Oct 202014

I’m writing for tomorrow, day 182.  It’s a thoroughly hectic day, so much so that the Church of the Ellipsoid Orb is staying in the background, until my Broncos come on this evening.  Tomorrow I have to leave home before 8:00 AM to go to a routine Urologist appointment.  God only knows when I’ll be back.  I just know I’ll be short on research and long on exhaustion. I hope they give me a cup with a Republican in it, so I can pretend I’m a dawg!

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I fell asleep vertical and missed most of it. :-(

Short Takes:

From Daily Kos: Rep. Louie Gohmert (of course), speaking to Glenn Beck (of course), is angry that the CDC said the Texas nurses who contracted Ebola had violated protocols:

"It’s a shame that the CDC head, Frieden, is apparently the new commander of the Democrats’ war on women nurses," Gohmert told Beck. "Because, goodnight, they set them up, and then they throw them under the bus."

We could talk about how, in reality, Frieden called the nurses "good, dedicated people" who violated protocol in part by wearing too much protective gear, something one obviously does with the best of intentions. And how, in reality, Republicans are always looking for ways to make nurses’ jobs harder and less safe. But coming from Gohmert, this isn’t about nurses. It’s about finding a way to connect Ebola and Democrats.

Our own Inspector Goosestep is a cross between the Inspector Gadget cartoon and Louie Go-Go Goosestep Gomanic!

From Democrats Unite: Not sure if you are going to vote this year? Here are 10 reminders taken from the Republican and Tea Party’s “Least-Greatest Hits” from the 2012 campaign cycle:

1) “Our nation needs to stop doing for people what they can and should do for themselves. Self reliance means, if anyone will not work, neither should he eat.” – Michele Bachmann November 2011

2) “He who warned, uh, the British that they weren’t going to be taking away our arms uh by ringing those bells and making sure as he’s riding his horse through town to send those warning shots and bells that we were going to be secure and we were going to be free and we were going to be armed.” Sarah Palin June 2011

3) “I believe there is about 78 to 81 members of the Democratic Party that are members of the Communist Party.” – Allen West April 2012

There are three reasons to vote. Click Through for the other seven. Then GET OUT The VOTE!!!

From YouTube: Elizabeth Warren`s Assault on Wall Street


I figured you could use a dose of Liz! GET OUT THE VOTE!!!



The Republican response to getting caught is even worse now,

Aug 062014

I’m writing for tomorrow, day 107.  I don’t know why, but I just could not get comfortable last night, and I could not sleep.  I had a short nap this morning, but it was nowhere near enough.  I’m hoping I can catch some serious Zs, when I finish writing. 

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Short Takes:

From Daily Kos: Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren cares a lot about making student loans affordable—and she happens to be a bankruptcy expert. This week, she turned that passion and that wealth of knowledge on Richard Hunt, president and CEO of the Consumer Bankers Association.

You would think bankers would learn not to try to get sneaky in response to Warren’s pointed questioning. But this one had not learned that.


Was Lizzie munching on Bankster Butt or what? Bankruptcy relief should include student loans, and the death of the borrower should terminate any student loan.

From YouTube: Another Journey into the Parallel World of ALEC


Kudos to Chris Taylor and Ed Schultz. When Republican politicians introduce ALEC boilerplate, they must be exposed and dumped.

From AlterNet: What someone is paid has little or no relationship to what their work is worth to society. 

Does anyone seriously believe hedge-fund mogul Steven A. Cohen is worth the  $2.3 billion he raked in last year, despite being slapped with a $1.8 billion fine after his firm pleaded guilty to insider trading?

On the other hand, what’s the worth to society of social workers who put in long and difficult hours dealing with patients suffering from mental illness or substance abuse? Probably higher than their average pay of  $18.14 an hour, which translates into less than $38,000 a year.

How much does society gain from personal-care aides who assist the elderly, convalescents, and persons with disabilities? Likely more than their average pay of  $9.67 an hour, or just over $20,000 a year.

As always the Reich on the left, Robert Reich, is right, while the Reich on the Right, the Republican Reich, is wrong. Click through for in depth coverage of this subject.



