Prepare for Round 2

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Jan 232018

After thinking the matter over, I think there is a reasonable chance that Senate Republicans will honor the promise of a DACA vote, and that a relief for Dreamers will pass the Senate.  Why would Senate Republicans act so out of character?  They will benefit by appearing reasonable to more voters, and they know that no matter what they pass, it is doubtful that Lyin’ Ryan will ever allow the House to vote on it.  So we’d better prepare for Round 2.


Time, on its own, doesn’t assuage racism. White power concedes nothing without a vigorous fight, and the fantasy that racism is a problem that can just be waited out is an absolute delusion. That’s part of America’s problem: it continually asks black and brown people to sit tight, stand down, never gripe or protest, and naively hope that a country that has repeatedly betrayed and abused them will miraculously do the right thing. That’s what’s happening with DACA right now, and the frustration of watching this familiar scene play out is maddening.

The DACA fight, including the 60-hour recent government shutdown, has been about racism from day one. Donald Trump’s well-documented white supremacist bonafides dating back to his discriminatory real estate practices in the 1970s are legion, and the evidence has come fast and furious over the last two years. There was the launch of his presidential bid with a speech that cast all Mexicans as criminals, the judge he insulted based solely on his Mexican heritage, his promise to his supporters to enact policies specifically designed to hurt people of color, and his sympathizing with the “very fine [group of] people” who murdered an anti-racism protester. By the time word leaked that Trump had moaned about immigrants from “shithole countries,” the statement only confirmed what was obvious. Trump believes DACA allows shithole-caliber black and brown people to live in this country at a moment he is desperately trying to Make America Aryan Again, apparently with a huge influx of Norwegians.

Trump isn’t alone in this effort, he’s backed by a White House full of racist xenophobes. Senior Trump staffer Stephen Miller has a record of anti-immigrant racism that dates back to junior high school, when he reportedly unfriended a schoolmate for being Latino, and his undergrad days at Duke University, where he railed against “multiculturalism” and hung out with notoriously punchable Nazi Richard Spencer. The first hint that White House Chief of Staff John Kelly might be a racist was his willingness work for Trump. Since taking the job, he has solidified his stance by singing Robert E. Lee‘s praises, defending monuments to the Confederacy, and promoting the idea that slavery wasn’t such a bad institution if you just get into the mindset of white slaveowners (and John Kelly, apparently). He has also been relentless in advancing this administration’s xenophobic goals. “In just six months, Kelly turned [the Department of Homeland Security] into a deportation machine” notes the the Nation’s Julianne Hing, “translat[ing] much of Trump’s brazen anti-immigrant campaign rhetoric into actual policy."…

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Click through for an excellent in depth analysis of the racist hatred that pervades the Republican Party.  That is why I see little this as an exercise in futility.


Jan 222018

Bernie Sanders made an appearance on "State of the Union" on Sunday morning, where he discussed the Republican Shutdown, and an ad just released by the reelection campaign of the Rouge Racist, Donald Trump.  Do you remember the Willy Horton ad released by GHW "Barfer" Bush?  Compared to Trump’s that ad was kind

0122BernieBlastOn CNN’s Sunday morning show "State of the Union," Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) cast the Republican Party’s refusal to protect young immigrants as a grave mistake and echoed other Democrats’ statements that he would be willing to negotiate on a border wall in order to keep "Dreamers" safe from deportation.

In his interview with Jake Tapper, the senator denounced an ad released by President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign which portrayed Democratic lawmakers as "complicit" in any murder committed by an undocumented immigrant.

"It is really unbelievable and so sad for our country that we have a president of the United States who says such nonsense and such outrageous statements," Sanders said, adding that the vast majority of Americans support  protections for Dreamers—about 800,000 undocumented immigrants who arrived in the U.S. as children and have been protected by the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which Trump has moved to repeal.

"They need a path towards citizenship. That’s not my view. That is the overwhelming view of the American people," Sanders said. "Then you see a president put stuff like that on the air trying to divide us up, trying to foment hatred? It is—it is really sad."…

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Here’s the video:

Barf Bag Alert!!

As horrid as that ad is, remember that Republicans support Trump, because what he does is who they are.


Jan 192018

It’s another warm, super-muggy day.  WWWendy sis a stellar job of destinking the TomCat yesterday evening.  Unfortunately, The TomCat is already stinky again, and the next shower is Sunday.  Sad smile TGIF!

Jig Zone Puzzle:

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Short Takes:

From YouTube (Late Show Channel): The Fake News Awards Were Worth The Wait


Colbert lied. Trump is bad at being Resident 100% of the time, not 90%.  Kudos to all who won a Fake News Award from the Pumpkin Pervert. RESIST!!

From YouTube (Funny or Die Channel): White Noise Sleep Machine: How Racists Sleep At Night


Republicans can get their own Aryan 2 for only $19.99. RESIST!!

From Washington Post: An appointee of President Trump has resigned from the federal agency that runs AmeriCorps and other service programs after remarks he made disparaging blacks, Muslims, gays, women, veterans with PTSD and undocumented immigrants surfaced in the news media.

