Feb 152018

Yesterday was yet another lonely Valentine’s day. Desperate for company, I even tried to attract Republicans.  I put out rat traps, but none came.  Smile with tongue out

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From YouTube (RWW Channel): Dave Daubenmire Is Sick Of "Phony Black Christians" Who Voted For "That Quasi-Muslim Freak"

Barf Bag Alert!!


Real Authentic Christians just don’t have the hate required to become racist Republican Supply-side pseudo-Christians. RESIST!!

From Daily Kos: Don’t look now, but Democrats just flipped their 36th state legislative seat this cycle.

Tuesday’s win in Florida House District 72 was not only yet another Democratic win in a seat Trump carried in 2016 (by a 51-46 margin), but it was also a stark reminder for Republicans of how much trouble they may be in at the ballot box in November.

Democrat Margaret Good, an attorney and community activist, defeated Republican James Buchanan 52-45 percent, improving on the 2016 Democratic presidential performance in this Sarasota County-area district by 12 points. This historically Republican seat, which has a GOP voter registration advantage of around 13,000, became vacant upon the abrupt resignation of a freshman lawmaker in August 2017.

Woooo Hoooo! RESIST!!

From Common Dreams: Under fire for taking expensive first class flights and staying in luxury hotels on the taxpayer’s dime, EPA chief Scott Pruitt informed the public of the real reason he stays away from coach: to avoid uncomfortable interactions with people who are mad at him for trying to destroy the planet.

"We live in a very toxic environment politically," Pruitt explained in an interview with the New Hampshire Union Leader this week—an interesting choice of words, given that the EPA chief’s policy moves have greatly contributed to the toxicity of the actual geophysical environment.

He wouldn’t have to worry about a toxic political environment, if he were not creating a toxic physical environment. Also, what Republicans do not live high on the hog at our expense, whenever they can? RESIST!!




After two years, is he cooked yet?

Feb 122018

I’m rushing to finish in time for my appointment.  This is my only article today.

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From The Hill: U.S. figure skater Adam Rippon said he would boycott a visit to the White House.

Rippon — the first openly gay athlete selected to a U.S. Winter Olympic team — told the Daily Mail that he would not go to the White House in an effort "to support my community."

"No, I have no desire to go to the White House," he told the Daily Mail.

"But I would like to do something to help my community."

Rippon added he would want to do "something positive and not just stay at home" during the White House visit, such as planning his own event in support of gay rights.

The US would not have won a team figure skating medal, were it not for Rippon’s stellar performance. Hey GOP! Shove that up your Pence! RESIST!!

From The Daily Beast: Julian Assange Offered Hannity Impersonator ‘News’ About Top Democrat

The head of Wikileaks told @SeanHannity__ to seek ‘other channels’ for information on Sen. Mark Warner of the Trump-Russia investigation. ‘@SeanHannity__’ was a woman in Texas.

Anyone care to speculate what "other channels" Assange (R-RU) had for Hannity? RESIST!!

From Think Progress: \Industry-friendly lawmakers are waging a coordinated campaign with the Trump administration to strip Americans of their legal rights to use the courts to hold polluting companies and the government itself accountable for violations of bedrock environmental laws and other important public protections.

Members of Congress have introduced more than 50 bills over the past year that would make it extremely difficult or impossible for people to seek justice in a court of law, according to an in-depth analysis by the Earthjustice, a nonprofit environmental law organization. The proposed bills are targeting laws related to environmental protection, public health, consumer rights, and civil liberties.

The number of bills introduced in the current 115th Congress that would strip individuals of their legal rights to seek justice in a court of law have doubled from the previous Congress and quadrupled since the 112th Congress that ended in 2013. Similar to how credit card companies and other retailers block consumers from the use of a court of law to resolve disputes, these bills would have a similar effect by preventing aggrieved members of the public from filing lawsuits to ensure laws are enforced.