Jun 062014

I’m writing for tomorrow,  which is almost here.  I had another long full day.  The training was repetitive and boring.  Worst of all, after assuring me weeks ago it would be held on the first floor, they held it on the third.  My friend and I had to carry my walker up two flights of stairs.  I would rather have been working with my guys.  My legs are cramping severely.  At least it’s done.  Day 46.

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Short Takes:

From Upworthy: Walmart Workers Capture What It’s Like Being In Their Shoes. It’s Heartbreaking.



From NY Times: The National Rifle Association [Republicans delinked] is distancing itself from an article on its website that called demonstrations by gun rights advocates who brandished weapons in public “scary” and “weird,” and that said such advocates had “crossed the line from enthusiasm to downright foolishness.”

The article [Republicans delinked] and the subsequent denunciations in the past week are an unusual public disagreement inside the N.R.A. about the tactics of protesters, particularly in Texas, who have shown up with shotguns and rifles in parking lots and inside stores and restaurants to assert their right to openly carry firearms.

The gun industry fears their best retail customers, deranged Republican criminals, but fears losing the blood money they spend even more.

From Huffington Post: It would be a mistake to think that the New York Working Families Party’s endorsement of a Wall Street, austerity Democrat — Andrew Cuomo — is a defeat for the surging progressive wing of the Democratic Party. In fact, just the opposite is true. The endorsement was a demonstration of how to build power to do what progressive politics is ultimately about: delivering real improvements in people’s lives.

This article is 100% unadulterated BS! Calling Cuomo a win for progressive power is like calling Bought Bitch Mitch anti-coal. Working Families Party might as well call themselves Working Banksters Party!



May 102014

I’m writing for tomorrow and am feeling a bit groggy from the extensive cat napping required to recover from volunteer paperwork.  The good Lord knows I am not qualified to be the Treasurer of a nonprofit corporation, but I’m the closest to qualified that we have, and the rigors of financial reporting give me fits!!  Day 19.

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Short Takes:

From Upworthy:

Ronald Reagan popularized the idea that people on welfare are a drain on the economy. Fox News carries that mantle today, making regular blanket characterizations of the country’s poorest families as big spending welfare frauds. Here’s why they’re wrong — but don’t expect them to admit it.


Families receiving public assistance spend on average less than half as much as families that don’t receive public assistance. Considering those very moderate figures, it’s safe to say that most of the folks represented by the red bars aren’t on welfare for selfish personal gain, but because they actually need the support.

These numbers also prompt important questions about opportunity in the U.S. For example, families that don’t receive public assistance spend an average 382% more on insurance and retirement than families that rely on public assistance. How might a family’s ability, or lack thereof, to invest in the future impact economic mobility for their future generations?

America has devolved from a meritocracy to an oligopoly featuring Republican class warfare against the poor and middle classes. If Republicans have their way, the US will further devolve into a rigid caste system.

From NY Times: Institutional Investor’s latest “rich list” in its Alpha magazine, its survey of the 25 highest-paid hedge fund managers, is out — and it turns out that these guys make a lot of money. Surprise!

Yet before we dismiss the report as nothing new, let’s think about what it means that these 25 men (yes, they’re all men) made a combined $21 billion in 2013. In particular, let’s think about how their good fortune refutes several popular myths about income inequality in America.

All pay taxes at a lower rate than middle-class Americans. Click through for an excellent Paul Krugman editorial.

From Crooks and Liars: Why are these people Democrats? Really. They want a select committee, yes another committee to look into Benghazi. It is nothing more than a political witch hunt

…Here are the Republicans Democrats who voted to keep this charade going; Reps. John Barrow (D-GA-pictured), Patrick Murphy (D-FL), Ron Barber (D-AZ), Mike McIntyre (D-NC), Collin Peterson (D-MN), Nick Rahall (D-WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ). [emphasis added]

If one of these DINO cowards is your representative, would you please ask them how the view is with their heads so far up the elephant’s ass.



Mar 042014

I’m writing for tomorrow, and I’m between naps.  The medical appointment tired me out.  All in all, I spent over two hours waiting for the lift bus, and because the medical complex is so huge, I still walked about a mile.  Fortunately I did the research for this article before I left.

