when there are many more subjects than you? You fight many battles. So the battle against the poor, the battle against women, the battle against gays, the battle against minorities, the battle against education, and any other micro battle to keep the subjects occupied is the modus operandi. It does not matter if in the process a few of the battles are lost. After all their eyes are on the ball, the destruction of a functional democracy…

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it hundreds of times. Everything Republicans do, without exception has one of two purposes. One is to transfer wealth from the poor and middle classes to millionaires, billionaires and corporate criminals. The other is to establish a permanent, one party, totalitarian Republican Reich, in which elections exist for show only.



Sep 052013

I’m writing for tomorrow, day 83, which is also a high holy day in the Church of the Ellipsoid Orb: the Day of Return, the beginning of divine orb light shining upon the world.  I am blessed that the Denver congregation has been selected to celebrate this holy day with Baltimore, so I shall be in deep meditation.  It looks like we have one more hot day.

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Fantasy Football Reminder:

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Short Takes:

From The New Yorker: As the debate over Syria moves to the United States Congress, a leading Senate Republican said today that the only way to resolve the crisis in the war-torn Middle Eastern country is by “defunding Obamacare at once.”

Appearing on the Fox News Channel, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) told host Sean Hannity, “If we’re trying to send a strong message to [Syrian President] Bashar al-Assad, I can think of no better way to do that than by defunding Obamacare.”

Elaborating on his strategy, Sen. Cruz added, “By defunding Obamacare, we would basically be saying to Assad, ‘This is how we attack our own President, so just imagine what we’ll do to you.’ That would make him think twice before he pulls another one of his stunts.”

“You can fire off as many Tomahawk missiles as you want,” said Sen. Cruz. “But they won’t have the same impact on Syria as defunding Obamacare.”

If they had not already thought of it, I have no doubt that, as soon as they read Borowitz, Republicans will adopt it.

From Daily Kos: Scott Walker has hit a laughable new low in his attempt to stop the Solidarity Sing Along, a singing protest/lovefest that has occurred every weekday at the Wisconsin State Capitol since March 11th, 2011. Walker’s administration is working with grinchy right-wing organizations to reserve the Wisconsin State Capitol rotunda for bogus events in a futile attempt to ruin Christmas for the Whos down in Whoville.

Nothing is too low for the Fartfuhrer!

From YouTube (Hat-Tip to Sheryl, aka Dandelion, at Care2):

Inequality for All looks like a must-see flick!



She accidentally told the truth.

Aug 232013

I’m sad to report that ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) is celebrating their 40th birthday.  Every year ALEC survives is a sad year for America, because ALEC is the place Koch suckers go to scheme and draft cookie cutter, plugin legislation to deprive African, Latino, Asian, Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, female, working, senior, studying, poor, middle class, other and especially voting Americans of their Constitutional rights.  The news from their birthday party is most foul.

23ALECThe American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) annual meeting in Chicago earlier this month was marked by massive protests outside, but inside the walls of the Palmer House Hotel, the business of this notoriously secretive organization went forward as usual. The few quotes that have trickled out from inside the ALEC meeting are revealing…

…Who Needs Voters When We Have Money and the John Birch Society?

At a workshop titled "Calling a Convention of the States: The Constitutional Check on the Abuses of Federal Power," Mark Meckler, founder of the Tea Party Patriots and now head of a group called Citizens for Self Governance — a top sponsor of the ALEC meeting — announced the launch of a new project to encourage state legislatures to call an Article V Convention of the States to stop what they call "the runaway train of the federal government." One state representative from Arizona reportedly stood up and asked:

  • "How do we utilize the John Birch Society for this effort?"

Wisconsin Rep. Chris Taylor, a Democrat who infiltrated the ALEC meeting, recounted a conversation with a private sector ALEC member who also was advocating a constitutional amendment to rein-in the federal government. He told her:

  • You really don’t need people to do this. You just need control over the legislature and you need money, and we have both.

And, at Wednesday’s plenary lunch, the Wall Street Journal’s Stephen Moore (an ALEC "scholar") declared:

  • "What we really need is more rich people."

… [emphasis original]

Inserted from <PR Watch>

Now this is just a small snip from a much more inclusive article.  To see what’s going on behind the scenes where most of the legislation being passes in states where Republicans duped voters into giving them control, click through and read the rest of it.

Aug 172013

The Republican Party has a war on _______.  Just fill in the blank with anything good for America, and you’re right!  The Republican War on Voting has been going on for years, but their most recent big offensive, now taking place in McCrorystan, opens a window on Republican intentions for the future of our right to elect our representatives.

17NCVotingRightsIN THE wake of the Supreme Court’s Shelby v. Holder decision, which gutted significant portions of the Voting Rights Act, it’s difficult to say which of the many recently passed voter-suppression bills constitutes the greatest threat to that most sacred of American freedoms: the right to vote. The contest has several leading contenders, but the winner just might be North Carolina’s especially draconian bill, signed into law on Monday.

The bill includes the usual provisions that have come to characterize the quiet assault on the franchise: a shortened early-voting period, the elimination of the state’s successful same-day registration program and, of course, a strict photo identification requirement despite any evidence of voter fraud in the state.

What makes this law unique is how much further it goes. It includes no fewer than 12 extra provisions that prohibit such things as counties extending polling hours by one hour in the event of unusual circumstances (such as, say, long lines); provisional voting should someone, say, mistakenly go to the wrong precinct; and pre-registration for 16- and 17-year-olds, who could previously register to vote before they turned 18.

The bill is a truly abominable piece of anti-democratic legislation, the only likely effect of which will be to make it increasingly difficult — maybe even impossible — for some people who don’t typically support Republicans to be able to vote. Sadly, none of that seemed to bother Gov. Pat McCrory (R), who signed it into law regardless… [emphasis added]

Inserted from <Washington Post>

Photo Credit: Jackie Whiting

Rachel Maddow underlines this by tying it into the Republican War on Students, especially black students.

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

The behavior of the Republican Party in the Totalitarian Plutocracy of McCrorystan, exemplifies the overall Republican goal to a establish a permanent totalitarian Regime of one-party rule, in which elections exist for show only, just like Germany did in the 1930s.

The people in the audience at that county meeting clearly realized what the Republicans are full of, as their vocal support for the lone Democrat made clear.

Considering the case of Montravias King, Jim Crow has clearly returned. The GOP has said, "You can’t run or vote, Boy." Next they might pass a law requiring black people to call them "massa".