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Dec 132017

When the election came, my prediction was spot-on.  I predicted that I had no idea who would win, and when the election came, I had no idea who would win.  On who did win, I could not be more pleased.  Watching the different wings of the Republican Reich sniveling and pointing fingers at each other could become addictive.  But about that horse… later.


Doug Jones, a Democratic former prosecutor who mounted a seemingly quixotic Senate campaign in the face of Republican dominance here, defeated his scandal-scarred opponent, Roy S. Moore, after a brutal campaign marked by accusations of sexual abuse and child molestation against the Republican.

The upset delivered an unimagined victory for Democrats and shaved Republicans’ unstable Senate majority to a single seat.

Mr. Jones’s victory could have significant consequences on the national level, snarling Republicans’ legislative agenda in Washington and opening, for the first time, a realistic but still difficult path for Democrats to capture the Senate next year. It amounted to a stinging snub of President Trump, who broke with much of his party and fully embraced Mr. Moore’s candidacy, seeking to rally support for him in the closing days of the campaign…  [emphasis added]

Inserted from <NY Times>

The Fuhrer actually says he knew his co-pervert couldn’t win.  That’s a load of bull, but about that horse… later.

Here is Jones’ victory speech.

Now, I know I’ll be objecting to lots of his positions and, when I do, reign me in and remind me of the alternative, and about that horse… later.

Lawrence O’Donnell covered Doug’s win and Bannon’s reaction.

Bannon is a horse’s ass, and about that horse… later.

Warren-McConnellDemocratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts called on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to seat newly elected Democratic senator, Doug Jones, “without any delay” in a Wednesday tweet.

Jones defeated his Republican opponent, accused child molester and harasser Roy Moore in the Tuesday Alabama special election for Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ former seat in the upper chamber. Warren’s tweet comes as a clear effort to reduce the slim Republican majority before the passage of major tax reform and spending legislation.

McConnell indicated the newly-elected Alabama senator would not be seated before the end of the year when asked about the timeline Tuesday.

“Sen. Strange is going to be here through the end of this session,” McConnell told reporters referencing Luther Strange, who was appointed by the Alabama Governor to occupy the seat following Sessions’ departure…

Inserted from <The Daily Caller>

Bought Bitch Mitch took the opposite position on seating Scott Brown beat Martha Coakley in the special election in 2010.  But Bought Bitch Mitch is also a horse’s ass.  And about that horse, kudos to the NY Daily News.



Dec 132017

I’m expecting Store to Door to deliver my groceries in the next ninety minutes, so unless I finish writing before they get here, I’ll break to put them away and have lunch, when they do.  WWW is coming this evening to destink the TomCat.  For those of you, who have not been to yesterday’s comment, Nameless’ mother is in the hospital for congestive heart failure.  She is doing well,and he is on his way there.  Please keep her, him, and their family in your thoughts, prayers, or however you approach the infinite.

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Short Takes:

From YouTube (RWW Channel): RWW News: Alex Jones: Trump’s Accusers Aren’t Attractive Enough To Be Believed

Barf Bag Alert!!


What Alex Jones knows about women would fit on the head of a pin with room to spare. RESIST!!

From Think Progress: Moments after calling the Alabama U.S. Senate race for Democrat Doug Jones, Fox News pondered what the defeat of Republican Roy Moore — a candidate who faced numerous credible sexual misconduct allegations — could mean for President Trump, who has himself been accused of assault by 14 women.

“Laura, to your point, I think that this is going to embolden Democrats to use this issue, specifically against this president,” host Bret Baier said, addressing Laura Ingraham’s commentary earlier in the show.

“Yeah… if they’re able to take out a Senate candidate in Alabama with these allegations, as lurid as they were, what does this mean for the umpteen number of Democrats who will inevitably come forward to urge the president to resign, the constant re-airing of the old allegations that were aired last October — October 2016 — and putting this pressure, Brit, all the way to 2018 midterm elections, the war on women redux,” Ingraham said. “I think we see this all the way through 2018.”

