Jul 262016


All things considered the Democratic National Convention kicked off to a positive start, despite some poorly coordinated attempts at disruption by regressives, who were acting in opposition to Bernie;s wishes and request.  The night would down to the three main speakers: Michelle Obama, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders.  Each of them outperformed all the speakers at the Republican Hate Festival last week.

First was Michelle.

My first response was, "I sure feel sorry for the person who has to follow that!"  Then I remembered why I didn’t have to worry.  It was Elizabeth Warren.

Many wanted Liz to be chosen for VP.  I did not.  The job of the VP is to go ONLY wherever told to go, to do ONLY whatever told to do, to say ONLY whatever told to say, and NOT to make waves.  I just don’t want that kind of a muzzle put on Liz!  At last Bernie spoke.

Bernie made it clear that he does not intend to give Hillary the nomination by unanimous consent, as she did for Obama in 2008.  I’ve seen some commentators suggest that Bernie is hurting party unity by not doing so.  I disagree.  Bernie and his supporters achieved a stellar accomplishment to come as close as they did, and they have earned the right to show the world just how close they came.  Casting their votes at the convention should also give his supporters closure.  Then those that truly are his supporters will follow his lead in good conscience and throw their support behind Hillary.  Those that do not, never were his supporters, with the rare exceptions of those few, who are also long term active members of another party and are returning there.

Jul 262016

Yesterday’s appointment with my Prosthetist went, well.  George seems more stable and my knee is healing.  When I returned home, I tackled that insurance snafu.  The fifth person to whom I spoke was the Billing Manager of the Radiation Oncologist, whose bill had been denied.  He said that they do have an approved referral, that there must be an error in the paperwork, and that he will get it approved.  That was almost painless.  Then I had to attend a community meeting  for Fair Market residents in my building.  And then I watched the convention.  That made George very nervous, and I has to assure him that this one is completely different from Rump Dump and his Rectumites.  Other than my normal chores, I have no more appointments this week.  That’s a good thing because it’s very hot and muggy.  Temperatures in the high 80°s and low 90°s are forecast for the next ten days and the humidity is sitting at 77%.

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Short Takes:

From Raw Story: [B]ernie Sanders fired up his supporters at the Democratic National Convention on Monday afternoon — until he mentioned the need to elect Hillary Clinton.

While Sanders drew cheers when he trashed Donald Trump during his address, the audience erupted into boos when he said that “we have got to elect Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine.”


How disgusting! If those regressives truly backed Bernie, they would follow his lead, not boo him for telling the truth. Shame on those hypocrites!

From YouTube (MoveOn): Party of Trump: David Duke, KKK and White Supremacy

Barf Bag Alert!!


What’s the different between the GOP and KKK? Anymore, not a damn thing!!

From Comedian Sarah Silverman took the stage at the Democratic National Convention and announced that she “feels the Bern — but not to worry, she put some cream on it.” She later attacked those who, unlike her, refused to recognize that they’d be betraying what Sanders stood for if they don’t support Clinton.

Clearly frustrated by the chorus of boos and shouts from Sanders supporters, Silverman snapped: “Can I just say to the ‘Bernie or Bust’ people — you’re being ridiculous.”


That may be the best line to date.

From Miami Herald: After quitting her national Democratic Party leadership role amid furor over thousands of leaked emails, U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz now faces the political battle of her lifetime back home in South Florida.

Wasserman Schultz resigned as Democratic National Committee chairwoman Sunday, strengthening the hand of her primary opponent, Tim Canova — who saw a huge fundraising boost and national media attention following her decision.

While the Weston congresswoman spent Monday morning getting heckled by protesters in Philadelphia at her first public appearance since her resignation, Canova was in the district giving interviews to local TV stations, Univision and The Daily Beast — and meeting with constituents.

In light of recent events, I fully endorse Tim Canova for Congress, and feel we should urge Jo Biden to cancel his planned fundraising event on behalf of Wasserman Schultz.  I trust the petition mavens among you will find the links for that.  There should be no place in the Democratic Party for Debbie Wasserman Schultz.



Jul 252016

I hoped to have time for some short takes, but when I return from my Prosthetist, I have a medical mess to clean up.  Between my Ocular Oncologist, my Radiation Oncologist, and my substitute Primary Care doctor, they neglected to get the referral paperwork filled out for the Radiation Oncologist to make the plaque that was inserted behind my eye, so my claim was denied.  Now I have to figure out who needs to do what to correct their errors.  ARGH!!

