Collusion OK?

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Dec 052017

We are witnessing a major change in the way that the Republican Reich is defending their Fuhrer, Donald Trump, Putin’s Piddle Puppet.  Prior to now, the Reich had denied both contacts and collusion with Russia, and denied obstruction of the investigation.  Now that Trump’s guilt is obvious, the Reich have changed their tune.


At first, it was all so simple. The Trump White House said there were “no contacts” — zero, zilch — between Trump’s campaign and Russia. But in time this elegant defense encountered a formidable opponent: reality.

And so for a year now, Trump and his advisers, facing mounting evidence of their campaign’s entanglement with Russia, have redrawn lines of defense and revised talking points with such daring that it has amounted to a veritable Marshall Plan for the moving of goal posts.

As details of campaign contacts with Russia piled up, Trump and his officials instead said there had been “no collusion.” As more evidence came in showing attempts at high-level collusion, the White House retreated to another line of defense: Trump himself didn’t collude. “Nothing about the actual facts published to date suggests that the president . . . colluded with anybody,” was White House lawyer Ty Cobb’s careful phrasing.

Now, with four Trump campaign officials indicted and two of them, including Trump’s former national security adviser, pleading guilty, even that distinction no longer seems safe.

One of Trump’s attorneys, Jay Sekulow, just told the New Yorker that it doesn’t matter whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia, because “there is no crime of collusion. Another Trump attorney, John Dowd, told Axios that technically the president “cannot obstruct justice, because he is the chief law enforcement officer.”… [emphasis added]

Inserted from <Washington Post>

I urge you to click through and read the entire article.  I’ very well documented.

It might be easy to miss the importance of this change in strategy, but Rachel Maddow analyzes it extensively, filling in all the blanks.


On the two lies…

Pence knew from the beginning.  He should be indicted, convicted and incarcerated with Trump.

The reason Michael Flynn lied to the FBI is to cover up the quid pro quo between Trump and Putin.



  11 Responses to “Collusion OK?”

  1. I’m not sure that the word “collusion” is actually in any statute, but, by God, “conspiracy” is.  And the “It’s not a crime if the President does it” – that was tried by Nixon, and did not fly (Bill Clinton had more sense than to try it).  It may fly with the current House and Senate.  But it will not fly with the American people.  For one thing, when the conspiracy started, he was not the President. 

    I would definitely be a happy camper should Manafort’s bail be revoked!

  2. RM: Unreal !!! smh, really!!
    They are so deep in the ‘sheet’ that they’re now bumbling id’s. Singing the song, ‘My Way’, isn’t cutting it with Mueller either.
    Serving up a big ole plate of justice is on the menu!! Come get it, repugs!!

  3. More and more it is apparent that (Ras)Putin is pulling tRump’s strings.

  4. Anything put out by the Trump, his  W.H., or its/his lawyers is bull, period!  The lawyers are doing what they are pid to do, o matter how reprehensible, and tDump is just doing his thing.

  5. Drumpf and Manafort are two peas in a pod, or is it: two pees in a pot, both are so arrogant, so narcissistic that they think they are above the law. Manafort has the gall to try and influence public opinion, ghostwriting with a Russian linked to Russian intelligence no less, Drumpf now has his lawyers changing public opinion on collusion. Drumpf can do that because his base doesn’t give a rat’s ass about collusion and it might indeed not legally be a crime – and who cares that American Presidents aren’t supposed to do something that comes close to treason, right – but he also thinks he’s above the law in case of real crimes, having his lawyers maintain he can obstruct justice by firing Comey just because a president can do that.

    Manafort needs to be taught that he’s not above the law; his conditions of bail should not be eased but instead his bail should be revoked because he broke his gag order. Drumpf is next in line to be taken some pegs down. Pence doesn’t believe he’s above the law, he’s to sly for that, but that’s also why he stuck to Finn lying to him far too long. He’s probably digging into his PAC for 2020 really deep, having to pay for lawyers who get him out of the hole he dug himself in.

    • Wonderful picture.  I can guarantee he will not be allowed any kind of headgear in any kind of lockup, be it jail, prison, or anything else, but I’ll take that as poetic license.

  6. Where there is smoke, there is usually fire!  The stories of each of these crooks keeps morphing, only to unravel and morph again to keep up with events.

    The entire smelly nest of these Republican rats should be locked up never to see the light of day again.

  7. Thanks all.  Hugs. 18

    Collusion is a non  legal term used to describe, in this case, cooperation with a foreign power to interfere with or alter the results of a US election.  That is conspiracy and it sure as hell is illegal. 05

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