Mar 122016

I needed to take an extra Lona nap, after I had my shower and Lu left.  Two new people on my floor made so much cooking smoke that they set off the main fire alarm so I had to get up twice, about three hours apart, and prepare to be evacuated.  If that wasn’t bad enough a car alarm under my window went off four times.  Therefore I has almost no sleep.  I’m running way late.  I paid my biggest hospital bill yesterday.  I haven’t received the other two yet.  My share was $1,260.  That’s pretty damn great, when you consider that the bill was $503,154.54. Weekend hugs!

Jig Zone Puzzle:

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Short Takes:

From Upworthy: 6. Work too hard.

I see this from would-be start-up founders and artists and writers every day. They talk about hustling 18 hours a day. They tell you they’ve worked every weekend, every night. They buy into the fallacy that letting your work rule every waking moment is the only way to be successful.

“I’ll sleep when I’m dead.”

“It’s all part of the hustle.”

“You can start up or rest. You can’t do both.”

This is all a complete fabrication. It’s been propagated by the insane work schedules of a small percentage of billionaire founders and visionary creatives who were able to function on a fraction of sleep every night.

They are the exception. You are the rule. If you choose to work too hard once and you burn out, that’s an awesome opportunity to learn. But you have to learn from it. You have to learn that trying to maintain that level of skewed work-life balance is rarely going to work for you. [emphasis original]

This is the sixth if six mistakes we all need to make at least once in order to learn from them and grow. Click through for the other five. Personally, I’ve made far more than these six.

From Addicting Info: The Houston Police Department and Texas Rangers are investigating after a gun nut opened fire on the office of Democratic state Senator John Whitmire a day before President Obama is scheduled to speak in Austin.

Early Thursday morning around 12:30am, a shooter fired several rounds into the two-story office. “There are bullet slugs everywhere,” Whitmire said. “One lodged in a framed picture. It’s pretty amazing.”

Whitemire, a gun control advocate, surmised that the weapon used in the attack was an AR-15 because the bullets were .223 caliber. No one was harmed in the shooting but Whitmire and his staff along with law enforcement officials are taking the incident seriously.

“We’ll take precautions. But it’s part of the job, unfortunately, in this day and time,” Whitmire said. “They are checking in this general area to see if anyone else received any gunfire. We don’t know yet. I don’t know yet.”

He had better be careful. Republican Ammosexuals are dangerous. Don’t forget that shots were fired into Gabby Gifford’s office, shortly before a Republican Ammosexual, inspired by Bloody Bullseye Barbie, critically wounded Gabby and murdered and maimed several more people.

From Alternet: The rollout for Robert Greenwald’s new documentary, "Making a Killing: Guns, Greed and the NRA," is targeting pastors, politicians, domestic violence counselors, African American leaders and others angry over the high body counts and broken lives that have shaken cities and seeped across the heartland.

The film, which premieres Tuesday, will be shown for free in church basements, colleges and state capitals and later will be available on Facebook, YouTube and other outlets. The distribution campaign mixes old-school activism with the vast reach of social media, a strategy Greenwald’s Brave New Films used on previous films that skewered Fox News, the Koch brothers, Wal-Mart and President Obama’s drone program.

Releasing "Making a Killing" in an election year that is reshaping American politics is an attempt to spur audiences to protest the National Rifle Assn. and pressure lawmakers for stricter gun regulations.

I have no doubt that this film will deserve an Oscar. In case I miss it, please give me a heads up when this hits YouTube. I’ll embed it.



Feb 122016

It’s another busy day.  Jeannie (shower-aide), Arvilla (PT) and Tracey (OT) have come and gone.  This is my last day with all three of them.  I will miss them.  They have taught me a lot.  Starting on the 26th, I’ll go out for  PT/OT on the 2nd and 4th Friday of every month.

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Patty Monster:

We have not seen our beloved Patty Monster for some time, so when the Squatch mentioned it yesterday, I sent Patty an email. Here is her reply.

Hi Tom.

So sorry i’ve been AWOL. I’ve just been busy around here and trying to limit my computer time.

I promise that I will show up again from time to time if for nothing else but the crossword puzzle.

Keep up the good fight. I still am!

