Jan 122018

It’s another day with record high temperatures and 90%+ humidity.  It looks like I’ll have to wait a week for seasonable weather to return and I slept poorly.  Tomorrow and Sunday are High Holy days in the Church of the Ellipsoid Orb.  May the Orb shine its holy light on your team, if they have survived.  TGIF!!

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Short Takes:

From YouTube (Media Matters Channel): Fox News urges war with North Korea

Barf Bag Alert!!


This is where Trump forms his policy. Take away his TV! RESIST!!

From YouTube (Late Show Channel): Stephen Colbert’s Midnight Confessions, Vol. XXXVI


Trump tried that elevator trick, but his is too short to reach any buttons. RESIST!!

From Time: U.S. President Donald Trump’s readiness to threaten the use of America’s nuclear arsenal has unnerved diplomats and academics and inflamed tensions with North Korea over the first year of his presidency. Now former nuclear missile launch operators are adding themselves to the list of concerned observers.

In an open letter to Congress on Thursday, a group of 17 former nuclear launch officers argued that President Trump “poses a clear and present danger to the country and the world” and warned that “there are no reliable safeguards” to prevent Trump from deciding to launch a nuclear missile on his own.

The letter was published by international nuclear disarmament advocacy group Global Zero, and follows a similar letter written at the close of the 2016 presidential election.

I could not agree more! RESIST!!



Republicans refer to this as the good old days.

Dec 192017

It sure has been a crazy day!  Windows Update warned me that it was a big one, but I had to get it done, because I can’t be interrupted when I do my online shopping tonight.  It took well over an hour, but at least it installed clean.  Between that and all the other things I have to do, I worked through my morning nap. But I did get a new cat smiley. ‍

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Here’s the latest from our own fantasy football league, lefty blog friends.



Patty Monster eliminated Wendy and plays Vivian in the Semis this weekend.  I squeaked by the Sasquatch by less than two points and play Seth in the Semis.  Wendy plays Squatch this weekend in the game for 5th place.

Short Takes:

From YouTube (Media Matters Channel): Right-wing media call Mueller’s investigation a coup against Trump

Barf Bag Alert!!


If this were 1960s, I’d call it Russian Propaganda. OOPS!! That’s what it is! RESIST!!

From Huffington Post: The Senate banking committee rejected President Donald Trump’s choice to lead the Export-Import Bank on Tuesday, voting 10-13 against advancing his nomination to the full Senate.

Scott Garrett, who was a tea-party-aligned Republican congressman from New Jersey until he lost his re-election bid in 2016, has faced intense opposition from the business community ― corporations like General Electric Co. and Boeing ― and many traditional GOP allies, such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers.

That’s because Garrett once wanted to shutter the institution that he now is trying to run, and he consistently voted against reauthorizing it.

No doubt this Bagger is drunk on InsaniTEA and should not be confirmed, but why is the only way to stop one of these guys objection by Banksters and corporate criminals? RESIST!!

From Alternet:

Here are the grounds for investigation. [leading to impeachment]

1. Obstructing justice.

Beginning soon after the inauguration, the president engaged in a course of conduct that sought to obstruct justice in the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s investigations of Lieutenant General Michael Flynn and of his own campaign’s potential involvement with Russian activity in the 2016 election.

2. Violating the Foreign Emoluments Clause and Domestic Emoluments Clause of the U.S. Constitution.

Through his businesses in the United States and abroad, the president receives payments, regulatory approval, and other forms of direct and indirect financial benefits from foreign governments. These violate the Constitution’s Foreign Emoluments Clause, which prohibits federal officials, including the president, from receiving a “present” or “emolument” from any foreign government or official. The president’s businesses also act as a conduit for enrichment from federal and state government coffers. These violate the Domestic Emoluments Clause, which prohibits the president from receiving, beyond his official salary, any emolument from the United States or any state.

3. Conspiring with others to commit crimes against the United States involving the solicitation and intended receipt by his presidential campaign of things of value from a foreign government and other foreign nationals, and to conceal those violations.

In the 2016 election, the senior officials of Trump’s presidential campaign (including his campaign chairman, his son and his son-in-law) met with Russian nationals after an invitation to receive compromising information about his campaign opponent, Hillary Clinton, that they were told would be of great value to the campaign. Federal campaign finance law prohibits a candidate or campaign from soliciting a foreign national (including a foreign government) for a thing of value. In 2017, after this meeting was revealed, President Trump personally dictated a misleading public statement on behalf of his son about the intended purpose of the meeting.

