Feb 072018

It’s another unseasonably warm and exceptionally humid day.  Store to Delivered groceries, and I stowed them and had lunch.  WWWendy comes this evening to destink the TomCat and help with chores.  I ordered her an essential oil diffuser for Valentines Day.  I told her she’s getting a French maid costume for housework.  I’m not ignoring the potential deal to fund the government for two years.  I want to see how it develops, before I comment on it.

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Short Takes:

From YouTube (Jeff Merkley Channel): Offshore Drilling: Merkley Calls on Trump and Zinke to Listen to Oregon’s Local Voices


I fully agree with Jeff. Oregon leads the way! RESIST!!

From YouTube (CSPAN Channel): Trump on Government Shutdown

Barf Bag Alert!!


How anti-American can he get?!!? The world is laughing us, because Putin’s pick is still fighting to destroy our nation from within. RESIST!!

From YouTube (MSNBC Channel): Elon Musk & SpaceX Rocket Into The History Books


Dang!! To think that an immigrant from a Trump-called "shithole country" did all that! But he made one mistake. He should have put Trump in that car!! RESIST!!




Republicans Will Destroy ANWR

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Feb 052018

Pictured below is part of one of the last truly pristine tracts of land on the face of this earth.  The Alaska National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) is home to hundreds of species that have nowhere left to go.  ANWR is on the verge of being opened for drilling, and all it took was for a criminal corporate oil baron to put in a private call to the Pumpkin Pollution Pig!


As if we needed another example of Trump putting his business and personal relationships over those of the American people and the environment, the president has now admitted that he didn’t think about drilling on in the Arctic national Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) until an oil industry executive prompted him to.

According to Trump, who recalled the call during a speech at the Republican Member Conference this week:

A friend of mine called up in that world, in that business and said ‘is it true you’re thinking about ANWR?’ I said, ‘yeah, I think we’re going to get it but you know,.”

He said, “are you kidding? You know that’s the biggest thing by itself. Ronald Reagan and every president has wanted to get ANWR approved.”

And after that, I said, “oh, make sure that’s in the [$1.5 trillion tax] bill.”


Trump added, “I really didn’t care about it,” he said. “Then when I heard that everybody wanted it, for 40 years, everybody tried to get it approved, ‘Make sure you don’t lose ANWR.’”

As Trump’s friend mentioned, the oil and gas industry have been pressing for ANWR to be open for drilling for many, many years. Congress only lifted the 40-year ban as part of the Republican tax reform bill approved in December. The tax plan included a “backdoor drilling provision” that was added to secure the vote of Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski, who has long supported arctic drilling.

According to both scientists and conservationists, opening the ANWR for oil and gas drilling would cause irreparable harm to “the most beautiful, pristine wildlife refuge that we have in the United States.”…

Submitted from <Nation of Change>

Here’s the video (only 41 sec.)

Barf Bag Alert!!

I don’t know what we can do to stop it, except protest and support those groups that try to block the polluters as the deploy their destructive equipment.


Dec 212016

Today is the shortest day of the year (except for Lona, who sometimes lives upside down and bass ackwards. We wish our Pagan friends a Cool Yule.  Today is a Wendy day, and I’m trying to write quickly, because she may come early, depending on what time she returns from Lost Wages.  I gave her $2 to bet for me, so I expect to be independently wealthy by tomorrow.  Happy Hump Day to al!!

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Fantasy Football Update:

Here’s the latest from the playoffs of our own fantasy football league.


Congrats to Jack, Pam,k Robb and Vivian for winning and making it to the semifinals.  Rob, Squatch, Patty Monster, and Dusty have games to determine 5th – 8th places.  Seth and I have been kicked to the curb for the season.

Short Takes:

From YouTube (TYT Channel): Operation Democratic Backbone


I agree. Here’s the link to Operation Backbone.

From KP Daily Funnies: The Daily Show – Donald Trump’s Christmas (NOT HOLIDAY) Yule Log


They could not have been more appropriate.

From NY Times: President Obama announced on Tuesday what he called a permanent ban on offshore oil and gas drilling along wide areas of the Arctic and the Atlantic Seaboard as he tried to nail down an environmental legacy that cannot quickly be reversed by Donald J. Trump.

Mr. Obama invoked an obscure provision of a 1953 law, the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act, which he said gives him the authority to act unilaterally. While some presidents have used that law to temporarily protect smaller portions of federal waters, Mr. Obama’s declaration of a permanent drilling ban on portions of the ocean floor from Virginia to Maine and along much of Alaska’s coast is breaking new ground. The declaration’s fate will almost certainly be decided by the federal courts.

While I appreciate what he has done the courts are still so packed with Republican cretins that I have little hope that it will survive. Nevertheless, we must RESIST!!

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DAPL Down!

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Dec 052016

Since last month’s catastrophe, opportunities to share good news have been far too few and far too far between, so I take great pleasure in expressing my praise and admiration for the Standing Rock Sioux and their fellow protestors that may have just killed the Dakota Access Pipeline.