My love and hugs to you all! Patty

Short Takes:

From Alternet: Soviet Jews: “The emigration of Jews from the Soviet Union is not an objective of American foreign policy. And if they put Jews into gas chambers in the Soviet Union, it is not an American concern. Maybe a humanitarian concern.” (link)

This is the first of ten Inhuman and typically Republican quotes from Henry Kissinger, whom Hillary praised last year, Click through for the other nine.

From Crooks and Liars: Oh, Ted. What have you done now? First you approved an attack ad against Donald Trump that creepily used children chanting "eminent domain" and for an encore, you’ve done, what?

BarF Bag Alert!!


The woman Uranus Inspector picked for the above commercial, Amy Lindsey, is a soft porn star. Perhaps he needs to turn his TRUS down a notch or three.  Bwahahahahaha!!


From The Guardian: Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders next square off in the Nevada caucuses. Who’s ahead there? Who knows – there’s not much polling. The Real Clear Politics average uses two polls in the last four months and shows Clinton up 20.

But hold the phone: a new poll by a TargetPoint, a Republican polling firm, conducted for the Washington Free Beacon finds – a tie! at 45-45.

That should be interesting!



Feb 032016

Today is another relatively busy day.  I have a grocery delivery coming to put away, volunteer editing to do, meals to prepare, and my helper friend coming to help me wash and change the sheets on my hospital bed.  I did managed to get a full night’s sleep last night, and I needed it.  I still feel tired today.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

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Short Takes:

From Upworthy: Take a minute to celebrate and discover these 25 black "firsts" from the last 25 years.

1. First African-American woman to win the Academy Award for Best Actress: Halle Berry (2002)


It’s Black History Month. I shared the first Black “first” listed. Click through for the other twenty-four.

From NY Times: The state-appointed emergency manager of the Detroit Public Schools, who had also managed the city of Flint and oversaw its decision to draw its water from the Flint River, resigned on Tuesday, the day before a congressional committee hearing in Washington on Flint’s water.

Michelle Zdrodowski, a spokeswoman for Detroit Public Schools, said the manager, Darnell Earley, had declined to testify before a panel investigating the widespread contamination of Flint’s tap water after the city switched its water source, which led to elevated blood lead levels throughout the city.

On Tuesday evening, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee issued a subpoena for Mr. Earley to testify on Wednesday, but his lawyer, A. Scott Bolden, said Mr. Earley would not be able to appear.

I’m glad this Republican race-traitor lost his job. Rachel Maddow explains why the Republican House hearings are just a smoke screen to protect Sturmbannführer Snyder. 

I bet a fiver against a donut that the goose-stepping, sham committee will blame it on Obama or Hillary.

From Crooks and Liars: Rand Paul, the libertarian-minded freshman senator who was once viewed as a formidable presidential contender, is suspending his White House bid on Wednesday, several sources close to Paul told CNN.


I was happy to see that the Clown Car had barfed Upchuck Huck. I’m equally happy to see that it puked Idiot, Son of Idiot, Named after Idiot!



Jan 292016

I should never have changed the channel.  See today’s Open Thread to learn why I wish I’d been wearing George.  Clown Car Destruction Derby VII was a debate that reflected  the century.  Unfortunately, it was the 19th century, and the Republicans reflected only its low points.  Unless they are successful at undermining the tattered remains of this Republic, that American apathy has allowed Republicans to shred, and establishing a Republican Reich, in which predetermined elections exist for show only, we may be watching the implosion of the Republican Party.


Things felt a lot more predictable in the Republican debate Thursday night in Des Moines, Iowa, without the party’s bombastic front-runner.

Real estate mogul Donald Trump made good on his promise not to show up for the debate after feuding with Fox News over its moderators, a risky move just days before Iowa’s caucuses kick off the election season next week. But Trump’s opponents made sure he was not forgotten.

“I’m a maniac, and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat and ugly,” Texas Senator Ted Cruz said at the debate’s outset. “And now that we’ve got the Donald Trump portion out of the way…”

Trump’s absence meant less ad-hominem attacks, but also a lot less spontaneity. Most of the exchanges felt familiar, a rehashing of many of the same disputes seen in previous debates. Cruz once again attacked his Senate colleague, Florida Republican Marco Rubio, for flip-flopping on immigration when he worked on a failed bipartisan reform plan. Rubio, in turn, critiqued Cruz for not supporting defense budgets in the Senate.,,

Inserted from <Newsweek>

The following is a complete list of statements that reflect competence.