Even when polluters harm people directly and intentionally, the Republican Reich protects them from justice. RESIST!!



Feb 072018

It’s another unseasonably warm and exceptionally humid day.  Store to Delivered groceries, and I stowed them and had lunch.  WWWendy comes this evening to destink the TomCat and help with chores.  I ordered her an essential oil diffuser for Valentines Day.  I told her she’s getting a French maid costume for housework.  I’m not ignoring the potential deal to fund the government for two years.  I want to see how it develops, before I comment on it.

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Short Takes:

From YouTube (Jeff Merkley Channel): Offshore Drilling: Merkley Calls on Trump and Zinke to Listen to Oregon’s Local Voices


I fully agree with Jeff. Oregon leads the way! RESIST!!

From YouTube (CSPAN Channel): Trump on Government Shutdown

Barf Bag Alert!!


How anti-American can he get?!!? The world is laughing us, because Putin’s pick is still fighting to destroy our nation from within. RESIST!!

From YouTube (MSNBC Channel): Elon Musk & SpaceX Rocket Into The History Books


Dang!! To think that an immigrant from a Trump-called "shithole country" did all that! But he made one mistake. He should have put Trump in that car!! RESIST!!




Republicans Will Destroy ANWR

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Feb 052018

Pictured below is part of one of the last truly pristine tracts of land on the face of this earth.  The Alaska National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) is home to hundreds of species that have nowhere left to go.  ANWR is on the verge of being opened for drilling, and all it took was for a criminal corporate oil baron to put in a private call to the Pumpkin Pollution Pig!


As if we needed another example of Trump putting his business and personal relationships over those of the American people and the environment, the president has now admitted that he didn’t think about drilling on in the Arctic national Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) until an oil industry executive prompted him to.

According to Trump, who recalled the call during a speech at the Republican Member Conference this week:

A friend of mine called up in that world, in that business and said ‘is it true you’re thinking about ANWR?’ I said, ‘yeah, I think we’re going to get it but you know,.”

He said, “are you kidding? You know that’s the biggest thing by itself. Ronald Reagan and every president has wanted to get ANWR approved.”

And after that, I said, “oh, make sure that’s in the [$1.5 trillion tax] bill.”


Trump added, “I really didn’t care about it,” he said. “Then when I heard that everybody wanted it, for 40 years, everybody tried to get it approved, ‘Make sure you don’t lose ANWR.’”

As Trump’s friend mentioned, the oil and gas industry have been pressing for ANWR to be open for drilling for many, many years. Congress only lifted the 40-year ban as part of the Republican tax reform bill approved in December. The tax plan included a “backdoor drilling provision” that was added to secure the vote of Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski, who has long supported arctic drilling.

According to both scientists and conservationists, opening the ANWR for oil and gas drilling would cause irreparable harm to “the most beautiful, pristine wildlife refuge that we have in the United States.”…

Submitted from <Nation of Change>

Here’s the video (only 41 sec.)

Barf Bag Alert!!

I don’t know what we can do to stop it, except protest and support those groups that try to block the polluters as the deploy their destructive equipment.



Water, water everywhere?

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Jan 302018

Here in North America, we too often take for granted our supply of good potable water.  What’s more, some corporations and industries use and pollute water that should be used for sustaining us, the human race.  Koch Industries and corporations that frack come to mind immediately.  Have a look at what is happening in Cape Town, South Africa.  Want to know more about not having potable water?  Ask the people of Flint, Michigan who were hosed by Republican Governor Rick Snyder and the state government when its water was discovered to be unfit for human consumption back in 2014, and it is still not fixed.  Their water is still unfit with a stalled, or non existent, Republican infrastructure plan.

From Maclean’s — Cape Town is in a race against time. Dams are draining. People and businesses face fines for wasting water. Construction companies are building desalination plants and a recycling centre, while drilling to access ground water.