I shared three of eight. Click through for the other five. RESIST!!



Dec 132017

I’m expecting Store to Door to deliver my groceries in the next ninety minutes, so unless I finish writing before they get here, I’ll break to put them away and have lunch, when they do.  WWW is coming this evening to destink the TomCat.  For those of you, who have not been to yesterday’s comment, Nameless’ mother is in the hospital for congestive heart failure.  She is doing well,and he is on his way there.  Please keep her, him, and their family in your thoughts, prayers, or however you approach the infinite.

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Short Takes:

From YouTube (RWW Channel): RWW News: Alex Jones: Trump’s Accusers Aren’t Attractive Enough To Be Believed

Barf Bag Alert!!


What Alex Jones knows about women would fit on the head of a pin with room to spare. RESIST!!

From Think Progress: Moments after calling the Alabama U.S. Senate race for Democrat Doug Jones, Fox News pondered what the defeat of Republican Roy Moore — a candidate who faced numerous credible sexual misconduct allegations — could mean for President Trump, who has himself been accused of assault by 14 women.

“Laura, to your point, I think that this is going to embolden Democrats to use this issue, specifically against this president,” host Bret Baier said, addressing Laura Ingraham’s commentary earlier in the show.

“Yeah… if they’re able to take out a Senate candidate in Alabama with these allegations, as lurid as they were, what does this mean for the umpteen number of Democrats who will inevitably come forward to urge the president to resign, the constant re-airing of the old allegations that were aired last October — October 2016 — and putting this pressure, Brit, all the way to 2018 midterm elections, the war on women redux,” Ingraham said. “I think we see this all the way through 2018.”

Barf Bag Alert!!


What ugly propaganda! I think that after having to stay in hiding for decades, abused women are out of the closet and demanding to be heard. That will not stop. RESIST!!

From The New Yorker: Moments after his stunning defeat in Alabama’s special U.S. Senate election, the Republican candidate, Roy Moore, told reporters that he was planning to cheer himself up by “heading to the mall.”

“If people think they’ve seen the last of Roy Moore, they are sorely mistaken,” a visibly devastated Moore said. “I’m going to get back up, dust myself off, and head on over to the good ol’ Gadsden Mall.”

But Moore’s plans for a rejuvenating return to his former stomping grounds hit a snag upon his arrival at the mall, where he found an impromptu victory party for the Democrat, Doug Jones, in full swing.

Adding insult to injury, security guards who recognized Moore from his mall-prowling days nabbed the disgraced Republican and hurled him from the premises.




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Faux Noise Cover Up

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Dec 112017

As far back as remember, there were two thinks I could count on about news from the Republican Reichsministry of Propaganda, Faux Noise.  That’s where one could find women with the biggest breasts, lowest cut dresses, highest hemlines, and willingness to put them all on display.  That’s where one could find a steady stream of Republican lies masquerading as news.  That hasn’t changed, except for one thing.  Recently it has been more extreme than normal, and directed at the people investigating Trump, especially Robert Mueller.


Former Washington Post reporter and Watergate investigative journalist Carl Bernstein said on Sunday that Fox News hosts are now President Donald Trump’s co-conspirators because they are “abetting a cover-up” by attacking special counsel Robert Mueller and undermining his investigation. Mediaite.com said that Bernstein was appearing on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” when he said that it could be obstruction of justice or a criminal matter that the White House is hiding, but Sean Hannity, “Judge Jeanine” Pirro and others are aiding and abetting in its concealment. “It abets a cover-up because there is a cover-up going on in the White House and among Trump’s aides and former aides relating to the investigations,” Bernstein told “Reliable Sources” host Brian Stelter. “We don’t know what the cover-up is about, whether it constitutes an obstruction of justice or a criminal conspiracy at this point.”

Inserted from <Alternet>

Here’s the embedded video.

This all begs a question.  Why is this happening now?  I strongly suspect that the Mueller is closing-in on Trump to such a great extent, that the Republicans are preparing the way to kill the Mueller investigation.  Watch closely.


Oct 292017

Here is the one hundred first article in our Republicans on Parade series, featuring individuals who personify what the Republican Party has become. Today’s honoree is Republican Faux Noise commentator Jenine Pirro, shown below in the outfit that qualifies her for employment at Faux Noise. She is so honored for touting debunked Republican conspiracy theories and attempts to protect her Fuhrer and her Reich from the criminal justice they deserve. After one hundred unique parades, I have decide to allow second parades in the second hundred articles.