[end of list]

The following is a complete list of good ideas.

[end of list]

The following is a complete list of statements that reflect integrity.

[end of list]

The following is a complete list of interesting statements.

[end of list]

I would include a complete list of lies told but I do not have the Craig super-computer needed to format a collection that asymptotically approaches infinity in length,

In my goodness and mercy, I shall not assault you with video of Clown Car Destruction Derby VIII

Fortunately for Iowa, there were other events that day.

Hillary attended a rally in Newton, Iowa.

And, saving the best for last, Bernie, with Susan Serandon, attended a rally in Fairfield, Iowa.

May one of the two be our next President!

Jan 232016

Yesterday Arvilla (PT) worked me hard.  We needed to ascertain whether I could support myself well enough with a quad-cane to make transfers to a doctor’s table, a barber chair, a toilet without handicapped rails, etc.,  when I’m out and about, so I don’t have my walker for transfers.  It worked well.  I also tired myself out, so today, I’m taking a much needed rest day.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

today’s took me 2:44 (average 4:16).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From The New Yorker: Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin continued to air her grievances against President Obama on Friday, telling an audience at a Trump rally in Iowa that Obama was “single-handedly to blame” for her defeat in the 2008 general election.

“Like a lot of American families, we Palins had big plans and dreams—in this case, regarding me becoming Vice-President,” she said. “But you know who had to go and ruin those plans and dreams? President Obama.”

Palin said that Obama insured her defeat in 2008 “just like he has defeated so many other great Americans,” and that her family had paid the price.

“I can’t help thinking that, if I had been elected Vice-President, Bristol and Willow wouldn’t have gotten into that drunken brawl and Track wouldn’t have threatened his girlfriend and whatnot,” she said. “Thanks, Obama.”

Andy sure understands Bloody Bullseye Barbie!

From NY Times: A massive winter storm that threatens to dump two feet of snow on the nation’s capital began pummeling the East Coast on Friday afternoon, as millions of people from the Carolinas to New York braced for a weekend of severe winds, power losses and coastal flooding. Thousands of flights were canceled; governors and mayors warned people to stay indoors and off the roads.

Governors in at least 10 states declared states of emergency, and travel was disrupted in at least five major airport hubs, with 6,300 flights canceled on Friday and Saturday and 4,675 more delayed. In North Carolina, more than 114,000 homes lost power. The Washington region’s mass transit system took what an official called an “exceedingly rare” step of shutting down for the weekend.

Cities from Nashville to New York started emergency operations to respond to what the National Weather Service deemed a “potentially crippling winter storm.” In Virginia, where snow began falling Friday morning in the southern part of the state, Gov. Terry McAuliffe put 700 National Guard members on standby; by Friday evening, hundreds of accidents had been reported. In Baltimore, shelters added hundreds of extra beds to accommodate the homeless.

To you, who are in the path of this fossil-fuel weather, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Please be careful and stay safe.

From Crooks and Liars: Oops! Trump Campaign Runs Veterans Ad Featuring Russian Soldiers


I bet Vladimir Putin (R-RU), aka GOP Pootie, hopes Hateful Hairball wins, so his vets get US taxpayer money!



Dec 312015

I decided that after spending so much time on the negativity of US politics, I wanted to finish the year with some positive notes.  So here are 6 short takes that made me feel good, and I hope they will do the same for you!

Happy New Year!


The Province — Two children seized from their British Columbia home on Christmas Eve weren't overlooked by Santa thanks to a couple of Mounties and a businessman.

RCMP in the Interior city of Trail say the constables visited a local home on Thursday to check on the well-being of five- and nine-year-old girls.

The visit resulted in a social worker with the Ministry of Children and Family Development apprehending the children and taking them to a foster home at 10 p.m.

santa and sleigh

So Santa has a bigger wardrobe than just that red suit with chimney soot on it!  Click through for the rest of the story.

Upworthy — No matter where he is in the world, Santa Claus appears to be a popular guy.

Case in point: His recent visit to a shelter for migrants and refugees in Sarstedt, Germany, on Christmas Eve. The facility has been a temporary home for those from war-torn Syria and Afghanistan.

