Dec 082017

[There’s a reason this will be just a little of this and a little of that.  My medical license expires January 31, 2018 – but I have to earn all my CME (Continuing Medical Education) credits by December 31, 2017.  And for the past decade or so I’ve earned all my credits by focusing on medical issues involving me or my family – no Pediatrics, all Internal Medicine.  So it’s like going back to med school for me.]

[So I’m spending LOTS of time doing online IM education.  And since it’s almost all new to me, it takes more time than if I just did Peds.  But I’d much rather learn stuff that will be useful – and I really do enjoy it!]

Enough of my “The-dog-ate-my-homework” excuse.  And fortunately we can almost always count on Twitler screwing up in new ways to provide grist for the mill – and he came through yet again.

To begin, I’ll stipulate that there’s nothing wrong with having dentures.  My Mom has upper and lower dentures, and when we were kids, she’d sometimes take them both out for a laugh.  She never spoke without them being in place, but apparently the Twitterverse has decided that Trump was having some denture problems (or maybe drugs or a stroke) during his “Jaroozhulum” speech this past week.

Of course, given my hearing loss, me writing about Trump’s apparent speech impediment is similar to Trump trying to be President – we both suffer from severe handicaps.  So I’d be interested in your feedback.

This short clip has a good close-up of his mouth, and it does appear that he’s having problems with his lower dentures:

While people are wanting an explanation for why Trump was talking like this at the end, I want an explanation for the rest of his speech!

But the Twitterverse was not going to pass this one up, so let’s enjoy a few of their contributions.  And as always, to enjoy the responses, click on the Time-Date-Stamp in the lower left area to open it in its own window, then scroll down.

And it really took off when The Daily Show pleaded with its followers to NOT – under any circumstances – Tweet DO NOT TWEET #DentureDonald. He’s shenshitive.

So, of course, a new meme hashtag was born …

For the heck of it, let’s see what Donald would look like sans dentures …

And “hear” him speak …

But it’s the Holiday season, so let’s end on a positive note …

While California is being devastated by unimaginable wildfires, the video showing the pure anguish and desperation of a young man risking his own life to save a bunny rabbit will certainly tug at your heart strings …

I don’t know about you, but for me it had this effect …


Dec 012017

According to the old Andy Williams’ song, “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”.  Since the calendar tells we now need to “Deck the Halls”, it’s time to head to our attics, basements, closets or storage units and drag out our Christmas decorations.  And for many of us, this will be done under the vigilant supervision and “assistance” of our Critters!

So I thought it would be helpful to see how some folks go about “Critter-Proofing Christmas Trees”.  Let’s start with some of the easier ways of accomplishing this.  (And click on the photo to view it full-size)

Apparently this guy has combined minimalism with his “Bah Humbug” and cheapskate spirit into one.  He simply finds an entirely empty corner of his home, puts up a cardboard wall so high no one can see over it, and then just TELLS people it’s there to protect the “Christmas tree” behind it from his cats.

Keeping with that same minimalism and cheapskate spirit, you could get a tree so teeny, tiny that you can carry it around in a glass test tube with a cork stopper.

But why not simply put it outside?

Well, some owners are willing to compromise with their critters and meet them halfway

Or even more foolproof …

Or just surrender …

Others are willing to work out alternatives – like decorating a wall …

Or staying with wall-decorating if you happened to be “blessed” with large chunks of Astro-Turf …

Or maybe more artfully, a fancy picture frame, which I thought was quite lovely …

But if you desire something more three-dimensional, one of your tomato cages from summer gardening turned upside-down, and covered in an old piece of macramé and a green bath towel will do in a pinch.  And if you want to be extravagant, a single strand of lights adds a nice touch without going overboard …

Then there are those who have a mean streak and substitute a cactus for the Christmas “tree”.  It confronts the critters with that “I-Dare-You” feel to it …

But for those who really want an actual decorated Christmas tree, there are some options, too.  Like putting it – rather than your critter – in a cage …


Or if you want to be fancier, place it in a handsome vitrine

And if you’re not lucky enough to have a handsome vitrine, Saran wrap will do nicely, thank you very much …

But for those who want a more open, genuine exposure, try enlisting a couple of vacuum cleaners to serve as sentries.  (Not sure how it works with dogs, but I know my cat wouldn’t even THINK of entering the room!)

If you’re artistically inclined, you can create quite a handsome ceiling art work mimicking a Christmas tree out of ornaments …

But if you’re not artistically endowed – but are handy with tools in a “DIY” way – you can hang the tree upside down from the ceiling …

AND if you’re a truly accomplished Do-It-Yourselfer who’s exceptionally handy with tools … AND happen to have a very tall tree … AND it’s very flexible … AND you refuse to shorten it … AND you want to protect it from your pet FOX!!!

