Nov 152016

I had another restless night.  I’m trying, but as I lay in bed, it’s often hours before sleep comes.  I guess I just need more time to wrap my mind around how to oppose the rectum Reich.

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Here’s the latest from our own fantasy football league (Lefty Blog Friends).



This week, it was Rob’s turn to stomp my poor Kitty Dingles.



Congrats to Rob for sole possession of the lead.  I now have sole possession of the cellar.

Short Takes:

From Daily Kos: We’re immediately seeing how our nation’s First Amendment will "change" under Trump. Anti-Trump protesters were “hired,” Trumpites say; public opposition to his administration is not just illegitimate, but itself a conspiracy by elites against his movement. His potential Homeland Security chief, David Clark, said the protests had no "legitimate reason" and "should be quelled."

Trump can’t do these things himself. Bill O’Reilly, however, can do these things. Sean Hannity or Fox & Friends can do these things. By spreading the message that dissenters themselves are a conspiracy against Trump fueled by dark forces, they can help Trump not just demonize those opponents but take unprecedented steps against the press and the public.

A Trump administration may declare that they cannot allow the press access that is traditionally allowed because—as Trump has already tweeted—the press is "inciting" protests

I have no doubt that the Republican Reichsministry of Propaganda, Faux Noise, would love to dismantle the First Amendment for their Fuhrer.

From YouTube (Full Frontal Channel): New Cabinet Installation: Part 1



From YouTube: New Cabinet Installation: Part 2


As much as I love Sam, I’m just not laughing. I hope you can.



Oct 202016

I’m trying to catch up on a bit of rest today, because tomorrow, I go for my appointment with Courtney, my Physical Terrorist.  As a result, please expect no more than a Personal Update tomorrow.

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Short Takes:

From YouTube: How Democrats Take Back the Senate


The Reich on the left, Robert Reich, is right about the absolute need to wrest control of the Senate from the Reich on the right, the Republican Reich. I’m particularly proud that he listed Jeff Merkley third in his list of progressive Senators, behind only Liz and Bernie.

From The New Yorker: After learning that Donald J. Trump was still stinging from having lost an Emmy for “The Celebrity Apprentice,” the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences offered to give the former reality-show host a belated Emmy if he will drop out of the 2016 race.

“We never imagined that if we had simply given you an Emmy back in the day our current national nightmare might have been avoided,” a Television Academy spokesman said in an online video.

Displaying an Emmy statuette, the spokesman said, “Here’s your Emmy, Mr. Trump, all gold and shiny, just the way you like things to be.”

Andy, what a wonderful idea!

From Think Progress: Chris Wallace, a veteran Fox News journalist, was already a controversial choice to host Wednesday night’s final presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Wallace is noted for his close relationship with Roger Ailes, who is currently advising Trump on the debates, prompting media experts to raise ethical questions about his involvement.

Ultimately, Wallace did win praise for holding Trump accountable on several issues and keeping both candidates on task throughout the debate. Yet as much as he tried to play things equally, several of his questions showed a clear bias towards conservative ideals, policy positions, and talking points.

Here are a few.

Wallace frames his question using the term “partial-birth.”
“I’m going to give you a chance respond but I want to ask you Secretary Clinton I want to explore how far you believe the right to abortion goes. You have been quoted as saying that the fetus has no constitutional rights. You also voted against a ban on late-term partial-birth abortions. Why?”

“Open borders”
This quote mentioned below, often cited in conservative media, has been taken out of context.
“Mr. Trump you want to build a wall. Secretary Clinton you have offered no specific plan or how you want to secure our southern border. … We’ve learned from the Wikileaks that you said this, and I want to quote ‘My dream is a hemispheric common market with open trade and open borders,’ so that is the question…Is that your dream, open borders?”

I shared two of five examples of Wallace’s clear Republican bias. Click through for the other three.




Questions for the Circus

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Oct 192016

Tonight is the final debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  I recommend you open at least a dozen giant, industrial strength barf bags in advance.  As the moderator is Chris Wallace from the Republican Reichsministry of Propaganda, Faux Noise, I expect him to join Trump in tag-teaming Hillary.  The New York Times has  composed a dozen prospective questions, two for each segment.  Here are the first three.