Santa's pit stop there shows that, regardless of where they are in the world, children go through the same stages of excitement when Santa comes to town.

Click through for more pictures of Santa's visit to a refugee centre in Germany.

The Province — When Erin Barrett decided to take her personal battle with ovarian cancer to Facebook, she had no idea her message about the “silent killer” would travel the world and be shared more than 240,000 times.

“It made me sort of a bit anxious putting it out in public like that — I’m a very private person,” the 35-year-old Vancouver mother of two told The Province, as she sat waiting for her third and final chemotherapy appointment at the B.C. Cancer Agency on Tuesday.

But Barrett felt a “moral and ethical responsibility” to post about the disease, because she considers herself lucky for being diagnosed at stage one — most women don’t get the diagnosis until stage three or four, when it’s often too late.

She was diagnosed early because she was in “overwhelming pain” during her second pregnancy, so her doctor ordered some scans. On Sept. 21 he found the tumour, which was “bigger than a volleyball.”

erin barrettErin Barrett cuddles her daughter Edie, born on Sept 24.

Three days later they delivered her daughter Edie while also removing Barrett’s left ovary, Fallopian tube and the nearly six-pound tumour.

Thinking beyond herself in hopes of helping others.  Her reward, not that she was looking for one, was a show of support from people around the globe!  Click through for the rest of the story.

CBC — A recent strong solar storm is expected to give Canadians across the country a special New Year's Eve northern lights show.

The aurora's swirling colours may light up night skies as far south as 50 degrees geomagnetic latitude, says the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. This means that cities along the Canada-U.S. border and farther north might get a chance to see the display.

northern-lights saskatchewanPhotographer and tornado hunter Greg Johnson took this photo in Saskatchewan. The photo was taken at night, and the lights seen are the from the full moon and aurora borealis. 

northern lights finland


northern lights norwayNorway

northern lights alaskaAlaska

northern lights icelandIceland

It doesn't get much more beautiful than this! The first time I was the northern lights was in the summer of 1960 in central Ontario.  I have seen them many times since, especially when I lived in the north . . . almost a daily occurrence especially during the winter where the light reflects off the snow.

Huffington Post — "Some teacher reflexes never cease."

So said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's photographer, who captured this sweet moment between Canada's leader and a young student sitting on the steps of Parliament.

justin trudeau steps

The boy was "having a bad day while on a school visit," and Trudeau — a father of three who once worked as a French, drama, and math teacher — hunkered down for a quick heart-to-heart.

When I first saw this story, I was proud to call Trudeau my Prime Minister. Don't get me wrong, he's not perfect and I don't "worship the ground he walks on".  But he looks at the seemingly inconsequential like this boy, and takes the time to listen.  This has shown up also as he greeted refugees. The greatest gift we can give to another is our time, our heart and listening.

Upworthy — This kid has a point. About life. About relating to other human beings.

This lad is spot on!  I  am learning Persian and when I use a few words at the market or at physio, faces light up.  I have noticed the same when I greet Julio and Alberto at the grocery store in Spanish.  My pronunciation is not perfect, but I try.  It is about respect.

My Universe — 






Dec 122015

Although I am still hurting from my fall, I’m back in the saddle, albeit barely.  Groceries are coming today.

Short Takes:

From Daily Kos: Hillary has an extensive record that cannot be disputed (although people try).

This will be part one of a series that could take a lifetime to go over. Here we start with a list of portions of Hillary’s record and some of her achievements.  Feel free to discuss. I hope there are no duplicates in this batch.

As critical as I am of Hillary, I have to agree that she has done many positive things. I’ve shared five. Click through for a long list.

From NY Times: Many of the indelible images of the Middle East refugee crisis this year are haunting. There was the heart wrenching photo of Aylan Kurdi, a lifeless 3-year-old boy who drowned at sea and washed up ashore on a beach in Turkey in early September. A photographer in Greece captured the moment Laith Majid, an Iraqi refugee, walked off a deflating boat in Greece in tears, tightly clutching his son and daughter. And it’s hard to forget the spiteful Hungarian journalist who tripped a Syrian refugee carrying a child, making them stumble.

The simple but powerful words with which Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada greeted the first group of Syrians resettled under an expedited program stood in sharp contrast to the misery and monumental injustice the earlier images represent.

