trolls The rules here at Politics Plus are quite simple.

Treat the people here with respect.  If you wish to disagree, that’s fine.  Many close friends disagree with me on many issues, but we argue without fighting, name calling, insults, etc.  If you wish to insult a public figure, you may do so.  I do it myself, quite often.  Challenging ideas is OK.

If you wish to insult me, any author who may post a guest article here, anybody commenting here, or any other blogger with whom I have exchanged links in our blogroll, you will be warned.  If you still choose to ignore these standards of civility, I will block your comments.  If you continue to act like a troll, I will block your IP at the server level so you cannot even read the content here.

If you are attacked by a troll here, please do not respond in kind.  Trust me to enforce these rules.  I will.

SPAM is not welcome here.  That includes commercial SPAM, repeated blog advertisements from people who are not participants in the discussions here, and paperhanging the same links in multiple discussions.

Please post only comments that are appropriate to the topic under discussion.  We provide an Open Thread every day, where you can comment on any topic you please.

For most of you, common courtesy is so ingrained that these standards are obvious to you already.  I encourage you to post your views here.  Views from all parts of the political spectrum are welcome.  My intent is only to maintain a forum where all people will be given respect without suffering personal attacks.  The next paragraph is NOT intended for you.  It is for trolls only.

For those few suffering from the mistaken belief that an Internet connection gives you the right to behave irresponsibly without regard for the rights of others, this is my blog.  I pay for the servers.  I built it. I maintain it.  Long term readers will agree that I bend over backward to accommodate their wishes.  However, you have the right to abide by these standards, or you have the right to leave.

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