Oct 172016

Here are the results of our “Debate Performance” poll.  Politics Plus Polls are not scientific, because those who respond are not balanced according to demographic categories.   Therefore, we do not accurately reflect the makeup of the US population.  Nevertheless, our polls are usually factually accurate, and more often than not, they reflect thinking or will of the national majority.


Since our polling site no longer enables us to copy and paste your poll comments, you may read them here.

I voted "Considerable", because I saw it as the beginning of a Trump implosion that will result in enough Republican voters staying home that their down-ballot candidates will suffer as a result.

The new poll will last through election day.  Not that it does NOT ask why you prefer of for whom you will vote.  It asks who you think will win.

Oct 082016


This is Joanne’s fifth Big Mouth award.  She earned her first in September 2013, her second in March 2015, her third in May 2015, she lit up the sky on July 4, 2016. I predict there are more coming.

A denizen of Care2, she came to us from there, and is now a regular.  She’s super-smart, witty a political junky and an activist for all kinds of human rights.  I have had occasion to correspond with her, and she faces some major issues in her life with exceptional dignity and grace.

Last Autumn I appointed her to a staff position, Politics Plus Author, and this month I promoted her to Editor. One of her articles in June had more traffic than any of mine did. Please join in burying her with the praise and kudos she deserves.  Her daily comments and her articles make this a better site.

Oct 032016

Last month, all categories were down from August.  It may be because I was at less than 100%, our Sasquatch had repeated trips to the vet and our Dutch Treat was roaming the world.

Here is our latest summary:



Reported period

Month Sep 2016





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Reported period

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Year over year, 2016 is lower in every category except bandwidth.  Here is our latest demographic data from Quantcast:


They miss a ton of raw data, but among those they can identify they are a valuable source of information.  We are still mostly older, well educated, Democrats, and politically active, but we seem to have increased our incomes. I suspect an error there.  We are  about 45% male and 55% female. 

Here is our ClustrMap for 2016 YTD.


ClustrMap misses a lot of visits, because many visits can’t be easily traced to a location.  They have changed their format.  When you click the map in the left column, it shows the current month only, but they just changed their interface to allow me to pull up the YTD map.

Here are our top five articles:

Jane Smiley: Capitalist Pigs 1/17/2010 1,284
Last Week’s Insane Republican Moments 9/4/2016 267
Keith is Back! 9/15/016 249
Squatch’s Open Thread 28/06/2016 6/28/2016 248
Friday Fun – London Tube Station Revamped to Purr-mote Paws-itive Cat-titudes 9/16/2016 220

The count represents only the people who followed an external link to that specific article.  Four were from September.  Congrats to the Squatch and Nameless, both of whom had an article make the list.

Here are our top non-blog/news referrers (100 referral minimum):

Care2 2,538
Google 1,424
Stumbleupon 193
Facebook 102

Care2 is down by over 600,  Google  is down almost 300, Stumbleupon is down 17, Facebook barely made the list for the first time in ages and Google (Images) did not.

Here are our top  blog/news referrers:


We had 8 sites  with 2 or more referrals, down three from September.  Putting blogs’ links here increases the ratings of their sites, so this “linkey love” is our thank you for their support.

While optimizing the site for better performance, I discovered that our Top Commentators plugin was such a resource hog that it was increasing the time it took to load our pages by 33%, so I discontinued it.

We have 356,539 links on other websites, up considerably from September.  I expect that to decrease, because thousands of our links are over five years old, dating back to a time, when we consistently averaged over a million hits a month.  I used to have the time and energy for 7-8 articles per day. Major sites (like Care2), where I used to post links are no longer available, I’ve stopped posting links at other major sites, and I no longer visit 20 – 30 blogs per day, because I just can’t do everything I used to do.  However, as quantity has gone down, I hope quality has gone up.

As of Midnight on October 1, we have 6,858 articles and 82,835 comments.

Congrats to Mitch D.  He won a Big Mouth Award in September, for the 82,000th comment.

