Liz Slams DeVos

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May 232017

For many years the Republican Party has done everything in their power to deprive poor and middle class children of their right to an education.  Then they get to spend the money educating rich kids.  Also, the ignorant are more easy to control, and the only chance Republicans have to stay in power long term is to create an electorate with no critical thinking skills, one that will react as programmed to mindless Republican propaganda.  Sadly, that is now possible, and Elizabeth Warren thinks it stinks!


Education Secretary Betsy DeVos finds herself under fire once again, this time for a proposed $10.6 billion budget cut to her department. And much as she did during DeVos’ confirmation hearing in February, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is leading the opposition.

Since January, when DeVos was handpicked for the role, "the big complaint was that this is a woman who does not believe in public education," Warren argued Monday. "Well she just proved it."

"They want to take away 22 programs that help kids K through 12," she continued…

From <Alternet>

Here’s her video.

The Trump-DeVos Budget: An All-Out Assault on America’s Kids


We must not allow this to happen.


May 232017

It’s another hot humid day, and I did not get much sleep last night.  Tomorrow and Wednesday will be cooler, but it will take a day or too for the excess heat in the interior hallways and bathrooms of the building to moderate.  After my morning Trump making on the throne at 5:45 AM, I had to change my shirt, as the one I had on was wet.  I have a reason for not covering the Manchester Arena attack.  I had MSNBC on for three hours last night through Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow, and Lawrence O’Donnell, and none of them covered any other news.  They repeated mostly the same information over and over and over again.  I would never downplay the tragic loss suffered by the dead, the injured, the traumatized and their families.  They have been in my thoughts and prayers.  However the losses from that one incident cannot begin to compare to the tragic losses of both life and human suffering that the policies Republicans have wanted for many years will bring.  Therefore, I’ll cover other things that need covering.

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Short Takes:

From YouTube (GQ Channel): This is How Low the Trump Apologists Will Stoop | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann


Republicans could not be more desperate to project their Fuhrer’s treason away. One cannot stoop lower than fronting the story with Scumbag Sean and Newtered. RESIST!!

From Daily Kos: Because he never stops being an entitled jackass:

President Trump’s first major budget proposal on Tuesday will include massive cuts to Medicaid and call for changes to anti-poverty programs that would give states new power to limit a range of benefits …

… The White House also is expected to propose changes to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, though precise details couldn’t be learned. SNAP is the modern version of food stamps …

Every penny spent to provide for the needs of sick seniors or hungry children is a penny Republicans can’t give to a billionaire. RESIST!!

From NY Times: The Trump administration, in a significant escalation of its clash with the government’s top ethics watchdog, has moved to block an effort to disclose the names of former lobbyists who have been granted waivers to work in the White House or federal agencies.

The latest conflict came in recent days when the White House, in a highly unusual move, sent a letter to Walter M. Shaub Jr., the head of the Office of Government Ethics, asking him to withdraw a request he had sent to every federal agency for copies of the waivers. In the letter, the administration challenged his legal authority to demand the information.

Mr. Shaub returned a scalding, 10-page response to the White House late Monday, unlike just about any correspondence in the history of the office, created after the Nixon Watergate scandal.

“O.G.E. declines your request to suspend its ethics inquiry and reiterates its expectation that agencies will fully comply with its directive,” Mr. Shaub wrote in a letter he also sent to every federal agency ethics officer, six members of Congress who oversee government operations and the inspector generals from agencies governmentwide. “Public confidence in the integrity of government decision making demands no less.”

Kudos to Schaub and O.G.E. RESIST!!



May 222017

I figure I can get this started before leaving to my Oncologist and finish up when I return.  This is today’s only article.

I was very pleased with my Oncologist.  His preventive strategy is exactly what I wanted and expected.  I’ll set up the cat scans and his office will call me the next day with the results. Here he is.

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Short Takes:

From NY Times: A large crowd of students walked out of the Notre Dame commencement ceremony on Sunday in protest of the speaker, Vice President Mike Pence, who delivered a speech that mixed platitudes about bright, dream-filled futures with a lengthy rebuke of political correctness on college campuses.

As several dozen students in caps and gowns quietly exited the graduation ceremony, the vice president praised Notre Dame, one of the nation’s most prominent Catholic universities, as “a vanguard of freedom of expression and the free exchange of ideas…

…The protest began as Mr. Pence began his remarks at Notre Dame Stadium in South Bend, Ind., where degrees were conferred on 2,081 students. Online video of the ceremony showed a large number of young people filing out of the stadium as the vice president began to congratulate the graduates and their families. Around them, the audience erupted into a mixture of boos and applause.

Kudos to the students. Follow their example. RESIST!!

From Daily Kos: 26 Year Old H.S. Teacher Wins Primary Against Democratic PA. Mayor Who Backed Trump.

Click Through for details. Kudos! Wonderful!! This, not voting for Russia’s tools like Jill Stein, is how to RESIST!!

From Washington Post: U.S. Rep. Al Green said the phone calls came in not long after he called for the impeachment of President Trump.

“Hey, Al Green, we got an impeachment for you. It’s going to be yours,” one caller said. “Was actually gonna give you a short trial before we hang your n—– ass.”

“You’re not going to impeach anybody, you f—— n—– … You’ll be hanging from a tree,” another one said. “I didn’t see anybody calling for the impeachment of your n—– Obama when he was born in Kenya. He’s not even an American. So f— you, n—–.”

Aha! Reaching out to minorities, the way Republicans do it. I bet AG KKK Beauregard squealed with hooded glee! RESIST!!



