Jan 212017

Given what we’ve been – and will be – subjected to courtesy of the Tweetler-in-Chief, we’ve earned a little Schadenfreude.  So, let’s enjoy another assault to his fragile ego via his teeny-tiny hands and compare sizes … of Inaugural crowds!

It’s only been eight years, so we can all recall this joyous occasion on the first Inauguration of Pres. Obama:

This was the turnout for Tweetler Trump’s inauguration on Friday:

To defuse all the whiny excuse-fueled temper tantrums from Trumpkins, let me stipulate that BOTH photos were taken from the top of the Washington Monument, and BOTH were taken at noon.

This site proves it, and has a fun scroll bar that has both photos, so you can move back and forth to compare:

But let’s get to the take-home message:

True to form, the Mango Mussolini today tried to claim he drew a crowd of 1.5 MILLION.

But it’s easy to see how he’s confused.  He thought that all that white from the protective Mall lawn panels were actually KKK Kluckers robed in their white sheets.  Donny's Delusion solved!  (Well, at least in the reality-based world.)

But a little hard data courtesy of the Washington Metro Transit should help him figure things out using actual numbers::

And if you’re confronted with a little Trumpkin trying to Trumpsplain the pitifully paltry populous because “We were all working” – I’ve found it helpful to counter with:

“Oh, you must mean because Pres. Obama, who inherited Dubya’s pitiful and plummeting unemployment rate of 7.9%, worked to turn it around to just the 4.8% that it is now.  You’re right – Thanks, Obama!

And it wasn’t just the pitiful crowd numbers on the Mall.  Take a look at this video from Katy Tur of NBC News, filmed while traveling along the parade route: Empty bleachers!

Everyone is trying to figure out what was in the Tiffany-wrapped box that Melania gave to Michelle.  Well, given the transcript of the exchange, I think I’ve got it solved.  Here is what was said between the two First Ladies when the Trumps arrived :

Michelle: Welcome to the White House.

Melania: Welcome to the White House.

Michelle: It’s very nice to see you again.

Melania: It’s very nice to see you again.

Michelle: Thanks for the beautiful gift.

Melania: Thanks for the beautiful gift.

(Michelle, under her breath: Oh brother, not THAT again!)

So, I’m pretty sure the gift is a leather-bound copy of Melania’s plagiarized Convention speech! 

(No matter what it is, it was a very nice gesture.)

Sadly, the speech isn’t the only thing the Trumps plagiarized.  Nope, they copied the official Inaugural cake that the Ace of Cakes chef, Duff Goldman, designed for the Obamas in 2009 2013:

And here’s some background from 2009 2013 how GOLDMAN designed the cake himself.  (Some Trumpkins are trying to claim that it’s the same because they’re ALL the same – and was directed from the White House staff.  WRONG!)

But I believe we all hope that the Trumps will continue to plagiarize the ideas, ideals and policies of the Obamas.  (Too much to hope he’d plagiarize their dignity and grace.)
And I did deeply enjoy this banner that a plane pulled over NYC the day of Treump's inauguration:


Jan 202017

I find nothing "Fun" about this particular Friday, so I'll put up just a couple of graphics.  I'm hopeful to put something together more joyful next week.

This is how our journey began eight years ago:

And now we’ve come to the end of a presidency the like of which not only us, but few Americans have ever witnessed.  Not sure where I saw this drawing, but I think it captures how most of us feel.  It was actually drawn by someone in Amsterdam, Netherlands – so it’s a universal sense of thankfulness for those eight years, and now a sense of great loss:

This is a sketched drawing (you can see the pad) I saw on Twitter, and it prompted me to dig a little deeper.  This site has a little background informat.

Now that we’re burdened with #45, we can at least be thankful we had #44.  So with all sincerity I hope you'll join me in saying, "Thank you, President Obama!"

Rest assured that we will continue to …

Jan 162017

We’re all aware of the growing inaugural boycott by Democrats following Traitorous Trump’s denigrations of Civil Rights icon, Rep. John Lewis.  Apparently skipping Trump’s “bigly day” is a common sentiment among true Americans, because there have only been 200 requests for bus parking permits for his inauguration on January 20thThat’s one-thousand FEWER than the 1,200 that have been requested for the Women’s March on Washington the following day.

So what if he had an inauguration, and nobody showed up?  Apparently Donald is so worried about that possibility that he’s now gone on Facebook to offer FREE TICKETS to his inaugural!  (Personally, I’d hold out for some really good swag to sweeten the pot, if I were a right-winger.)