Barf Bag Alert!!


What ugly propaganda! I think that after having to stay in hiding for decades, abused women are out of the closet and demanding to be heard. That will not stop. RESIST!!

From The New Yorker: Moments after his stunning defeat in Alabama’s special U.S. Senate election, the Republican candidate, Roy Moore, told reporters that he was planning to cheer himself up by “heading to the mall.”

“If people think they’ve seen the last of Roy Moore, they are sorely mistaken,” a visibly devastated Moore said. “I’m going to get back up, dust myself off, and head on over to the good ol’ Gadsden Mall.”

But Moore’s plans for a rejuvenating return to his former stomping grounds hit a snag upon his arrival at the mall, where he found an impromptu victory party for the Democrat, Doug Jones, in full swing.

Adding insult to injury, security guards who recognized Moore from his mall-prowling days nabbed the disgraced Republican and hurled him from the premises.




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Viva Macron!

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Dec 122017

I grew up three blocks from the ocean and one block from the bay.  Being close to nature, I developed a special appreciation for the environment and have long had a strong desire for my world to be ecologically healthy.  I was calling for reductions in greenhouse gasses and the development of green energy, long before it became fashionable to do so.  The infestation of our White House with Dirty Donald is the worst thing that could have happened to mother earth.  It is with great pleasure that I share an act of heroism.


French President Emmanuel Macron, in a not-so-subtle jab at President Trump, has awarded long-term research grants to 18 climate scientists — 13 of them U.S.-based researchers — to relocate to France and pursue their work with the blessing of a government that doesn’t cast doubt on the threat of climate change.

The announcement Monday makes good on a pledge Macron made earlier this year after the U.S. pulled out of the Paris climate accord to offer France as a "second homeland" to climate researchers in order to "make our planet great again."

Macron’s appeal produced 1,822 applicants, nearly two-thirds from the United States. Candidates had to have a proven track record on climate research and propose a project that would take three to five years to complete. That period roughly matches Trump current term in office.

Trump has proposed cuts in federal funding for scientific research. As Macron told the winners of the French grants, "we will be there to replace" U.S. support for climate research… [emphasis added]

Inserted from <NPR>

Chris Hayes also reported on this.

Viva Macron!


Dec 122017

It took me a lot of time to do my research, because the news fixated on whether Roy Moore will pay more attention to the election or the erection.   Keep your fingers, toes, and whatever else will cross (eyes for me) crossed.

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Congrats to Vivian for winning the regular season.

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Good luck to all!

Short Takes:

From NPR: President Trump has formally told NASA to send U.S. astronauts back to the moon.

"The directive I’m signing today will refocus America’s space program on human exploration and discovery," he said.

Standing at the president’s side as he signed "Space Policy Directive 1" on Monday was Apollo 17 astronaut Harrison Schmitt, one of the last two humans to ever walk on the moon, in a mission that took place 45 years ago this week.

Since that time, no human has ventured out beyond low-Earth orbit. NASA doesn’t even have its own space vehicle, having retired the space shuttles in 2011. Americans currently ride up to the International Space Station in Russian capsules, though private space taxis are expected to start ferrying them up as soon as next year.

I’d bet a buck that Fuhrer Drumpfenfarten intends to use the moon as a weapons platform. Fortunately, whoever he puts in charge will be too incompetent to launch a fart, let alone a space mission.  RESIST!!

From Daily Kos: It’s getting worse.

Before Trump decided to enflame the Middle East, just this past week he tweeted violent, fake, racist videos and said the Access Hollywood tape was faked.

Yale psychiatrist Dr. Bandy Lee:

What we’re seeing is someone mentally falling apart. This is what we mean when someone is coming unglued or unhinged. With stress, they will be less able to tell apart what is real from what is unreal, become more bizarre and, in the case of Mr. Trump, will likely become violent. He will have thoughts and reasoning that will be hard for us to follow because he is pulled more by his internal processes, what’s going on in his head, be they fantasies, conspiracy theories or imaginary threats than what is going on in the real world.