“You are home,” he said when the refugees disembarked in Toronto on Thursday after a 16-hour flight from Beirut. To a man holding a toddler wearing a headband with flowers, he repeated the sentiment: “Welcome to your new home.”

Kudos to Canada. They got rid of their Republicans, Harper and his harlots. We could be like Canada, if we would flush ours!

From Think Progress: Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D) likely knew that there was unreleased video evidence of Officer Jason Van Dyke killing 17-year-old Laquan McDonald within 50 days of the shooting, internal emails obtained by NBC Chicago indicate.

The emails show Emanuel staffers discussing the existence of dashcam video of the killing in early December of last year, as Emanuel’s re-election effort was entering the home stretch. The city sought to suppress the video for over a year before a judge forced Chicago to release it to the public last month. In the early weeks after the killing, police insisted McDonald had lunged at Van Dyke with a knife — something the video proves to be untrue.

I’ve said it before, so I’ll repeat: Rahmbo must go!



Made in 2012, before I coined the term SCROTUS (Republican Constitutional VD).

Nov 302015


In politics it is said, that when not fueled by hope there is a vacuum for fear to fill.  Since artists turn to the muses, Clio, Euterpe, Thalia, Melpomene, Terpsichore, Erato, Polymnia, Ourania and Calliope we are exploring what they can offer us for inspiration to have the hope fueling politics.  Last week we were in the wake of Paris; this week we follow two violent events on American soil (covered in other threads) in Minneapolis and in Colorado Springs yet do not hear near the cacophony of voices loudly urging actions to keep Americans safe.  We also follow the holiday most associated with gratitude in the U.S.: Thanksgiving.  One Thanksgiving email I received began with this quote: “I saw…that there was an ocean of darkness and death; but an infinite ocean of light and love…flowed over the ocean of darkness.” — Journal of George Fox (1647)

Then continued withIt can be hard to look into the darkness we find all too easily today: in the suffering and fear of so many, in the cycles of violence. Yet, when we come together with compassion, understanding, and openness, we find the Light in dark places.” It was from the Friends Committee on National Legislation.

Calliope is considered the strongest of the nine and imposes serenity.  Researchers have been exploring this area and one finding that goes with post-Thanksgiving is:


Gratitude can be transformative:gratitude

“The Thanksgiving holiday began, as the name implies, when the colonists gave thanks for their survival and for a good harvest. So perhaps November is a good time to review the mental health benefits of gratitude — and to consider some advice about how to cultivate this state of mind.”

“Recently scientists have begun to chart a course of research aimed at understanding gratitude and the circumstances in which it flourishes or diminishes. They’re finding that people who practice gratitude consistently report a host of benefits:

  • Stronger immune systems and lower blood pressure;
  • Higher levels of positive emotions;
  • More joy, optimism, and happiness;
  • Acting with more generosity and compassion;
  • Feeling less lonely and isolated.”

Anyone want to join me in giving thanks (just in case)?  Has it become harder to connect with gratitude when people have a lower standard of living than their parents did or they themselves did 10 years ago (e.g., stagnant wages, retirement accounts wiped out, foreclosure and/or the hidden housing bubble: )?

Sometimes children see things more clearly:

Staying with science, let us hear from Ourania (astronomy) via :“In a 2-minute elevator speech, a NASA scientist shares his greatest hope for the future of earth.”

Didn’t he make it crystal clear and easy to understand—did he also communicate hope?*

One thing events in Paris affected was people’s plans with COP 21 Nov. 30th-Dec. 11th…I’ve seen one group that is collecting photos of people holding empty shoes to represent people who would’ve been marching in Paris to address climate change.  Greenpeace is matching individuals who would’ve marched in France with someone marching in another country…the resilience to this purpose in this one (check out the video) is it an example of what Dr. Rignot said was our hope?  Is it a love Erato might claim?

Does it inspire faith and hope as people persist despite changed circumstances?


Clio (guitar) helps us think out of the box with this one and expand our vision of possibility (video):

And Thalia (architecture) might help us get creative (picture gallery):

Erato might claim this kind of love, too:


Can’t the world always use more love?  Is it always the answer?


And thank you dear reader for joining me on this journey of discovery!


*Note: Physics is the one field where research questions with answers using statistics often have no error rate so results are not a probability of truth/fact on the subject but are actually the truth or fact of the matter.