1029PirroNews that special counsel Robert Mueller will reveal the first indictment associated with his investigation of potential collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia on Monday has some people at Fox News very agitated .

In an angry opening statement on Saturday night, Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro called for Hillary Clinton to be jailed.

“It’s time to shut it down, turn the tables and lock her up,” Pirro said.

Pirro said that the justification for Clinton’s incarceration was the Uranium One “scandal,” a theory introduced by Steve Bannon in July 2016 and repeatedly discredited.

Pirro also called for the immediate firing of special counsel Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General who appointed Mueller. She cited Mueller role as head of the FBI when the sale of Uranium One to the Russians was approved, as well as his friendship with former FBI Director James Comey…

Inserted from <Think Progress>

Here are the included videos.

Double Barf Bag Alert!!

This is Pirro’s second parade.  She earned her first in July 2014 for a fascist rant about Obama on Faux Noise.  She clearly deserves her parade, but it would be hard to find a commentator on the Republican Reichsministry of Propaganda, Faux Noise, that doesn’t deserve one, so you know the series shall continue.


Oct 232017

I’m not sure why it is that I’m feeling so lethargic today, but because I am, this is my only article.

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Religious Agony:


Useless stinking Orb!

Short Takes:

From YouTube (Media Matters Channel): Sean Hannity is echoing Alex Jones

Barf Bag Alert!!


Birds of a feather are Republican assholes! RESIST!!

From Daily Kos: If Antarctica’s ice sheets melted, the worlds oceans would rise by 200 – 210 feet, everywhere. Antarctica holds 6,957,470 cubic miles of ice. That represents over 90% of all the ice on the planet and between 60 to 70% of the worlds fresh water. The sea ice begins to expand at the beginning of winter, and eventually advances by 40,000 square miles per day, surrounding the continent and doubling the size of the ice in Antarctica. The snow that falls takes about 100,000 years to flow to the coast of Antarctica before it breaks off the marine extension of glaciers, or ice shelves, and becomes an iceberg. Once an iceberg breaks off the ice platform, any resistance that it provided to hold back the land ice is lost, and the continental ice can accelerate it’s flow to the southern ocean.

The Conversation notes that for the first time in 7,000 years a phenomenon known as upwelling (the upward flow of warm ocean water to the surface) is rotting the ice shelves from below. It is thought that the upwelling has caused the many ice shelf collapses and ice thinning that we have seen over the past decades.

The ocean surrounding Antarctica is extremely cold, but water over 300m deep, Circumpolar Deep Water (CDW), is about 3⁰C above the melting point of ice. Normally, the very cold water above keeps this away from ice shelves. But in some areas, CDW is spilling onto the shallow Antarctic continental shelf, causing the ice to thin.

Ice shelf thinning has accelerated in recent decades, but the picture is not the same everywhere. While the east of the Antarctic has shown modest gains in ice thickness, the west has outstripped this with significant ice loss – up to 18% in vulnerable areas like the Amundsen and Bellingshausen Seas.

I can only hope that a 200′ increase in sea level will coincide with a Trump/Pence/Ryan/McConnell/Koch vacation to Mar-a-Lago. RESIST!!

From NY Times: The Environmental Protection Agency has canceled the speaking appearance of three agency scientists who were scheduled to discuss climate change at a conference on Monday in Rhode Island, according to the agency and several people involved.

John Konkus, an E.P.A. spokesman and a former Trump campaign operative in Florida, confirmed that agency scientists would not speak at the State of the Narragansett Bay and Watershed program in Providence. He provided no further explanation.

Scientists involved in the program said that much of the discussion at the event centers on climate change. Many said they were surprised by the E.P.A.’s last-minute cancellation, particularly since the agency helps to fund the Narragansett Bay Estuary Program, which is hosting the conference. The scientists who have been barred from speaking contributed substantial material to a 400-page report to be issued on Monday.

The move highlights widespread concern that the E.P.A. will silence government scientists from speaking publicly or conducting work on climate change. Scott Pruitt, the agency administrator, has said that he does not believe human-caused greenhouse gas emissions are primarily responsible for the warming of the planet.

In context with the last Short Take, we are well and truly screwed. RESIST!!