This is our reality:

At no other time in U.S. history has a group of mental health professionals been so collectively concerned about a sitting president.

If a regular person was acting as delusional as this president—making repeated calls for violence,  denying reality, saying he never said or did things we all saw him do—we’d be compelled to take action.

Throw a net over him, give him a nice padded cell, and treat internally with a cattle prod. RESIST!!

From Alternet: The Alabama Supreme Court stepped into Tuesday’s U.S. Senate race between Republican Roy Moore and Democrat Doug Jones on Monday night by blocking a lower state court’s ruling earlier in the day that ordered election officials to take steps to preserve digital images of every ballot cast Tuesday.

In effect, the Alabama Supreme Court’s stay—or freezing—of an earlier court order to preserve the digital ballot images undermines the best-case scenario for ensuring that an accurate vote count can be verified in the controversial Senate race.

You know what they are up to. Republican courts  prevented a recount 17 years ago today.  RESIST!!




Faux Noise Cover Up

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Dec 112017

As far back as remember, there were two thinks I could count on about news from the Republican Reichsministry of Propaganda, Faux Noise.  That’s where one could find women with the biggest breasts, lowest cut dresses, highest hemlines, and willingness to put them all on display.  That’s where one could find a steady stream of Republican lies masquerading as news.  That hasn’t changed, except for one thing.  Recently it has been more extreme than normal, and directed at the people investigating Trump, especially Robert Mueller.


Former Washington Post reporter and Watergate investigative journalist Carl Bernstein said on Sunday that Fox News hosts are now President Donald Trump’s co-conspirators because they are “abetting a cover-up” by attacking special counsel Robert Mueller and undermining his investigation. said that Bernstein was appearing on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” when he said that it could be obstruction of justice or a criminal matter that the White House is hiding, but Sean Hannity, “Judge Jeanine” Pirro and others are aiding and abetting in its concealment. “It abets a cover-up because there is a cover-up going on in the White House and among Trump’s aides and former aides relating to the investigations,” Bernstein told “Reliable Sources” host Brian Stelter. “We don’t know what the cover-up is about, whether it constitutes an obstruction of justice or a criminal conspiracy at this point.”

Inserted from <Alternet>

Here’s the embedded video.

This all begs a question.  Why is this happening now?  I strongly suspect that the Mueller is closing-in on Trump to such a great extent, that the Republicans are preparing the way to kill the Mueller investigation.  Watch closely.


Dec 112017

I’m running a but late today as I had a lot of record keeping to catch up.  The air is still stagnant and upsetting my COPD, but not badly.

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Religious Ecstasy:


Would someone please make sure I’m conscious.  This is so unbelievable that I think someone spiked my coffee with wacky tobackey.

Short Takes:

From YouTube (Trae Crowder Channel): Liberal Redneck – To Hell with Roy Moore


Amen Trae. We know there’s a good South. Look at Pat, Vivian, Freya and more! RESIST!!

From YouTube (Inequality Media Channel): Why We Must Protect Net Neutrality


The Reich on the left is right.  Protect Net Neutrality!! RESIST!!

From Media Matters: Conservative news outlet The Weekly Standard has been approved by Facebook to partner in fact-checking "false news," a partnership that makes little sense given the outlet’s long history of making misleading claims, pushing extreme right-wing talking points, and publishing lies to bolster conservative arguments.

The Weekly Standard’s history of publishing false claims on topics such as the 2012 attacks on diplomatic facilities in Benghazi, the Affordable Care Act, tax cuts, and the war in Iraq, among many others, raises doubts that Facebook is taking the challenge of fact-checking seriously.

As The Guardian reports, The Weekly Standard is the first “explicitly partisan” outlet to partner with Facebook in their effort to fact-check fake news. The decision by Facebook raises concerns over the decision to give a conservative opinion outlet with a history of misinformation unearned influence over the fact-checking process.

Fascist bias is one of the reasons I don’t do Facebook. Those of you that do should make a big stink over this. RESIST!!