Dec 062017

I am listening to Trump announce his decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  The fool is blubbering about wanting peace, while holding a match to one of the world’s most dangerous tinder boxes, the Middle East.  Foes and allies alike are appalled.  Thump has effectively overruled the two state solution and ensured more and more violence for years to come.


Not content with taking the US to the brink of nuclear conflict with North Korea, Donald Trump is now set to apply his strategy of international vandalism to perhaps the most sensitive geopolitical hotspot in the world. With a speech scheduled for later today that’s expected to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and reaffirm a pledge to move the US embassy to the city, he is walking into a bone-dry forest with a naked flame, the world’s most intractable conflict. It is the issue that has foiled multiple efforts at peacemaking over several decades. Both Israelis and Palestinians insist that Jerusalem must be the capital of their states, present and future, and that that status is non-negotiable.

But it’s not just important to them. The Old City of Jerusalem contains the holiest site in Judaism and the third holiest mosque in Islam, to say nothing of its enormous significance to Christians, meaning that even the slightest move there is felt by billions. It is a place where diplomats have learned to tread with extreme care. There is a reason why no US administration, no matter how pro-Israel, has changed its policy toward the city in the nearly 70 years since Israel’s founding.

But here comes Trump, oblivious to precedent and indeed history – even in a place where history is a matter of life and death – stomping through this delicate thicket, trampling over every sensitivity. The risk is obvious, with every Arab government – including those loyal to Washington – now issuing sharp warnings on the perils of this move, almost all of them using the same word: “dangerous”.

Let us be clear. Most advocates of an eventual two-state solution believe the only way to resolve the Jerusalem issue is for it to serve as the capital of both states: East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine, West Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Then, and only then, would be the right moment to start moving embassies and issuing statements of recognition. Until that day, any act that pre-empts an agreement between the two parties on the city’s future is reckless and needlessly incendiary… [emphasis added]

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Trump has succeeded in doing something nobody else has ever done.  He has united Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Iran in outraged opposition to this policy.  He has also made it much more likely the Muslim terrorists will strike back.



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  1. “he is walking into a bone-dry forest with a naked flame”

    And a full 2 gallon jerrycan.

    Obviously international law means no more to him that Unite States law.  Part of Jerusalem belongs to Palestine by treaty.

  2. More proof that the Tangerine Troglodyte is a slave to darkness that wants to set the entire world aflame.

  3. Absolutely, absolutely horrible!

    “It’s no surprise Trump just declared Jerusalem the Capital of Israel. He’s already declared Moscow the Capital of America.” ~John Pavlovitz~

  4. TRUMP:

    “Well, if I can’t start a nuclear war by making fun of Kim Jong Un, I’ll try doing it in the Middle East.”

  5. I posted a story about this, as well, see:
    My first comment there is about smelling the impact of Pence’s evangelism behind the idea to do this.  It is my suspicion that Pence would like to see this bring “The second coming,” with “The Rapture” and all that that implies!  My scenario goes as far as some intense armed section from theMuslim world, and tDump’s “advisers” suggesting that he might’s well let loose the nukes, because they “know” that Armageddon has arrived!! Could I be wrong?  Sure!  Could I be right? I sadly guess so.
    In any case, this is as crazy as G.W.Bush telling the then President of France that he should go along with the plan to invade Iraq, because Bushy “Knew” that the forces of the devil, as in Gog and Magog, were active there.
    So, another option is that finally, tDump has found the issue that will really distract us from the Russia “Witch hunt?” Damn the consequences…in typical GOPig form!

  6. He is certifiably insane.  Why else would he continue trying to start World War 3?

  7. Again Drumpf, in al his megalomaniacal ineptitude, kills two birds with bone stone: he manages to set the Middle East on fire and isolate America further than ever before. Not only the Arabic world has turned against this decision, so has the EU and many others including the Pope. He’s got only a few “allies” left, mostly banana republics like America has turned into, which now huddle together for shelter.

    Signs are that even in Israel not everyone is happy with this support in the knowledge that Netanyahu will use this support for Jerusalem as the capital of Israel to annex what remains of the West Bank and drive all Palestinians from their homes. Israel’s political situation seems to be very much like that in America with a power-hungry premier running the country into the ground with the help of extreme (religious) right. But those who oppose it are powerless and when the region explodes (again/further) it’ll hardly matter they ever opposed.

    Kushner has leaked in July that he thought there may be no solution to ME peace, which infuriated the White House, but Drumpf kept insisting in his speech that the United States still wanted a negotiated peace agreement. The Palestinians of course have already threatened to end the peace process if Drumpf backs Israel on Jerusalem. Is this all a ruse to be able to blame failure on the Palestinians and appease Kushner so he will not turn on Drumpf when questioned by Mueller? Whatever Drumpf’s motivation, it is insane and dangerous.

  8. “The fool is blubbering about wanting peace, while holding a match to one of the world’s most dangerous tinder boxes, the Middle East.” 

    He lies . . . as usual!  He does not want peace!  He does not know the meaning of the word!  With this and the inevitable loss of lives of innocent people, Drumpf deserves a trip to The Hague, and not for sight seeing!  It is correct that foes and allies alike are condemning him.  With North Korea on one side of the world and the Middle East on the other and Drumpf in between, the world is so screwed.  The Three Stooges — Netanyahu, Drumpf and Kim Jong Un!

  9. Thanks, hugs, and AMEN to all. 03

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