I recommend using your own avatar. Go to Gravatar.  Sign up using the email address you use to post comments here and upload the image you want to use as your avatar.  Whenever you comment under that email address here or on any WordPress blog (several others too), that image will become your avatar.

Your Administrators are Lynn Squance, aka Sasquatch or Squatch, SoINeedAName, aka Nameless, and I, aka TomCat, the Founder.  Your Editors are Joanne Dixon, aka JD the Erynator and Lona Goudswaard, aka Lona the Napster.  I just promoted them from Author to give them the ability to add graphics to comments and the ability to correct my innumerable typos.

This is our policy on links.  We do not embed links to extreme Republican websites, like Faux Noise, Breitfart or World Nut Daily.  However I leave notes in square brackets when I delete such links, (example: [faux noise delinked]) so readers, who wish to follow them can click through to the source article.  I also remove topical links.  Finally, I blank the target on all links, so they open in a new tab or window.  Please do so, or if you commonly leave links and don’t know how to blank the target, please say so.

Given our expanded talent, I expect to resume our overall upward trend, although my medical problems are still interfering with my writing.  One way you can help is to share our articles, not only with your family and friends, but also, on other sites, linking back to the article here.  The more exposure we get, the better we shall do at fulfilling our stated purpose, “Overcoming Right Wing Insanity One Day at a Time!”

Thank you for all that you do, here and elsewhere.  You are why we succeed!  You are the reason America can survive!!

Now lets keep kicking Republican butt!!  We have a month left!!

Remember . . .

Vote Blue for Dawg Catcher and UP!!!
Oct 012016

Here are the results of our “Despicable Trump Supporters” poll.  Politics Plus Polls are not scientific, because those who respond are not balanced according to demographic categories.   Therefore, we do not accurately reflect the makeup of the US population.  Nevertheless, our polls are usually factually accurate, and more often than not, they reflect thinking or will of the national majority.


Since our polling site no longer enables us to copy and paste your poll comments, you may read them here.

When I wrote the poll, I used synonym for deplorable, and felt that using that word might influence the poll.  I voted 60 – 70 percent.  Although the rabid Republican base are overwhelmingly racist, sexist, homophobic, and xenophobic, I think that there are millions of rank and file Republicans who are decent people, who pay absolutely no attention to politics, seldom, if ever, watch the news, watch Faux Noise when they do, and have no inkling of the evil Trump represents.  Many vote Republican out of family tradition.

There is a new poll up.  Please vote in it.

Sep 232016

I’m still trying to establish a sleeping schedule without success, so please forgive me for being brief.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 3:53 (average 4:38).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Staff Notice:

Raw Story has also started using the Republish/Reprint © widget, so we can on longer use Creative Commons Attribution with their articles.

Short Takes:

From MSN (H/T Squatch): Donald Trump’s campaign chair in a prominent Ohio county has claimed there was “no racism” during the 1960s and said black people who have not succeeded over the past half-century only have themselves to blame.

Kathy Miller, chair of the Republican nominee’s campaign in Mahoning County, who is white, made the remarks during a taped interview with the Guardian’s Anywhere but Washington series of election videos.

“If you’re black and you haven’t been successful in the last 50 years, it’s your own fault. You’ve had every opportunity, it was given to you,” she said.

I found video that can be embedded.  Barf Bag Alert!!

There was no racism, the Pope was never Catholic, and bears never, ever shit in the woods.

From Daily Kos: A couple of weeks ago, Wells Fargo agreed to pay $185 million in penalties for perpetrating a massive fraud on customers. Wells Fargo executives boasted that they had fired 5,300 workers involved in improprieties, but not a single executive was punished. In fact, executives that literally oversaw the departments where the gargantuan fraud was committed were very well compensated, and lauded. Yesterday, Wells Fargo CEO—and blame-game champion—John Stumpf went in front of a Senate Banking Committee where he was rightfully castigated by Senator Elizabeth Warren for his “gutless leadership.” Part of Stumpf’s “apology” was to say that Wells Fargo didn’t do this as much as bad apples did it. It’s a similar defense used by people who murder citizens. Well, lookie here:

Now CNNMoney is hearing from former Wells Fargo (WFC) workers around the country who tried to put a stop to these illegal tactics. Almost half a dozen workers who spoke with us say they paid dearly for trying to do the right thing: they were fired.