South Africa’s second biggest city is going through one of the worst droughts in recent decades, with lack of rain and a surge in population rapidly depleting the municipal water reserves. In a few months, it could run out, bringing about what the city has apocalyptically dubbed “Day Zero”—when officials are forced to turn off the tap because there’s just not enough water left in the reservoirs to keep the system running.

A security officer directs residents as they fill water bottles and containers at the Newlands natural water spring in Cape Town (Waldo Swiegers/Bloomberg/Getty Images)

If it happens, a city known for its rich and complex history, diverse population and lush national parks will start sending its four million residents to about 200 collection points, where each person will be allotted 25 litres of tap water per day. That’s just 10 litres more than the minimum amount the World Health Organization says people need to survive in an emergency.

The city’s mayor Patricia de Lille has asked residents to conserve water in any way they can—while imposing strict rules on how, and what amount of, water can be used. The city is now at level six restrictions: No washing cars. No watering gardens or lawns. No topping up swimming pools.

Please read through for an interesting article.

Ask someone in California or Texas, or any number of places other that are experiencing drought, what water restrictions are like.  Here in Metro Vancouver, we have had water restrictions during the hot summer months in the passed 5 years because the reservoirs have not filled up with the melting winter mountain snow packs.  A lack of water, either from rain or snow pack melting, also leads to drier forests and a greater likelihood of rampant forest fires.  Ask British Columbians, Albertans, Californians and Texans what living through wildfires is like.  And they are not the only ones in North America, unfortunately.  And what is the biggest contributor to the water shortage?  Climate change!

How serious is this plight, this drought?  This from the Water Encyclopedia:

Water is required for the maintenance of life; researchers have investigated the absolute minimum amount of water required for human survival. Regular intake of water is needed to maintain a person’s water balance, as water lost through normal activities must be restored. The minimum water requirement for replacement purposes, for an “average” person, has been estimated to be approximately 3 liters (3.2 quarts) per day, given average temperate climate conditions.

In addition to drinking requirements, water is traditionally used for sanitation purposes for the disposal of human waste. Effective waste disposal has many health benefits as it serves to control the spread of disease. Humans also have basic hygiene needs for personal washing and bathing waters, and for food preparation. These hygiene-related uses of water also have many health benefits.

That 3 litres per day is for drinking only!  Who reading this drinks 3 litres of water per day?  I can say I do most days, but I don’t drink juices, and rarely drink milk.  We should not include sodas, coffee or tea in this 3 litres . . . it is 3 litres of water, not 3 litres of liquids.

Of course, we often drink bottled water which environmental groups regularly “poo-poo” us.  I drink bottled water, both plain and carbonated (no sugars or sweeteners in either).  I return the bottles for recycling without fail.  The deposit fee that I paid when I bought the water is then saved and goes towards my monthly hair cut.

Maclean’s published an article on 31 March 2016 on how banning bottled water can backfire.

If anything, it could turn out to be a boon for the bottled sugar-water business instead, and potentially fill trash bins with even more plastic bottles.

That’s the finding of a researcher who studied what happened at the University of Vermont after the school banned the sale of plastic water bottles on its campus in 2013.  …

Yet in the months following the ban, students didn’t stop reaching for the plastic bottle … Instead, they consumed even more.  …

Rather than like up at the new water fountains with their reusable bottles, students reached instead for bottled soda, juices, or sugar-free drinks, which often use thicker plastic than plastic water bottles.

In my opinion, it is not so much that plastic water bottles are a problem, people’s attitudes are the problem.  Too many people do not recycle the empty bottles preferring instead to throw them away in the trash where they no not decompose.  In my area, when purchasing a bottle of water, a recycling fee of $.04 is charged plus a refundable bottle deposit of $.05 for 1 litre or smaller bottles.  These deposit fees are more for larger bottles.  The deposit fee also applies to soda bottles, juice bottles and tetra packs of juice.  This has not eliminated the “bottle in the trash” problem, but it has helped.  People have to take responsibility for their attitude towards recycling.