Carl Higbie lasted less than six months as the chief of external affairs in the Corporation for National and Community Service.

Higbie’s Thursday afternoon resignation, which was prompted after CNN unearthed the comments he made, comes amid increased scrutiny of the president’s appointees for racist or anti-Muslim statements made in the past.

Sadly, the Republican Party has a deep pool of bigots in which to find a replacement, who also hates blacks, Muslims, gays, women, vets with PTSD and undocumented immigrants. RESIST!!



Jan 162018

It’s another extremely muggy day with record temps forecast, and I’m praying for the weekend to arrive before I melt.  Please excuse my brevity.

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From YouTube: Abraham * Martin and John *** Dion


JD reminded me. This still makes me tear-up when I hear it. RESIST!!

From YouTube (MSNBC Channel): With Mike Pence In Front Row, Pastor Rips Into Donald Trump


Amen to that Pastor! How I would have loved to see that racist pseudo-Christian’s red face! RESIST!!

From Think Progress: More U.S adults are without insurance now than before President Donald Trump took office. The uninsured rate was 12.2 percent at the end of 2017, up 1.3 percentage points from the record low of 10.9 percent at the end of 2016, or the end of President Barack Obama’s final term in office, according to a Gallup national survey released Tuesday.

According to Gallup, the 1.3 point increase is an estimated 3.2 million Americans who became uninsured in 2017. Young, Black, Latinx, and low-income residents saw the largest increases in the uninsured rate; Black and Latinx residents saw the biggest shift, with 2.3 and 2.2 point increases respectively. This isn’t too surprising because people of color saw greater gains in coverage than white residents under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) — although they’re still more likely to be uninsured.

This seemingly modest increase is the largest single-year increase Gallup and Sharecare have documented since it started in 2008.

RepubliCare kills! RESIST!!



Jan 152018

It’s yet another muggy day here, and I’d like to catch a holiday nap, but I want to post for MLK Day.  To do otherwise would be… Republican.  Since the situation this year is the same but worse, I’m recycling last year’s lead article, because I don’t know how to improve it.  Have a safe holiday.

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From YouTube (Parody Project Channel): "— — —," a parody inspired by "The Thing."


Thanks to JD for introducing me to their work.  I hope I live to see the — — — join Sturmbannführer Scalia and ol’ Split-foot. RESIST!!

From Media Matters: National Review’s Rich Lowry defends Trump’s racist comments as "common sense on immigration"

Lowry: "These countries he was referring to, they are basket cases. They are disaster areas"

Click through for video, if you dare. National Review is a standard Republican site. They aren’t even openly alt-right. Racism is just a Republican norm. RESIST!!

From NY Times: The bipartisan group of senators, including Mr. Durbin and Mr. Graham, reached an agreement last week that would provide a path to citizenship for DACA recipients while also providing money for border security and making other changes to immigration policy.

But Mr. Trump dismissed the proposal, calling it a “big step backwards.” And on Sunday, he offered a pessimistic take on Twitter, writing that DACA was “probably dead” and blaming Democrats. He kept up the finger-pointing when he spoke to reporters on Sunday night.

“We’re ready, willing and able to make a deal on DACA, but I don’t think the Democrats want to make a deal,” Mr. Trump said. “And the folks from DACA should know the Democrats are the ones that aren’t going to make a deal.”

When the Fuhrer says Democrats don’t want to make a deal, after they already made one in which they were giving up too much, he is lying. Trump is the one who refused that deal. He wants to blame Democrats unless we cave-in. RESIST!!



Jan 142018

It was another sticky night.  When I arose this morning at 4:30 AM, with no heat on and an open window, the inside temperature was 78° because of heat rising in the building, so I slept fitfully.  Wendy is due in fifteen minutes to destink the TomCat, who NEEDS that service big time.

I have been destinked, and I hope it lasts the day.  Wendy is filling in as a bartender for two weekends, so we finished over an hour early.

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Short Takes:

From YouTube (SNL Channel): Morning Joe Michael Wolff Cold Open


Picture Kate McKinnon doing her kinky Mika routine in her KKK Beauregard outfit. RESIST!!

From YouTube (MoveOn Channel): How to Talk About the Muslim Ban


She makes valid points. Nobody should be banned for religious beliefs, not even the evil belief with the most terrorists of all: Republican Supply-side pseudo-Christianity (the exact opposite of real Christianity). RESIST!!

From Think Progress: Trump’s description of large swaths of the globe, including the entire continent of Africa, as “shithole nations” whose citizens should be excluded from the United States has triggered international condemnation.

The latest response comes in the form of an extraordinary statement issue by the African Union, a group of 55 African countries.

The African Union called Trump’s comments “outrageous, racist and xenophobic” and demanded a “retraction and apology.” The group also said it was “concerned at the continuing and growing trend from the US administration towards Africa and people of African descent to denigrate the continent and people of color.”

I stand with them 100%. RESIST!!