Well, there’s a solution for that one, too …

Here’s hoping all your ornaments stay in one piece, and you along with your critters enjoy Christmas in peace.


Nov 182017

As promised, here are the answers:

 [1] Piet Mondrian

[2] Jackson Pollock

[3] Georges Seurat

[4] Vincent Van Gogh

[5] Christo and Jeanne-Claude

[6] Salvador Dali

[7] Keith Haring

[8] Georgia O’Keefe

[9] René Magritte

[10] Kara Walker


I was pleased with how well we all did … in aggregate.  (Sorry, but farts do NOT constitute an art form – even when combined with a lit match.)

They are the work of Hannah Rothstein.  Here is her website where I got them – and she’s done 20 of them, so it’s worth a look-see for the other ones:

Personally, I was disappointed in her Georgia O’Keefe plate – but that may just be me.

And I should note that the Salvador Dali plate was digitally altered, as she admits here:

You can read more about her style here:


Nov 172017

As this is the last Friday before Thanksgiving, I thought it’d be fun to view how a San Francisco-based artist has interpreted how she believes famous artists might plate their Thanksgiving feasts in their very own signature artistic style – but using their plates as palettes with turkey, mash potatoes, green beans, corn, cranberry sauce, etc. as their mediums.

And to add a little spice to it, let’s do it as a “Pop Quiz” – but you can be thankful I’m going to stuff in some hints to help out.

First, I’ll show you the dinner plate conceived as how various artists would serve their TGD meals in their own artistic style.  And if you guess the artist just from that – give yourself two (2) points.

Then below it will be a “Hint Link” to an actual representative work by the famous artist to jar your memory.  They most likely won’t match the subject matter on the plate, but be representative of their style.  If you need to use the link to figure out the artist, give yourself one (1) point.

(You have no idea how hard it is to find a representative work of art at least somewhat like the meal – BUT that does NOT have the name of the artist in the link.)

AND I won’t give the answers to the Quiz until Saturday – so go ahead and put your answers & points in the Comments section.

Some of them are artists I’ve never heard of.  But most of them are fairly familiar names from the art world such that if you have to wait for the answers tomorrow you’ll go, “Oh my gourd – how could I have not remembered him/her?!?” 

Just remember that if you get angry because you can’t figure some of them out, we will not tolerate any fowl language.  But I actually think you’ll be a-maized at how many you get correct!

And no fair cheating –  like Googling, using Ouija boards or calling on spirits and poultrygeists to help out!  It’s just a game … and there are NO prizes.

So let’s feast our eyes on the plated palettes …










Mimic Hint:

More Familiar Work Hint:



Everyone can give themselves two points, because this is MY Thanksgiving Day Dinner Plate rendition:

… Because my Turkey Day Motto is:

“Leftovers Are For LOSERS!”


I’ll be heading up to Illinois again this Wednesday to enjoy a TGD feast with my Mom and aunt – consequently no “Friday Fun” next week.   So to all you fine folks enjoying my favorite holiday with your family, friends and critters, I raise my wine gobble-t in a toast to you!  (But not too much wine – I don’t want you people to get basted.)

(Yeah, I know … I know.  My puns tend to be really corny – but I just can’t give them up cold turkey.)

Nov 032017

This is going to have to be a “down-and-dirty” one because this morning is my annual HVAC maintenance day – and like the cable people, you have to be available for them all morning long.  (“We’ll be there sometime between October and December.”)

(They do the AC in the spring and furnace in the fall.  It’s $165 for both, which may be a bit pricey – BUT if anything happens that you need emergency service, you go to the top of the list.  And one year the AC went out when we were in a 100 degree stretch.  It was a lifesaver!)

So this is one that I hold back for those time-crunch occasions – like today.  (You don’t actually think I work on this all week long, do you?  It’s like those old school days of cramming for a test … the morning OF the test.)

So in the spirit of closing out the Halloween holiday, let’s enjoy some funny – and a few thoughtful – headstones.  We’ll begin with that classic cliché …

Some reflect people realizing their inevitable mortality …

Surprising (at least to me) there were quite a few with recipes on them

Some made me chuckle …

Some were by folks who enjoy a good pun with a play on their surnames …

And some famous folks who joked about their taglines from the great beyond …

Do you think we could get braggadocio “business tycoon” Donald to put this one into action … like, RIGHT NOW???

And here’s a pair that happened to be paired right across from each other.  McDonald’s would love it!

And here’s a gal who would have felt right at home in our group …

And we’ll close with one that will keep you thinking for a bit …