And, of course, we’ve been reading about the endless refusals of A-list celebrities to show up and perform for Trump.  It’s gotten to the point that it has Donald so desperate that he’s now going to take matters into his own hands (teeny, tiny though they may be), and has decided to play his accordion for the crowd! 

That'll be sure to pack 'em in!  A preview:

Background Note: I posted this GIF over at DailyKos, and it seemed to tickle folks’ funny bones – so I decided to share it here.  Especially since there’ll be no “Friday Fun” on the 20th because I don't find anything really “fun” about that date. 

But I do hope to put something together on a more serious note.

My best friend from medical school sent me a YouTube “Life Accordion to Trump” that prompted my search for the accordion GIF.  So here’s the video:

Jan 132017

In stark contrast to Pres. Obama’s eloquent and heartfelt Farewell Address, the next day we were subjected to Traitorous Trump and his bigly bad “press conference” – which largely dealt with him trying to deny an unverified salacious dossier produced by a former British intelligence officer.

Of the many very believable reveals contained in that leaked dossier was that Traitorous Trump was filmed while participating in one of his pornographic proclivities: having prostitutes pee for (?on?) him while he was in his pal, Putin’s, Russia.

This perversity is referred to as a “Golden Shower” ― also known as “Water Sports”.  But we shouldn’t be too surprised about Trump’s perverse penchant – after all, Hillary warned us about those “Golden Showers” during the first Debate when she was describing his economic policies:




So let’s enjoy the subsequent Tweet storm his fondness for “Golden Showers” generated …


(Nice that the Gadsden flag is a bright, bold yellow to begin with)

And if you are planning to attend the inauguration, be sure to wear the appropriate hat (and I bet you thought I was going to say “Be sure to bring an umbrella”):

Who better than Stephen Colbert to compile almost every pun out there in an amazing “Punorama” that begins at about the 2:48 mark – and it has GREAT CC!


And the most recent Medal of Freedom recipient couldn’t pass up an opportunity for another wonderful prank:

But Biden wasn’t the only person in the Executive Wing to hose Trump with some wordplay.  Pres. Obama took full advantage of it in his Farewell Address.

You know how the old poem goes,

April showers

Bring May flowers

Well, if we’re lucky …

Though Golden Showers

May come your way,

They bring indictments

Sometime in May

[Disclaimer: Not miine!  Saw if in a Comment somewhere. ]

I have a couple of apropos photos to close out this Friday Fun on Trump, and I was debating which one to use.  But urine luck – I’m going to use both of them!

Hopefully this will inspire all of us for the need to …

Jan 062017

During the recent Holidays I came across a photo that was described as “historically iconic” – but I had never seen it before:

Even on its face the photo is quite compelling, juxtaposing the Hanukah menorah against the Nazi flag.  But the story behind it with its poem on the back resonated with me as a possible preamble – although assuredly (… hopefully) not at all on the same scale – to our impending travails come January 20th.

The picture was taken on the last (eighth) night of Chanukah in 1931 by Rachel Posner, the wife of Rabbi Dr. Akiva Posner, in the small town of Kiel, Germany.  As tradition suggests, the menorah was displayed prominently in a street-side window, and the Posners happened to live directly across the street from the Nazi headquarters.

On the back of the photo Rachel composed a poem in German:

Chanukah, 5692 (1932)

"Juda verrecke"

die Fahne spricht

"Juda lebt ewig"

erwidert das Licht"


 “Death to Judah”

So the flag says –

“Judah will live forever!”

So the light answers.

When posters began appearing around Kiel declaring “Entrance to Jews Forbidden”, Rabbi Posner was angry and wrote a protest letter that was published in the local paper.  Subsequently he was summoned by the chairman of the local branch of the Nazi party to participate in a public debate which took place under heavy police guard.

As anti-Semitic sentiment rose, and then scattered violence began to rear its ugly head, the Posner family fled to then-Palestine (Eretz Israel) in 1933.  Fortunately they were able to convince most of their fellow 500 Jews in Kiel to also leave.  And they also brought the “Light in the Window” with them. 

The menorah is on permanent display at Yad Vashem, Israel’s national Holocaust Memorial.  But the family is allowed to use the menorah every year at Hanukah.

To me, the lesson is that we must all stay on guard, lest we deceive ourselves into believing “That could never happen again – at least not in America!”

Sadly, there is a vile person who will lead our nation come January 20, 2017.  We must not let our guard down.



[PS: I know Rachel wrote “1932” – but authorites agree that the eight days of Chanukay in the Jewish year of 5692 was 1931]

A Jewish Hanukkah menorah defies the Nazi swastika, 1931