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Jul 242016

When I fist learned that Hillary has picked Tim Kaine for VP, my initial reaction was disappointment.  Then I asked myself why I was disappointed, and had to admit that I don’t really know anything about him, except that many Bernie supporters don’t like him.  So I decided to see what I can learn before I knee jerk.  The following piece was written by Krystal Ball, a Bernie Supporter from VA, who used to appear on MSNBC’s The Cycle.


Like a lot of Virginians, I’ve had to chuckle a bit at the way Virginia Senator Tim Kaine has been portrayed since rising to the top of Secretary Clinton’s VP short list. Apparently, the gods of conventional wisdom have decided Kaine is a “boring,” “safe,” “centrist” pick whose “DINO” positions may make him anathema to the Sanders base. Oh really? Because I can assure you as a native Virginian, this caricature doesn’t at all fit the man I’ve watched over nearly 20 years. In fact, the consistent knock on him in every election in Virginia has been that he was too liberal! This was such an issue that when Kaine was elected Lieutenant Governor under Mark Warner in 2001, Warner used their first joint press conference to distance himself from the controversial, left-leaning Kaine. So before you allow the national media topline and Kaine’s status as a white Southern man to lull you into a quick judgment, here are a few things you should know about why this Bernie broad loves Tim Kaine.

Kaine is the son of a welder who graduated from a Jesuit high school, flew through University of Missouri and then landed at Harvard Law. While his classmates were hanging out in Cambridge fielding offers from big firms, Kaine took a year off to do mission work in Honduras where he worked with young boys growing up in brutal poverty. The year abroad left him fluent in Spanish and with a deep commitment to using his Harvard law degree for the public good. After law school he made good on his commitment to service and rather than cashing in on his degree, spent much of his legal career fighting against housing discrimination. Now you just tell me, does that sound like the bio of a chamber-backed, blue dog, corporate Dem?

Ahh but perhaps Kaine abandoned all his lofty principles in a quest for political power in a conservative Southern state! If that’s your concern, perhaps you should just ask the NRA how they feel about Tim Kaine. Here’s how his elections in Virginia typically go: the NRA gives him an F rating, fear mongers about how he’s going to take everyone’s guns, spends massively against him, and then Tim goes on to win anyway. Keep in mind, the NRA is literally headquartered in Virginia. If they are powerful anywhere they are powerful in the Old Dominion but that didn’t stop Kaine from signing an executive order following the Virginia Tech massacre to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. It also didn’t stop him from pushing additional gun control measures as governor like eliminating the gun show loophole and it hasn’t stopped him as Senator from continuing to lead the charge for sensible rules like increased background checks. As someone who ran for Congress, in Virginia, I can tell you that perhaps the definition of political courage for a Southern Dem is willingness to buck the gun lobby. Tim Kaine has been unflinching.

Maybe though, Kaine was able to be bold on guns because he was right of center on everything else. Yeah, not so much. In Virginia, Kaine raised taxes, spearheaded efforts for universal pre-K, made Virginia the first Southern state to ban smoking in public places, and consistently opposed the death penalty. Let me repeat that last one. Tim Kaine consistently opposed the death penalty in a state that trails only Texas in number of executions. As governor, he bucked the prevailing law and order winds and vetoed eight different bills that would have expanded capital punishment. The issue was front and center in his gubernatorial race but he stuck to the Catholic values that have guided his life and never backed down… [emphasis added]

From <The Huffington Post>

In spite of his Catholic background, Planned Parenthood rates his voting record at 100%  Now, I’m not going to base my opinion of this man on one author, but Krystal is in a better position to know than any of the people I’ve heard denigrating him.  I urge you to click through for the rest.  Perhaps Tim Kaine may be a good choice after all.

Jul 242016

I’m writing early and did my research yesterday evening, because this is one of Wendy’s long mornings, and I expect her shortly.  (Now she’s gone and I’m freshened.  Tomorrow, please expect no more than a Personal Update, as I have an appointment with my Prosthetist.

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Short Takes:

From Alternet: Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) told Stephen Colbert on "The Late Show" last night that she thinks America is very much underestimating Donald Trump.

"[Trump] is one dangerous man and we need to take him really seriously," Warren told Colbert.

Elizabeth Warren is a Democratic superdelegate and is speaking on behalf of Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention Monday.


As always, Liz Warren is spot-on.

From Think Progress: The NBA announced Thursday that it will no longer hold its All-Star Game in Charlotte next year because North Carolina state lawmakers refused to backtrack on HB2, the anti-transgender law passed earlier this year. Though the event would have had a $100 million impact on the city, Gov. Pat McCrory (R) simply doesn’t care if that’s what it takes to keep HB2 on the books.

