Apr 172014

I’m writing for tomorrow and am feeling quite tired.  Store to Door delivered groceries, and I’m still not recovered from my schedule.

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From Daily Kos: TeaParty Militia Leader, Richard Mack has been pretending he’s a bad ass for years. But when he and his TeaParty brethren went to help millionare rancher, Cliven Bundy violently violate a Court order, they proved they are nothing but a bunch of gun-toting, wimpy-ass loud mouths who planned to use women as human shields against any potential gun battle they initiated with the Federal government.


What craven cowards these seditious Republicans are to hide behind the skirts of their women.

From MoveOn: Check out this Tax Day message from Robert Reich:


As usual, the Reich on the left is right, and the Reich on the right is Republican. Sign the petition to tax the bastards!!

From Crooks and Liars: The next frontier in corrupt election politics: Is it permissible for candidates to run ads that are outright lies?

Next week, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in another election law case. This one concerns an ad run by Susan B. Anthony List, a pro-birth organization, against Rep. Steven Driehaus. In the ad, SBA List accuses Driehaus of voting to allow taxpayer funds to be used to fund abortions, despite the last-minute protections built in to ensure that didn’t happen.


Sadly, I’m pretty sure about how the fascist five Injustices at SCROTUS (Republican Constitutional VD) will rule: IOKIYAR



Feb 062014


Here is the thirty-ninth article in our Republicans on Parade series, featuring individuals who personify what the Republican Party has become. Today’s honoree is the The entire NRCC (National Republican Congressional Committee) for stealing donations from their opponents. I received this in email.


Now this is truly insane. The National Republican Congressional Committee is tricking would-be Democratic campaign donors into making donations to defeat the candidates they support — with Republican websites that look like they could easily be the campaign pages of Democratic candidates.

If you agree that this is absolutely outrageous, please join our petition to the NRCC right now demanding that they take down the fraudulent sites AND refund the donations that have come in through them.

Unless site visitors read the fine print on the landing pages and the donation forms, it’s very easy to see how they could think these web sites were those of the Democratic candidates.

As ThinkProgress reported yesterday:

Ray Bellamy of Florida says he was tricked by the page and accidentally made a donation to the NRCC. “It looked legitimate and had a smiling face of Sink and all the trappings of a legitimate site,” Bellamy told the Tampa Bay Times. The look-alike page uses the same colors as Florida candidate Alex Sink’s campaign, with the URL sinkrocongress2014.com. Once entering information, the person is redirected to an NRCC thank-you page.

The NRCC launched the mock sites to target Democratic candidates they say are “frauds,” but if this is some sort of lame attempt at satire it’s way off the mark. It’s nothing more than a dirty trick and it’s reprehensible.

They are making a mockery of democracy and they’re swindling people. Join the petition now and tell the NRCC to stop it immediately.

Thank you for all you do.

– Alex Hart, Online Team




Republicans have weakly claimed that this does not truly represent them, but I disagree.  The NRCC is an official organ of the Republican Party.  Kudos to PFAW!!

Dec 282013

I’m writing for tomorrow and waiting for my helper friend to arrive and continue the business of moving.  It’s a slow time for news, because the people woo make it are on vacation, but with a little extra digging, I could come up with articles.

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From Upworthy: Conversations about the U.S. education system often revolve around misconceptions. Here’s some clarity.


This video makes it crystal clear that Democrats are on the right track, but every one of the Republican educational policies will make the problem worse.

From Alternet: You already know that the United States locks up a higher percentage of its population than any other country in the world. If you look at local, state and federal prison and jail populations, the United States currently incarcerates more than 2.4 million people, a figure that constitutes roughly 25 percent of the total incarcerated population of the entire world.

A population of 2.4 million is a lot – enough, in fact, to fill up a good-sized country. If the incarcerated population of the United States constituted a nation-state, what kind of country would it be?

Click through for a fascinating read on the US system if

Click through for a fascinating read on the US system if prison injustice.  Because I spend three days a month working with prisoners, I can confirm this piece.

From Crooks and Liars: As 2013 draws to close, the negotiations over the Iranian nuclear program have entered a delicate stage. But in 2014, the tensions will escalate dramatically as a bipartisan group of Senators brings a new Iran sanctions bill to the floor for a vote. As many others have warned, that promise of new measures against Tehran will almost certainly blow up the interim deal reached by the Obama administration and its UN/EU partners in Geneva. But Congress’ highly unusual intervention into the President’s domain of foreign policy doesn’t just make the prospect of an American conflict with Iran more likely. As it turns out, the Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act essentially empowers Israel to decide whether the United States will go to war against Tehran.


Contact your Senators, and tell them to oppose this. Empowering Israel over war on Iran is like empowering Republicans over war on ________. (Almost anything good will do here.)



Contrary to Republican lies, this was not handed down from the founding fathers. It was written in 1892, and the words "under God" were not added until 1954.

Aug 282013

Writing for tomorrow, day 75, I’m a bit rushed, as I have ti get ready to leave for the prison .

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From MSNBC: Gohmert started ANOTHER Conspiracy Theory

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Talk about scary. When foreign governments base their policy on the ravings of Go Go Goosestep, it shows just how dangerous Republican sedition has become.

From Bill Moyers: The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) identifies storms using a rotating list of first names. This year, for example, we could be in for a Hurricane Pablo, Rebekah or Sebastien. If these storms cause massive destruction — on the scale of what Sandy wrought last year — actual Pablos, Rebekahs and Sebastiens may feel less than appreciative of the WMO’s method.