Do you favor increasing or reducing Social Security benefits? If so, how would you do it?

More than 60 million people each month receive Social Security benefits totaling more than $74 billion. Polls show that retirement security is a top concern for Americans. Fewer people can count on traditional pension benefits, and some people do not have retirement savings.

Mr. Trump has said he would not cut Social Security benefits. Mrs. Clinton wants to make Social Security more generous for widows and for those who take time out of the paid work force to care for a child or a sick family member. She has said she would require the wealthiest Americans to pay higher taxes.

But an aging population is a driver of rising government debt and of a budget deficit that climbed last fiscal year after several years of decline.

What three steps would you take to improve Medicare?

The aging of baby boomers and the increase of medical costs will squeeze the health insurance program, which now covers 57 million older Americans. Medicare trustees say the hospital insurance trust fund could be exhausted in 2028 if no changes are made to existing law.

Both Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump say Medicare should be able to negotiate prices with pharmaceutical companies. Mrs. Clinton has proposed allowing people ages 55 to 64 to buy into Medicare, but has not said how the government or the new beneficiaries would pay for the coverage. ROBERT PEAR


Since 2012, hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants who were brought to the United States as children have registered with the government under President Obama’s executive order that gives them work permits and guarantees they will not be deported. Will you honor those guarantees?

Frustrated by Republicans’ refusal to overhaul the nation’s immigration system, Mr. Obama used executive authority to provide opportunities for millions of law-abiding immigrants who are in the country illegally. But the Supreme Court has blocked some of his plan, and the next president will have the power to reverse the rest… [emphasis original]

From <NY Times>

I urge you to click through to read the other nine questions.  While I would not ask them all, I can only hope that the Republican propagandist moderator will be half this responsible.  I doubt it as he has already promised Trump not to challenge his lies.

One question I want to see asked is, "If you lose the election, will you accept the results and bow out gracefully?"

How about you?  What would you like to see asked?


Oliver Blasts Hannity!

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Oct 042016

Ever since the Tuesday Night Massacre, Rump Dump Trump has been trying to convince the world that he won, so he sent out his evil legion of Alt-Right Nazi trolls from 4chan and  8chan with instructions on how to cast hundreds of votes each online polls.  No serious media outlets take those polls seriously, but at the Republican Reichsministry of Propaganda, Faux Noise, it's different.

Hannity-tinIn a hilarious deconstruction of last week’s first presidential debate – and its devastating aftermath for Donald Trump – John Oliver got in some excellent comedic shots at Sean Hannity and Fox News.

I’ve previously written about how Hannity has joined his beloved Donald Trump in citing meaningless online reader polls in order to spin Trump’s big loss last week as a win.

But Oliver adds a certain something that is funny and devastating at the same time. Including this line, after he noted that Fox News announced that those polls “do not meet our editorial standards.”

OLIVER: Which is shocking since I was pretty sure Fox News’ only editorial standards were “All ladies must be 8s or above” and “Try not to say the N-word.”

From <Crooks and Liars>


Hopefully, you have a better understanding of this Republican lie, and had a good laugh in the process.

Sep 052016

One year ago today, I passed out in my doorway, and the next thing I knew I was in the hospital, having lost a leg, having almost died, and having spent almost a month in a coma.  Fortunately, I have no plans to make that an annual event, but it does give me pause to reflect on how grateful I am to be alive, because there is more for me to accomplish.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

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Short Takes:

From NY Times: Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate for president, may be on track to win more votes than any third-party candidate in 20 years, if current polling holds up.

Who are his supporters?

Mr. Johnson, a former Republican governor of New Mexico, is relying heavily on the backing of young people and independent voters disillusioned with the two major parties’ nominees.