The Fascist Republican Theocracy of McCrorystan is revolting, and hopefully its people will revolt.

From Raw Story: While panels on HBO’s Real Time can become contentious, Fridays night’s discussion about voting rights went completely out of control as a former GOP lawmaker went to war with columnist Ana Marie Cox and actress/activist America Ferrera.


When Bill doesn’t have time to be funny, you KNOW to pay attention!



Jul 232016

I need to take the day off.  Because of my bad vision, I misjudged the best angle to return to the sidewalk from the crosswalk on the way to PT yesterday.  My chair dipped, bucked, almost threw me out, and folded George underneath, straining my knee.  At PT, I tried to do some exercises, but the pain became too intense.  I spent the rest of the PT session with ice in the knee.  Today promises to be a hot, muggy day, and I just need to take a day to heal and recharge my batteries.  Hugs to all!!

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Jul 222016

I’m leaving shortly for my Physical Terrorist appointment, although I doubt whether Courtney and I will accomplish much.  I did sleep better last night, but an insulin delivery and a fire drill wrecked my afternoon nap.  I still have several days of sleep deficit.  In addition, George is still off kilter, and my Prosthetist appointment isn’t until Monday.  My hands still hurt, and my vision is driving me nuts.  That said, others have it far worse than I.

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Short Takes:

From Daily Kos: …That’s right. Trump will unify the races around statements like this:

“I think that the guy is lazy. And it’s probably not his fault because laziness is a trait in blacks. It really is; I believe that. It’s not anything they can control.”

The “laziness” statement came after Donald Trump started having financial difficulties at his casinos in Atlantic City. Trump’s response? He had black accountants.

Rump Dump will unify the races, but non-whites will be unified behind barbed wire.

From NY Times: In the dark for days, Fox News staffers finally got word on Thursday about the future of their network.

The news was delivered in person by Rupert Murdoch, the 85-year-old media mogul who started Fox News with Roger Ailes 20 years ago.

It was an unexpected visit, and with stunned employees listening in Fox’s Midtown Manhattan headquarters, Mr. Murdoch announced that Mr. Ailes was out as chairman and chief executive. Mr. Murdoch himself would be taking over Fox News in the interim.

I predicted that Ailes would be replaced by someone at least equally despicable as he is. Voila!!

From The New Yorker:

Trump was jubilant Thursday night after accomplishing his goal of delivering a speech that no one will ever want to plagiarize, Trump aides confirmed.

According to his staff, Trump and his speechwriters had been working overtime during the week to create a tirade that was sufficiently bloated, unhinged, and terrifying to discourage potential plagiarists from reusing excerpts in the future.

Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign manager, said that, right until the hour the candidate took the stage, the billionaire’s writing team was scrubbing the speech of any marginally coherent passages that might prove tempting to plagiarists.

“There was one sentence toward the beginning that had traces of humanity and rational thought,” Manafort said. “Fortunately, we caught it in time.”

Andy, I wouldn’t watch it myself, but it sounds like you nailed it, especially the quote from Manafart.



We still need an updated model for Republicans.

Jul 212016

Toward the end of the Clown Car Destruction Derby, I labeled Ted Cruz the TRUS pervert.  He had come out with a campaign meme, TRUSTED.  Well, when you take away the TED part, TRUS is what’s left.  A TRUS is an anal probe used for prostate exams and biopsies.  Last night at the Ku Klux Koronation, Cruz used his TRUS on Rump Dump Trump.


The Republican convention erupted into tumult on Wednesday night as the bitter primary battle between Donald J. Trump and Senator Ted Cruz reignited unexpectedly, crushing hopes that the party could project unity.

In the most electric moment of the convention, boos and jeers broke out as it became clear that Mr. Cruz — in a prime-time address from center stage — was not going to endorse Mr. Trump. It was a pointed snub on the eve of Mr. Trump’s formal acceptance speech.

As hundreds of delegates chanted “Vote for Trump!” and “Say it!” Mr. Cruz tried to dismiss the outburst as “enthusiasm of the New York delegation” — only to have Mr. Trump himself suddenly appear in the back of the convention hall. Virtually every head in the room seemed to turn from Mr. Cruz to Mr. Trump, who was stone-faced and clearly angry as he egged on delegates by pumping his fist…

From <NY Times>

Rachel Maddow covered the story in several video clips.

Multiple Barf Bag Alerts!!!

In the first she discussed the endorsement omission,

In the second she covered the crowd’s rabid reaction.