350.org, the environmental activist group headed by Bill McKibben, has suggested an alternate method of identifying disastrous storms: Name them after the politicians who prevent action on climate change in Congress.


What an absolutely marvelous idea! Please sign the petition.

From Right Wing Watch: On his radio broadcast this afternoon, Bryan Fischer delivered a vigorous defense of Russia’s anti-gay "propaganda" law, saying that, if anything, it doesn’t go far enough.


This certainly indicates that Russia is now a Republican Reich.



Aug 262013

On rare occasions, I actually get to say something good about a Republican.  Sadly that usually happens only when the Republican is one that the others hate.  That said, Colin Powell visited the Totalitarian Corporate Plutocracy of McCrorystan and blasted the state for its racist policies right to TeaFuhrer McCrory’s face!

26PowellFormer Secretary of State Colin Powell was the keynote speaker at the CEO Forum in Raleigh, North Carolina, Wednesday evening. After introductory remarks, Republican Gov. Pat McCrory left the stage to listen to the retired general from the audience. Last month, McCrory signed into law new voter restrictions that will make it harder for the poor, disabled, student and minority voters to cast ballots. He did not address the law in his remarks. Powell said:

"I want to see policies that encourage every American to vote, not make it more difficult to vote," said Powell, a Republican, at the CEO Forum in Raleigh.

"It immediately turns off a voting block the Republican Party needs," Powell continued. "These kinds of actions do not build on the base. It just turns people away." [...]

"You can say what you like, but there is no voter fraud," Powell said. "How can it be widespread and undetected?"

Powell, who served under President George W. Bush, also said the new law sends the wrong message to minority voters. "What it really says to the minority voters is … ‘We really are sort-of punishing you,’" he said…

Please join Daily Kos by urging Congress to save the Voting Rights Act by creating a new preclearance formula. [emphasis added]

Inserted from <Daily Kos>

I would rather Powell been more direct in his approach, but his meaning was still clear.  The Republican War on Voting will hurt them in the long run, and hurts us all now.

One person, One Vote!

Down with McCrorystan!


Aug 222013

Writing for tomorrow, day 69, it’s going to be a scorcher here today and tomorrow.  Tomorrow is also a day for volunteer work in prison, so do not be surprised, if I’m out of it for a day or two afterwards. 

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Short Takes:

From Alternet: On Monday, during a panel discussion about the launch of Al Jazeera America,  a Fox News political analyst [Faux Noise delinked] explained the channel’s popularity in the Arab world by claiming that most Arabs sympathize with Osama bin Laden’s efforts to kill Americans.

The Republican Reichsministry of Propaganda is guilty of projection. They are acting as though most Arabs are the ones with Republican blood lust.

From Crooks and Liars: The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence has released an ad using the 911 recordings of the Trayvon Martin shooting as the basis for a visual re-enactment. It is visceral and chilling. I physically recoiled at the point where the shot rang out as if I were standing right beside the woman on the phone…

…As much as I wish there was a way to make the point without actually having to shock people into getting it, I have to say this ad is effective and right on par with the kind of Shock Doctrine-level pro-gun ads we see from the NRA. It’s about time we started fighting this war on the same battleground instead of pretending the high road will get us there. It won’t, and the NRA wouldn’t bat an eye at running an ad with the same visceral qualities and an opposite message.

The CSGV has a website and a petition urging state lawmakers to repeal Stand Your Ground laws. It’s a start.


In a word, Amen!

From MSNBC: Christie’s New BFF: Steve Lonegan

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I wish I could have been a fly on the wall, when he and Lonegan were off camera.



Aug 112013

As I write for tomorrow, day 58, it’s 82° at my desk.  Instead of getting a thunderstorm, the sun just hit the breezeway, so my continued comfort depends on whether it stays out long enough to superheat the air trapped there.  Yesterday a church group visited the building, including the Republican Mayor of a Portland suburb.  He is a nice guy, and unlike most Republicans, he will listen.  In discussing the applicability of the Old Testament to today.  I think I frustrated him, as he told me it would be wrong for me to stone my noisy next door neighbor to death for mixing meat and dairy.  He also said that, even if I move to his town, he will not allow me to own a Canadian, although the OT authorizes it. On the down side, I fell into the donut hole yesterday.  Major ARGH!

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Short Takes:

From TPM: These days it seems no gaffe will stay hidden for long.

The recording of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) campaign manager that surfaced Thursday — you know, the “holding my nose” one — is just one among a collection of taped gaffes that have taken off in recent years.

From George Allen’s “macaca” incident to Mitt Romney’s infamous 47 percent comment, here’s a recap of some taped gaffes that the politicians themselves probably never thought would go public…

Click through for four wonderful videos of Republicans caught with a foot as deeply embedded in their mouths, as their heads are embedded up their asses.

From MSNBC: Move the Olympics to Vancouver!


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Beam those Olympics elsewhere, Mr. Sulu! Everyone, please sign the petition, I did.

From Newstimes: The still-raw emotions created by the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, and its aftermath, boiled over here Friday, as gun rights supporters poured into the local Starbucks, to the dismay of many.

The Church Hill Road store, normally open until 9:30 p.m. closed at 4:30 p.m. A sign posted on the front of the store said it did so "out of respect for Newtown and everything our community has been through.

For these hate-filled armed Republicans to pull an "open carry" event in Newtown demonstrates a total lack of respect for the suffering that town has undergone. Kudos to the local Starbucks there for kicking the bastards out!



Wow! Was putting them on camera a mistake or what. For a mind blowing experience, check out the 1924 election map.