Nov 182017

As promised, here are the answers:

 [1] Piet Mondrian

[2] Jackson Pollock

[3] Georges Seurat

[4] Vincent Van Gogh

[5] Christo and Jeanne-Claude

[6] Salvador Dali

[7] Keith Haring

[8] Georgia O’Keefe

[9] René Magritte

[10] Kara Walker


I was pleased with how well we all did … in aggregate.  (Sorry, but farts do NOT constitute an art form – even when combined with a lit match.)

They are the work of Hannah Rothstein.  Here is her website where I got them – and she’s done 20 of them, so it’s worth a look-see for the other ones:

Personally, I was disappointed in her Georgia O’Keefe plate – but that may just be me.

And I should note that the Salvador Dali plate was digitally altered, as she admits here:

You can read more about her style here:



  9 Responses to “ANSWERS to the Thanksgiving Plate Palette Pop Quiz”

  1. “Salvador Dali plate was digitally altered” – yes, it was digitally altered so that it looked so much like the head in “The Scream” that it threw me.

    I LOL’ed over Picasso, but am glad you didn’t include it!  On the other hand … Warhol might have been too easy?

    In the 2015 group, the third one did not appear to be labeled … but I was able to determine by looking at the properties that it was Miro. 

    Here’s one more picture that may amuse …

  2. Thanks Nameless! 04

  3. I had never noticed that everyone outside of Holland writes the Dutch painters name as Piet Mondrian, losing the second “a” in his Dutch name (Mondriaan). I assumed he had dropped it himself when he went to live in New York in 1938, but Wikipedia told me he dropped it long before that when he moved to Paris in the 1920s. Something new added to my Trivia knowledge 15

    I loved Hanna Rothstein’s inedible Klimt plate and I think Joanne’s spot on with her Joan Miró for the unlabeled one.

    Thanks, Nameless, for the extra fun in this addendum.

    • When I said I “looked at the properties,” I meant that I opened up the URL to the picture, and the name “miro” was in it (and no other artist’s name).  So I can’t take credit for recognizing it – although when I saw that name I mentally said “But of course!”

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