Jan 272017

Well, that didn’t take long!  Twitler’s team managed to become a trending Twitter meme in the record-breaking time of less than 24 hours!

The honors go to Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who held a press conference on the Saturday after the inauguration and repeatedly told blatant LIES at the behest of Twitler himself.  Among them was the whopper, and easily disproved fallacy, that his crowd of 1.5 MILLION was the biggest ever. 

Immediately it gave rise to a number of hashtags like #SpicerSays, #SpicerFacts, etc.  So let’s enjoy a few:

But Spicer did manage to get one correct:

So on Sunday they sent out Kellyanne Conway (after wisely ditching her Paddington Bear or New England Patriots logo inaugural outfit …)


To try and clean up the outrage Spencer produce with his bald-faced LIES.  So she appeared on Meet the Press, and did a bang-up job … of creating a NEW meme: “Alternative Facts”!

Merriam – Webster Dictionary actually Tweeted out the defintion of "Fact" to try to help – but to no avail:

And so America's descent into the depths at least begins with a few chuckles.  But we all shudder to think of how it will end!

Kyrie Eleison

Lord, Have Mercy