The Dakota Access Pipeline will not cross under Lake Oahe in North Dakota, it was announced Sunday in a stunning victory to the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and its supporters, who argued the project would threaten the tribe’s water source and cultural sites.

The US Army Corps of Engineers will not grant an easement allowing the pipeline’s construction half a mile south of the Standing Rock Indian Reservation.

Jo-Ellen Darcy, United States Assistant Secretary of the Army, said the federal agency will ‘explore alternate routes’ in an announcement that came just one day before the Corps was scheduled to cut off access to the protesters’ camp.

Thousands of demonstrators at the Oceti Sakowin campsite erupted into cheers and cries of Mni Wiconi – ‘Water is life’ – went up from the crowd as the news spread.

Moments after the decision was announced, Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal Council Chairman Harold Frazier told DailyMail.com that he was ‘shocked’ by the news… [emphasis added]

From <Daily Mail>

The news left me with several questions on what might happen going forward, especially since the Resident-elect has close financial ties with Energy Transfer Partners.  He hates losing money like this!

I found two videos that cover the story as well as any can.  The first from MSNBC deals with what happened.

The second from TYT deals with what it means.

Amen Cenk!  Once again, we owe a great debt to the Lakota people for showing us how to RESIST!

Aug 102016

Wendy has returned to her day job as a Secretary in a school, so my Wednesday fluff, buff and stuff is moving to late afternoon/early evening.  It’s also a grocery delivery day.  They come early/mid afternoon.  So the only time for a commando Lona nap was this morning, and I took it.  Tomorrow I’m meeting with the gals with whom I do volunteer work in prison, and Friday I have an appointment with Megan, my PCP, who has finally returned from maternity leave.  Therefore, it’s likely that I will publish only a Personal Update and send no links messages both days.  The heat is returning.  I was watching Olympics while eating breakfast this morning, and Australia was playing the Netherlands in Beach Volleyball.  I thought of Lona and how that must be difficult for her.

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Short Takes:

From KP Daily Funnies: Daily Show: Donald Trump Predicts a Rigged Election

Click through to warch the video clip.  The embed code is defective.

Of course it’s funny, but that’s because it touches on reality.

From Crooks and Liars: Joe Scarborough did some serious mansplaining this morning for Mika, saying her opinion meant nothing to Republicans who have to figure out what to do about Donald Trump.


Scarborough sure went into BS mode to cover his Republican sexism. For a minute I thought Mika, Joe’s submissive token Democrat, was actually growing a pair!

From Alternet: A recent analysis of more than 100 industry documents conducted by the Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL), a Washington, D.C.-based advocacy group, has revealed that the oil industry knew of the risks that their business posed to the global climate decades before originally suspected.

It has also long been assumed that, in their efforts to deceive investors and the public about the negative impact their business has on the environment, Big Oil borrowed Big Tobacco’s so-called tactical “playbook.” But, as these documents indicate, that infamous playbook appears to have actually originated within the oil industry itself.

If that is true, it would be highly significant—and damning for Big Oil—because the tactics used by the tobacco industry to downplay the connection between smoking and cancer were eventually deemed to have violated federal racketeering laws by a federal court. The ruling dashed efforts by Big Tobacco to find legal cover under the First Amendment, which just happens to be the same strategy that ExxonMobil and its GOP allies are currently using to defend the company against allegations of fraud. If the playbook was in fact created by the oil and gas industry and then later used by ExxonMobil, it ruins the company’s argument of plausible deniability, making it highly likely that the company violated federal law.

Bring it on!! Sue the bastards, recover the $billions, and invest them in green energy development!!



Aug 012016

There’s no time for much of anything today as I have an appointment with my Ocular Oncologist, and when I return Wendy will be coming to fluff and buff the TomCat.  In addition, I’m collecting data for our Monthly Report, which will be a day ot three late.

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Short Take:

From NY Times: The Chinook salmon that Randy Settler and other Yakama tribal fishermen are pulling from the Columbia River are large and plentiful this summer, part of one of the biggest spawning runs since the 1960s. It is a sign, they say, of the river’s revitalization, through pollution regulations and ambitious fish hatchery programs.

But barely four miles upstream from the fishermen’s nets, state workers are still cleaning up after a major oil train derailment in June. About 47,000 gallons of heavy Bakken crude bound from North Dakota spilled when 16 Union Pacific cars accordioned off the tracks. All of it, Oregon environmental officials said, might have gone into the river but for a stroke of luck that carried the oil instead into a water treatment plant a few hundred feet from the riverbank.

That juxtaposition — the rebounding river coming a hair’s breadth from disaster — has resonated across the Pacific Northwest and brought about a day of reckoning. From ballot boxes to the governors’ desks in Oregon and Washington, a corner of the nation that seemed poised only a few years ago to become a new energy hub is now gripped by a debate over whether transporting volatile, hazardous crude oil by rail through cities and environmentally delicate areas can ever be made safe enough…

In two words, It can’t.