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Short Takes:

From Salon.com: Old, white, wrinkled and angry, they are slipping from polite society in alarming numbers. We’re losing much of a generation.  They often sport hats or other clothing, some marking their status as veterans, Tea Partyers or “patriots” of some kind or another. They have yellow flags, bumper stickers and an unquenchable rage. They used to be the brave men and women who took on America’s challenges, tackling the ’60s, the Cold War and the Reagan years — but now many are terrified by the idea of slightly more affordable healthcare and a very moderate Democrat in the White House.

We’re losing people like my father to the despair of Fox News, and it’s all by design.

My dad is 67 years old, a full year younger than the average Fox viewer, who is 68, according to an analysis in New York magazine by columnist Frank Rich. I’ve read accounts of people my age — 40 or so — losing parents to cancer or Alzheimer’s, but just as big a tragedy are the crops of grandmothers and grandfathers debilitated by Fox News-induced hysteria.

This is a fascinating read on how the Republican Reichsministry of Propaganda brainwashes people to promote irrational hatred. Click through.

From NY Times:

Recently the Federal Reserve released transcripts of its monetary policy meetings during the fateful year of 2008. And, boy, are they discouraging reading.

Partly that’s because Fed officials come across as essentially clueless about the gathering economic storm. But we knew that already. What’s really striking is the extent to which they were obsessed with the wrong thing. The economy was plunging, yet all many people at the Fed wanted to talk about was inflation.

Matthew O’Brien at The Atlantic has done the math. In August 2008 there were 322 mentions of inflation, versus only 28 of unemployment and 19 of systemic risks or crises. In the meeting on Sept. 16, 2008 — the day after Lehman fell! — there were 129 mentions of inflation versus 26 mentions of unemployment and only four of systemic risks or crises.

Historians of the Great Depression have long marveled at the folly of policy discussion at the time. For example, the Bank of England, faced with a devastating deflationary spiral, kept obsessing over the imagined threat of inflation. As the economist Ralph Hawtrey famously observed, “That was to cry ‘Fire, fire!’ in Noah’s flood.” But it turns out that modern monetary officials facing financial crisis were just as obsessed with the wrong thing as their predecessors three generations before.

Click through for most interesting analysis by Paul Krugman. What Krugman did not cover is the reason Banksters fear inflation so much. It devalues the stored wealth of the 0.1%.

From Crooks and Liars: Last month, “Christians” launched the next great hate-based initiative in the guise of a beneficial community program: Trail Life. The organization says it is the “premier national character development organization for young men which produces Godly and responsible husbands, fathers and citizens,” but really amounts to just another attempt by the Christian right to discriminate against America’s LGBT youth.

The Trail Life Scout Oath includes an order to be “morally straight.” Ron Orr, whose almost-Eagle Scout son left BSA to join Trail Life, explains that “As Christians from a scriptural basis, we love all folks, but the Scripture is very clear that being homosexual is a sin.” He says that it’s important to “hold a strong line” and “set a consistent example for our young men,” though some would question what positive example a youth organization based in hatred can possibly provide.

I disagree with the author on one key point.  These are not “Christians”.  They are Republican Supply-side pseudo-Christians, making them completely anti-Christian.  This is a picture of the Trail Life scouts’ salute. Need I say more?




Feb 202014

I trust you all remember how Little Lord Willard was etching his sketch faster than Lyin’ Ryan’s nose grows, when we were treated to the definitive moment of the 2012 campaign.  Thinking he was speaking only to his vulture capitalists cronies, he made the infamous 47% comments, making it crystal clear that he and his party truly represent only billionaires and corporate criminals.  It seems that when Banksters think they are out of the public view, they behave altogether different then they do, when they think the world is watching.  Experiencing this first hand, engendered the following conclusion.

0220Kappa…As I walked through the streets of midtown in my ill-fitting tuxedo, I thought about the implications of what I’d just seen.