In the third she covered Trump’s gamble:

And a most incompetent gamble it was.  Knowing that the issues between the two men were so hostile and personal, made this predictable.   "I am not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my father," Cruz said.  Lacking any other reason, Rump Dump should have known that the TRUS pervert was lying, because Cruz made the promise to endorse on a day of the week ending in Y.  And if a malignant little twit like Cruz can make a total fool of Rump Dump, what will happen on the foreign policy front when he goes nose to nose with a real bad-ass?

Voting BLUE has never been more critical!!

Jul 212016

Last night my hands continues to hurt and I gad a severe bout of phantom leg pain that kept me up most of the night, so I’m very tired today.  Tomorrow, I go to see Courtney, my Physical Terrorist, so please expect no more that a personal update from me.

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Short Takes:

From Alternet: A Lot of People Are Looking for Gay Sex During the RNC

Craigslist is brimming with ads from horny men looking for hot hookups.

A picture is worth 1,000 words


From Crooks and Liars: That thing did actually happen. At the end of her speech, Laura Ingraham appeared flew [sic] the Nazi salute in honor of her hero, Führer Drumpf.


Heil Rectumite Reich!

From Raw Story: In a special episode of Saturday Night Live that aired after the Republican National Convention on MSNBC, castmember Kate McKinnon reprised her role as Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to give Donald Trump and the rest of the GOP the ultimate slam.


I’m sorry, but as hard as SNL tries, they can’t anywhere near as ridiculous as the real thing.



Jul 202016

Donald Trump is presumptive no more.  I did not watch it, as there are only a few billion barf bags in the world. Last night at the Rectumite Rampage, most of the fools in attendance made it official.  Delegates who had hoped to dump Trump were not even allowed to cast their votes as determined by their states voters, and they were not happy about it.


On Tuesday night, the Republican National Convention blasted the opening bars of Sinatra’s “New York, New York” and fireworks flashed across the arena’s jumbotron as Donald Trump officially became the Republican Party’s presidential nominee. But the moment that should have signified party unity was broken by shouts of dissent and demands for a recount as multiple delegations had their votes changed against their will.

In the delegation from Washington, D.C., ten were assigned to support Rubio and nine to Kasich, based on how D.C. Republicans voted in the primary. But, relying on arcane party rules, the RNC overruled them, and assigned all 19 votes to Trump…

…Minutes after the vote, first-time D.C. delegate Kris Hammond told ThinkProgress he felt insulted and excluded by his party and its nominee.

“How is [Trump] going to listen to us if he’s elected president, if he’s not listening to us now?” he fumed. “He’s not allowing dissent. He’s not going to allow anything other than subservience to Donald Trump.”

Though D.C.’s Republican Party does have a rule allowing for such a vote change at the National Convention, Hammond and other delegates said party leaders promised them they could vote for Kasich and Rubio.

“I am not surprised,” Hammond said of the surprise switch. “It has reinforced my previous conception that you cannot trust this party to do the honorable thing and act in a responsible manner.”

“We were told all along that this is not the way the rules would be interpreted,” D.C. delegate Chip Nottingham added. “To just be insulted like that is outrageous. It’s petty. The [Trump] campaign didn’t need our 19 votes. They didn’t ask for our 19 votes. They never earned them.”

He’s not going to allow anything other than subservience to Donald Trump

Three states also had their votes changed to back Trump against the will of the delegates, using provisions in the party rules of those states. But some, including Alaska, rose up in protest, demanding a recount.

“I was very unhappy when they announced our vote,” Cruz delegate Larry DeVilbiss from Palmer, Alaska told ThinkProgress. “Back in our state it looks tacky because we had a preferential poll, and we had our delegation proportionate to all those votes. I’m upset. I know [voters will] be upset.”

Another Alaska delegate, Glenn Clary, asked if the party will also overrule his state in November. “Is Alaska going to vote and then the RNC is going to change those votes?” he asked. “We don’t know. We’ll see.”

After an extended musical interlude, RNC chairman Reince Priebus overruled them, and the nomination of Trump proceeded.

But some delegates refused to go down quietly. Hammond, a civil rights attorney, said he is considering resigning from the local Republican Party Committee and casting a protest vote for Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson. He told ThinkProgress that he wants his fellow DC Republicans to join him…

From <Think Progress>

Here’s an  example:

There it is!  First, let me say that voting for Gary Johnson, who has zero chance to win, is a wonderful choice for disgruntled Republicans, who are still too buried in BS to leave the right wing completely.  On the other hand, lefties who refuse to vote blue are Trump’s unwitting allies.

Rump Dump Trump is presumptive no more, and the Republican Party had become his own Fascist Rectumite Reich.