Some Berners consider Johnson a Bernie-lite, but don’t believe it! Johnson supports pseudo-Christian theocratic legislation, dog whistle restrictions on voting rights, open-carry anywhere, spending public funds for private school vouchers, and privatizing social security. He opposes EPA regulation, any restriction of gun ownership, a public option or single payer health plan, prioritizing green energy, infrastructure spending, and higher taxes on the super-rich. In summary, he’s just a pro-pot Republican.

From Crooks and Liars: Silly Chris Wallace. He seems to be under the impression that someone might mistake him for an actual journalist. As we already discussed here, Wallace has been chosen to be one of the moderators for the upcoming presidential debates. He checked in this Sunday on his buddy Howard Kurtz’s show, Media Buzz and was asked what he thought his role would be as moderator.

Faux Barf Bag Alert!!


You can be sure that that you will see massive favoritism for Rump Dump, who will be allowed any lie, in the last debate.


Free trade is figuring prominently in the upcoming presidential election. Donald Trump is against it. Hillary Clinton has expressed qualms.


As always, the Reich on the Left is right, except his statement that Trump is against it. That’s a lie to cover-up the way he exports American jobs for his own profit every day!


Sep 032016

I was so very tired that I overslept this morning.  The first thing I noticed was the quiet.  Looking out my window, I saw that all the heavy equipment is gone, so I’m hoping that means that they’re done for good, not just for the weekend.  After breakfast, I slept most of the morning, and feel ready to sleep some more as soon as my articles are up.  Please take care.  Republicans often drive as insanely as they vote.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

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Short Takes:

From Media Matters: New York magazine’s Gabriel Sherman reported in his September 2 cover story on the fall of Fox News chairman Roger Ailes:

Fox News also obtained the phone records of journalists, by legally questionable means. According to two sources with direct knowledge of the incident, Brandi, Fox’s general counsel, hired a private investigator in late 2010 to obtain the personal home- and cell-phone records of Joe Strupp, a reporter for the liberal watchdog group Media Matters. (Through a spokesperson, Brandi denied this.) In the fall of that year, Strupp had written several articles quoting anonymous Fox sources, and the network wanted to determine who was talking to him. “This was the culture. Getting phone records doesn’t make anybody blink,” one Fox executive told me.

I think Media Matters and Strupp could (and should) unbalance the Republican Reichsministry of Propaganda, Faux Noise, with a lawsuit to make their bank account several $million lighter.

From Daily Kos: The Clinton campaign lays out the contrast between what Donald Trump—with an eager assist from media outlets like the New York Times—has been falsely accusing the Clinton Foundation of doing and what the Trump Foundation really did do:

"Donald Trump has been falsely attacking the charity run by President Clinton when it is Trump’s own Foundation that has been caught in an actual pay-to-play scandal.

"While the Clinton Foundation has received the highest ratings from independent charitable watchdogs, Donald Trump’s use of foundation money to donate to the Florida Attorney General actually broke the law. Worst of all, it appears the payment may have been intended to stave off an investigation into the sham Trump University that has ripped off unsuspecting students.

"Donald Trump has no standing whatsoever to question the Clinton Foundation, which works to make AIDS and malaria drugs more accessible, when it’s been proven he uses his own foundation to launder illegal campaign donations."


There you have it. This criminal quid quo pro bribery from Trump is so typical of how the Republican Party projects their own crimes onto their opponents.

From Think Progress: Arizona Republicans, who are scrambling to help Sen. John McCain win the “fight of his political life,” unveiled a poster this week depicting the face of McCain’s Democratic challenger surrounded by bullet holes.

The Wild West-themed poster accuses Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick (D-AZ) — who is polling neck and neck with McCain — of not holding enough public events during her campaign.

The image has outraged many in the state, as it comes just five years after another Arizona Democratic congresswoman was shot in the head at a public event.

Former Rep. Gabby Giffords (D-AZ), who survived the attempted assassination in 2011 but remains partially paralyzed with limited speech, joined the chorus of voices demanding the state GOP remove the “irresponsible” poster and apologize.


This one is even more blatant than the one Bloody Bullseye Barbie used to inspire Jared Lee Loughner, the defective Republican terrorist that shot Gabby.