The original Maclean’s article above makes mention of desalination as a way of converting sea water to potable water for human consumption.  There are various desalination plants around the world.  This is a plant in Dubai.

The US government even has a web page about desalination, if Trump has not yet removed it because it is scientific!

… The “simple” hurdle that must be overcome to turn seawater into fresh water is to remove the dissolved salt in seawater.   …

What do we mean by “saline water?” Water that is saline contains significant amounts (referred to as “concentrations”) of dissolved salts. In this case, the concentration is the amount (by weight) of salt in water, as expressed in “parts per million” (ppm). If water has a concentration of 10,000 ppm of dissolved salts, then one percent of the weight of the water comes from dissolved salts.

Here are our parameters for saline water:

  • Fresh water – Less than 1,000 ppm
  • Slightly saline water – From 1,000 ppm to 3,000 ppm
  • Moderately saline water – From 3,000 ppm to 10,000 ppm
  • Highly saline water – From 10,000 ppm to 35,000 ppm

By the way, ocean water contains about 35,000 ppm of salt.

Have a look at this interesting page . . . but don’t tell Trump lest he order it removed!

The one thing we have some control over is how we, as individuals and corporations, use fresh water.  How about starting with no fracking!  The amount of water used is incredibly high, and that water cannot be used for anything afterwards.  Make a list of ways you can help starting with  fixing dripping taps; taking shorter showers; not sprinkling the lawn (if such is not banned already) for so long and so often; don’t wash the car so much. 

Here is a petition from the Centre for Biological Diversity posted by Cher on Care2For those not familiar with Care2, just click on Cher’s post’s title and it will take you directly to the petition.






Dec 282017

News is still a little slow, and it’s hard to find original material that does more than update things that I have covered before.  The lox and bagels that WWW and I had were delicious.  The Immodium AD worked, and I’m over Republicosis until the next time I see too many Republicans on the news.

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Short Takes:

From YouTube (Media Matters Channel): 2017 dumpster fire

Barf Bag Alert!!


The dumpster that contains most 2017 media content should be burned. RESIST!!

From The Center for Public Integrity: We crunched a lot of numbers this year. Here are a few that stand out.

$36,469,896: Amount President Donald Trump has already raised for his 2020 presidential reelection campaign.

$4,228,162: Total payments to Trump-owned properties by candidates and political committees during the 2016 election cycle.

96: Percentage that came from Trump-related political committees.

$237,472: Amount candidates and committees spent at Trump properties during the 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2014 election cycles combined.

Do I see emoluments, or what? Click through for an amazing list of numbers! RESIST!!

From Mother Jones: Many politicians were apparently unimpressed. 2017 obviously wasn’t the first year to be plagued by public policy decisions that disregarded scientific facts, but the Trump era has taken this phenomenon to a whole new level. We’ve rounded up some of the worst examples from around the nation:

1. White House declares climate science a “waste of your money”

In March, Trump released a budget proposal calling for steep cuts to the climate research conducted by NASA, the Environmental Protection Agency, and other government agencies. When asked about these proposals, White House budget director Mick Mulvaney said, “Regarding the question as to climate change, I think the president was fairly straightforward: We’re not spending money on that anymore; we consider that to be a waste of your money to go out and do that.”

2. Trump staffers play dumb on the global warming “hoax”

For a week this spring, as the administration rolled out Trump’s decision to begin withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement, reporters repeatedly asked whether the president still believed what he’d said over and over: that global warming is a hoax. Rather than respond to this basic question, multiple administration officials simply pretended to not know the answer. “You should ask him that,” White House counselor Kellyanne Conway told ABC. “You are going to have to ask him,” economic adviser Gary Cohn said to CNN. “Honestly, I haven’t asked him,” Sean Spicer, then the White House press secretary, said. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt actually refused to answer the question four separate times.

I shared two. Click through for the other five. RESIST!!