The first and most obvious conclusion was that the upper ranks of finance are composed of people who have completely divorced themselves from reality. No self-aware and socially conscious Wall Street executive would have agreed to be part of a group whose tacit mission is to make light of the financial sector’s foibles. Not when those foibles had resulted in real harm to millions of people in the form of foreclosures, wrecked 401(k)s, and a devastating unemployment crisis.

The second thing I realized was that Kappa Beta Phi was, in large part, a fear-based organization. Here were executives who had strong ideas about politics, society, and the work of their colleagues, but who would never have the courage to voice those opinions in a public setting. Their cowardice had reduced them to sniping at their perceived enemies in the form of satirical songs and sketches, among only those people who had been handpicked to share their view of the world. And the idea of a reporter making those views public had caused them to throw a mass temper tantrum.

The last thought I had, and the saddest, was that many of these self-righteous Kappa Beta Phi members had surely been first-year bankers once. And in the 20, 30, or 40 years since, something fundamental about them had changed. Their pursuit of money and power had removed them from the larger world to the sad extent that, now, in the primes of their careers, the only people with whom they could be truly themselves were a handful of other prominent financiers. [emphasis added]

Perhaps, I realized, this social isolation is why despite extraordinary evidence to the contrary, one-percenters like Ross keep saying how badly persecuted they are. When you’re a member of the fraternity of money, it can be hard to see past the foie gras to the real world.

Inserted from <NY magazine> Hat-Tip: Daily Kos

Bear in mind, this is just the conclusion.  The rest of the article is packed material so intense that it make’s Little Lord Willard’s 47% rant seem infantile in comparison.  It includes several pictures and audio clips of these leaches who are sucking America dry, while having the unmitigated hubris to call themselves “job creators”.  It is far too important an article not to click through for all it has to offer.

Dec 182013

I’m writing for tomorrow, and although I still feel sick as a dawg, I have to be up, waiting for service people, so you get a real Open Thread.  Tomorrow, I have to be out, so I doubt I shall have much. 

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Fantasy Football Update:

Here’s the updated Playoffs Bracket from our fantasy football league, Lefty Blog Friends.


Kudos to the winners.  Sadly, I do not number among you.  All of my starting running backs, and wide receivers at the beginning of the year were out with injuries by last weekend.

Short Takes:

From my Senator’s campaign by email: There is good news for those who want a safe and sound financial system that doesn’t blow up our economy. Last week regulators finalized a rule authored by Senator Merkley along with Senator Carl Levin of Michigan to rein in the big bets by banks on Wall Street. The rule will ban risky trades by banks that take taxpayer-insured deposits. The rule, dubbed the Volcker Rule, after former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker, would create a firewall between traditional banking and hedge fund-style gambling.

Hedge fund-style trading at our nation’s largest financial firms was a high-risk, conflict-ridden activity that played a central role in the 2008 financial crisis. Banks should be in the business of serving customers on Main Street – including taking deposits from and making loans to ordinary families and businesses. It’s fine for people to make speculative investments, but it needs to happen outside of banks so if the bets go bad they don’t imperil the lending so critical to our economic growth.

To read more about Jeff’s efforts, check out this story in the New Republic.

Way to go Jeff! Once again, Oregon leads the way!

From Upworthy: If You Need An Example Of How Silly Our Standards Have Gotten For How Women Look … Ta-Da!


The way I see it, this is what a woman needs to have great legs. They have to be just long enough to reach from her ass to her ankles.

From Right Wing Watch:

Conservative commentator Pat Buchanan is completely enamored with Russian president Vladimir Putin, and is particularly excited about his anti-gay crackdown. In his syndicated column today, Buchanan lauds [hate propaganda delinked] Putin as a leader of “conservatives and traditionalists in every country” who are resisting “the militant secularism of a multicultural and transnational elite” who push “abortion on demand, homosexual marriage, pornography, promiscuity, and the whole panoply of Hollywood values.”

Putin is a champion of “conservatives, traditionalists and nationalists of all continents and countries” and has taken up their fight “against the cultural and ideological imperialism of what he sees as a decadent West,” Buchanan writes.

Republicans just love their Pootie (R-RU). Why? Republicans love to hate.