"They ruined my life," Bill Bado, a former Wells Fargo banker in Pennsylvania, told CNNMoney.

Bado not only refused orders to open phony bank and credit accounts. The New Jersey man called an ethics hotline and sent an email to human resources in September 2013, flagging unethical sales activities he was being instructed to do.

According to Badu, he was fired for “tardiness” eight days after sending his email to the Wells Fargo “hotline.”

It’s good that Bado and others like him were fired for noncompliance with the Banksters’ crimes. Otherwise they would have fired anyway as scapegoats. At least they get to keep their integrity.

From NY Times: The white police officer who fatally shot an unarmed black driver here last week as he stood outside his vehicle overreacted during a confrontation captured on video and was charged on Thursday with first-degree manslaughter, the authorities said.

According to court documents, the officer, Betty Jo Shelby, 42, was overcome with fear that the man, Terence Crutcher, 40, who was not responding to her commands and was walking away from her with his hands up, was going to kill her.

Charging her was necessary, because the case is so obvious. I expect we will see an intentionally botched prosecution and/or intentionally tainted evidence.



Sep 212016

I’m starting late again, but today it’s intentional.  I napped this morning, because I sleep best when it’s chilly, and because I have to stay up all afternoon.  It’s a grocery delivery day, and I have to stow them.  Later Wendy is coming to ruffle and rinse the stinky TomCat.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 4:18 (average 6:17).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Staff Notice:

Both AlterNet and Crooks and Liars have returned to insisting blogs embed their entire article using their embed widget, that includes their advertising, or pay even for a short excerpt, so we may no longer use Creative Commons Attribution.  Either use their free method or paraphrase with a link back.

Short Takes:

From The New Yorker: If Chris Christie faces prosecution for an alleged role in the so-called Bridgegate scandal, his endorsement of Donald Trump could play a crucial role in an insanity defense, legal experts believe.

Harland Dorrinson, a defense attorney who has represented many politicians in high-profile criminal cases, believes that Christie’s endorsement of Trump earlier this year could persuade a jury that the New Jersey Governor is “completely incapable of rational thought.”

“An insanity defense is always a long shot, because the bar for insanity is set very high,” Dorrinson said. “Having said that, I believe that Christie’s endorsement of Trump easily meets that standard.”

If Christie is prosecuted, his defense team is likely to show the jury footage of Trump routinely humiliating the New Jersey Governor on the campaign trail. “It will become abundantly clear that Christie endorsed Trump and received absolutely no conceivable benefit for doing so,” Dorrinson said. “Legally speaking, the only word for that is insane.”

Andy has returned to reporting again, but how about an InsaniTEA defense?

From NY Times: The Las Vegas billionaire Sheldon G. Adelson and his wife are giving more than $40 million to groups backing Republican congressional candidates, according to campaign filings and interviews with Republican strategists, disregarding repeated entreaties for support from allies of Donald J. Trump and dealing a major setback to Mr. Trump’s efforts to rally the deepest-pocketed Republican givers.

The contributions will again make Mr. Adelson and his family among the largest known donors in American politics, after several years in which they played a more subdued role in national Republican fund-raising. But Mr. Adelson’s decision to deploy his wealth down ballot, less than two months before Election Day, also reflects the reluctance of most of the biggest Republican donors to invest in their party’s standard-bearer.

Adelson’s biggest hot buttons are more welfare for the super-rich, and unqualified support for and unlimited spending on Butcher Bibi’s criminal one-state solution in Palestine. We can’t compete with his money, but we must do all we can to defeat Republicans in down-ballot races.

From TPM: Despite Donald Trump’s admission that President Obama was born in the United States, Joe Arpaio, the sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, on Tuesday pledged to continue pushing birtherism.

“I don’t care where he’s from,” Arpaio said while speaking to the Surprise Tea Party, according to the Arizona Republic. “We are looking at a forged document. Period.”

I’m so glad I left Phoenix in 1979!