2017 Pact of Shit between Trump and Putin.

May 212017

I seem to be spending most of my time documenting Trump scandals involving his status as Putin's [R-RU] Pervert Pawn, and that is a full time job!  However, there is one area in which Trump's performance is as bad as it is for treason: incompetence.  The following article by Jefferson Morley lists and documents six things the Fuhrer does not know about his job.


For President Trump's admirers, his disregard for the traditional ways of Washington is just his way of getting things done. “To the new president, Washington niceties are cobwebs on a summer porch, distracting, inconvenient, in the way of his higher purposes,” writes Robert Charles on Town Hall.

But in the past week, Trump’s “higher purposes” have been all but eclipsed, by a week of low deeds that mired his already embattled presidency in a swamp of dysfunction. He fired former ally James Comey as FBI director, all but admitted obstruction of justice by saying he acted to end the FBI investigation into his dealings with Russia, and then shared classified information with the Russian foreign minister. Along the way, he contradicted his own aides’ explanations of his actions, confirming that White House statements cannot be trusted. 

All of a sudden, the cobwebs of Washington seem more like spiderwebs, and Trump resembles nothing so much as the fly who can’t extricate himself from its sticky strands.

What Charles calls “niceties” are, in fact, a set of laws and customs that empower and constrain the American president. Imagining that these arrangements are liberal trickery, Trump thinks what he has thought all along: that he can ignore them and achieve his goals.

That was true when his goal was winning the presidency. Now that he is trying to deliver action for his voters and allies in Congress, Trump is learning the price of ignorance: he cannot achieve his “higher purposes" because he doesn't understand the nature of his job.

1. The president is not a CEO.

Trump seems to believe what UN Ambassador Nikki Haley told ABC’s “This Week": “The president is the CEO of the country. He can hire and fire whomever he wants. That’s his right."

Actually, the president is not the chief executive officer of the government. Unlike a corporate CEO, Trump has no ownership rights in the enterprise he runs, the federal government. The executive branch is not a family business, despite Jared Kushner’s determination to give Chinese investors a different impression.

The president does have the right to fire the director of the FBI, but the Bureau’s employees do not work for the president. As James Hohmann of the Washington Post notes, FBI agents swear to uphold the U.S. Constitution, not serve the president. The Bureau’s website explains why:

“It is significant that we take an oath to support and defend the Constitution and not an individual leader, ruler, office, or entity. … A government based on individuals — who are inconsistent, fallible, and often prone to error — too easily leads to tyranny on the one extreme or anarchy on the other. … The American colonists were all too familiar with the harmful effects of unbalanced government and oaths to individual rulers.”

In other words, the authors of the U.S. Constitution wanted to make sure the president was not a king or a CEO. Oblivious to this historical truth, Trump fired FBI director Comey, transforming a man who helped him get elected into an enemy who now wants to go public.

From <Alternet>

I shared just the first of six things listed.  Click through for the other five.  My favorite is 6.

May 212017

83° is forecast today, and the humidity is now 88%.  The sun hit my window at 7:00, and by 8:00, the wall had heated up enough to make me turn on the AC for the day.  Wendy will be here in about 30 minutes, so before I finish writing, I’ll be breaking from this until after lunch.  Tomorrow, please expect no more than a Personal Update.  I will be consulting with an Oncologist about annual exams to make sure my malignant choroidal melanoma, now in remission after radiation, did not metastasize to other parts of my body.  I expect that he will set up thoracic and abdominal Cat Scans with contrast.  That’s where they inject the dye and make me drink half a gallon of cat pee. 

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Short Takes:

From YouTube (SNL Channel): Hallelujah Cold Open


Apologies to Canadians. Laugh. Then RESIST!!

From The New Yorker: In a notable shift of public opinion, a substantial majority of Americans now favor a travel ban on a person who has recently visited a Muslim country, a new poll shows.

According to the poll, if such a person travelled to a country in the Middle East, for example, he should be subjected to extreme vetting before he is allowed to return to the United States.

If, in the course of such vetting, the person is found to have recently engaged in activities to undermine or even destroy American democracy in collaboration with a foreign enemy, he should be barred forever from entering the U.S., poll respondents agreed.

Amen Andy! What a fabulous idea! RESIST!!

From The Washington Post: Democrats are heading into the homestretch of three special elections over the next month amid a national frenzy over the investigation into the possible connections of President Trump’s 2016 campaign and Russian interference in the election.

Yet in all three races, Democrats have made a tactical decision not to turn the contests into a referendum on Trump’s alleged scandals and instead are focusing on policy decisions by the president and congressional Republicans.

Democratic strategists privately say that this might be the recurring theme through the November 2018 midterm elections. Democrats say that they have learned a lesson from the 2016 elections, in which House Democratic candidates relentlessly focused their campaigns on trying to tie Republican incumbents to the personal scandals of Trump or some of his more outlandish policy statements.

Trump is just the worst symptom of the Republican disease. Therefore, I think this is a good strategy, with the caveat that demonstrating what Republicans are doing wrong is not enough. We must also present our own policy alternatives, and convince voters that those alternatives are the best ones possible. RESIST!!




Bill Maher from May 19

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May 202017

It’s that time of week again, and I’m happy to share three excellent video clips from Bill’s show last night.  Enjoy!!

President Batshit At It Again


That’s right!  LOL! Even Monica Lewinski wants to tell Batshit that he blew it in the Oval Office,

I Don’t Know if For a Fact


I don’t know it for a fact, but Bill’s Republican interview was to kind for me to embed it.

New Rule: Orange Sphincter to the Rescue


May all the idiots who believe in Orange Sphincter find themselves between him and a full Russian prostitute. You be a superhero.  How?