If you missed the first installment of this series and would like more information about the muses by reading it:

Oct 252015

This essay comes from a friend of a friend.  I do not know who she is.  However, I have heard many stories from people who believed in the criminal justice system in this country, until they or a member of their family learned first hand that their experience was the polar opposite of what they had believed.  This is one mother’s reaction to such an experience.

July 26, 2015

0816thematrixWhat I want people to know is what I’ve learned over the past two years – how my life is upside down both philosophically and emotionally. Philosophically, because what I learned, believed about our justice system is just thrown under the bus. I am angry. Angry at people who are charged with our wonderful, ideal system and have perverted it and made us all accomplices in torture and harm. We were standing shoulder to shoulder with prison guards who abuse prisoners; DAs and police who lie, who give up honesty and integrity to convict.

We became part of the problem. Only we didn’t even realize there was a problem. They lie. They suck us in to be their accomplices. We asked no questions. We believed them. No. We believed the idea of a system. We believed they were the embodiment of truth. They kept us safe from people who would harm us, who were really terrible people.

But what do they do? “Lose” evidence, lie to protect themselves, serve as judge and jury to convict whom they have decided is guilty. Screw looking at evidence. How did they get to the place where they are in such a hallowed system of our country, protecting our country’s ideals, being the keeper for those ideals and now corrupting those ideals.

Am I naïve? Not now. Was I? Yes. But I’m in the company of the majority of our country. I listen over and over and OVER again to “I had no idea how this system works! I was shocked to learn how it really works.” Problem is – no one does know until it happens. No one believes until it does happen.

I’m angry that I was blindsided. Is it my fault? Should I have known better? WHY SHOULD I!?!! Where’s the disconnect here? That our system as taught to high-schoolers is just too much of a fairy tale? I should know better than to believe such a fairy tale could actually work? Are the people in the justice system just laughing at me for being so naive?

Or is the disconnect in how people have subverted the ideal? The people who have gotten used to having it their way? People who have decide they are smarter than tedious “truth and justice” and will improve a hopelessly naïve system?

Are we in The Matrix*? They have created this fake world that they’ve sold us on that every thing is right in our world, that they have the knowledge and expertise to keep it the ideal it is.

But behind their words and assurances that create the perfect illusion is a world of crumbling, moldy, derelict laws. A blighted world wildly out of control with more and more laws, penalties, and incarcerations for longer and longer times. A world destroyed with smoking embers, blown out, burned down buildings, haunted people. Out of sight behind the illusion they create with their paternalistic, mesmerizing lies! Do we choose to believe their lies because it’s just easier? No! I think we believe because we truly believe that they are the pillars of our justice system. We hear their excuses—which they call “reasons”—and that reinforces what we already instinctively believe.

But now pieces of their façade may be cracking. Can they hold it together and continue to make us believe their fake world? We know what is really behind their world of “safety, justice and truth”. We’ve seen and heard the destroyed lives, the money taken from society and spent to warehouse people and then return wasted people with wasted lives and difficult options. The LIES – The harm – The self-supporting arguments.

What will it take to bring down the phony façade of a tough on crime, retribution, vengeance model of justice and return us to where most people already think we are: convicting wrong-doers but with consideration of mitigating or extenuating circumstances, incarcerating only people who are a threat and then rehabilitating them so they can live as successful citizens. Giving people a chance to pay for their crime and then re-joining society. Being humans helping humans.

My passion. I want people to know what I’ve learned. I want to shock them awake to what our criminal justice system has become. No, ladies and gentlemen, it is not what you believe it is.

Unfortunately, most of you will never really find that out. No, it’s not fortunate that you will never have a loved one, or yourself, caught up in this horrible system. It’s not fortunate that you’ll never have an accusation made at you of something you never did. It’s not fortunate that you get to keep living oblivious to how our criminal justice system has lost its way in mandatory sentencing. Because unless you are unfortunate enough to have personal contact with this devastating system, you won’t try to do something about it.

(From Wikipedia: The Matrix movie depicts a dystopian [an imaginary community or society that is undesirable or frightening] future in which reality as perceived by most humans is actually a simulated reality called “the Matrix”, created by sentient machines to subdue the human population,)

Personally, I find what she has to say believable and compelling.