Nov 132017

This is my only article today.  I’m feeling slightly better than yesterday, but that isn’t saying much.  Virtually everything I found in my research are just new variations on old themes.  In addition, the Care2 Glitch Monster is so high on my shit list, that I’d just as soon avoid it, and especially the evil CAPTCHA today.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 3:05 (average 4:25).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Religious Agony:


Every time I see that Orb, I pray that it’s soaked in Vaseline.

Short Takes:

From The New Yorker: The special counsel Robert Mueller announced on Saturday that he was closing the Justice Department’s Russia investigation, “effective immediately,” after hearing that President Vladimir Putin, of Russia, said he was innocent of any election meddling.

Moments after learning about Putin’s assertion, Mueller hastily assembled his staff of investigators to inform them that, now that Putin had fully exonerated himself, there was no point in continuing the probe.

“Vladimir Putin says he did nothing,” Mueller told his staff. “That’s good enough for me.”

Andy, that is absurd, but it appears to be what Putin’s Pee-Pee Puppet thinks Mueller should do. RESIST!!

From Alternet: On Sunday night, The New York Times reported that novice energy firm Whitefish Energy was wildly overcharging the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) for the hourly rate it paid line workers.

Whitefish Energy Holdings only had two employees when it was awarded a $300 million contract to restore electricity to Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria. To meet the shortfall, Whitefish hired contractors from Florida at rates varying from $42 per hour to $100 per hour with an average hourly rate of $63.

However, the company’s “shocking” contract allowed it to bill PREPA $319 per worker per hour.

The Times spoke to industry experts who said that $319 per hour is far, far above the norm about amounts to about 17 times what a Puerto Rican worker would make performing the same job.

Another day, another Republican rip-off. RESIST!!

From Common Dreams: Following the release of a slew of analyses showing that the GOP tax plan would raise taxes on many middle class families—despite repeated promises to the contrary by the Trump administration and Republican lawmakers—Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) conceded in an interview with the New York Times Friday that he "misspoke" when he declared last week that "nobody in the middle class is going to get a tax increase."

"I misspoke on that," McConnell told Times reporter Sheryl Gay Stolberg‏.

Bought Bitch Mitch did NOT misspeak. He LIED!! Republicans are trying to raise YOUR taxes!! RESIST!!




  22 Responses to “Open Thread – 11/13/2017”

  1. 5:39  Seasonal.

    So sorry about the orb. Dumb Broncos.

    TNY – Cue sockpuppets tweeting and re-tweeting this in 3… 2… 1…

    AlterNet – Plumbers are worth a lot of money, but not $319 an hour.  Really great teachers and really great nurses might be worth $319 an hour (not that they would ever see wages like that.)  Can you think of anyone else?

    Common Dreams – It seems like reading Andy to be reading that McConnell came even as close to truth as “I misspoke.”  And then to read that he now believes Roy Moore’s accusers and says the Mooreon should drop out of the race – if this is a dream I don’t want to wake up.

    Cartoon – No kidding.  Nice Tarot card (Of course, Tarot cards are so elaborate that I think they’re all nice.)

  2. “RUN FOR


    “the primary goal to “recruit and support talented, passionate young people who will advocate for progressive values now and for the next 30 years.”Lots of info and links to peruse in this new site including sign-up to receive emails:Info links inside:

    Rachel Maddow shared two simple graphics showing just how huge the Virginia wins really were

  3. NYer: dt drools over putin, he’s sickening. Mueller’s investigation is like reading a good ‘who dun-it’ novel, gotta see what happens at the end. I can’t wait !!

    AN: Plumbers are not thought about, until I need them. Then it’s a matter of necessity. That seems awfully steep for the pay though. I think our Military could use a pay raise, imho.

    Cartoon: Gawd, isn’t that the truth!!!

    My guys lost, …dismally. 3rd loss in a row now. Bummer about your guys too. Get some rest, enjoy your evening, take care, and Thanks, Tom.

  4. Had a great trip up for Mom’s 101st B-Day celebration, and a great time at our lunch celebration.  Plus got lots done … AND the cat was much easier to cage.  He loves sitting in front of the air vent, so shortly before needing to cage him, I pushed the thermostat up – and there he was, all curled up comfy and cozy and toasty warm!

    Since I was gone for Veterans Day, I went back and enjoyed them all, but particularly Lynn’s beautifully done In Remembrance — In Flanders Fields – maybe because it’s my Mom’s actual birthday.

  5. TNY: Despite his stone-faced demeanor, I think Mueller has a great sense of humor (something has to get him through the day) and this is exactly what Mueller said to his team on their Monday morning meeting. And then they did a group ROTFLMAO before getting back to business to persecute  the hell out of Drumpf and his minions.

    Alternet: Mayor Carmen Julín Cruz could smell the rotten fish in Whitefish Energy’s barrel a mile away, and had their contract revoked. Better no work at all than the little of the botched work they did. But that doesn’t mean that the company will be made to pay back much of the $300 million of American taxpayer’s money, does it. And there will not be an inquiry into how this novice energy firm got this contract without any credentials either, right? Reminds me of the stories of the military being sold bolts for tens of dollars a piece which were sold for cents in any hardware store during the Iraqi war. Just imagine how Drumpf’s cronies are going to deliver if they’re awarded the infrastructure contracts like he wants them to. Republican rip-off indeed.

    CD: It’s hard not to misspeak if you’re talking with a forked tongue out of the side of your mouth. Funny how the GOP’s speech suddenly clears up after their plans are finally expertly analyzed…

    Cartoon: As Republicans are also against assisted death or euthanasia their Republicare will even begrudge you a quick and dignified death.

    Good to see you keeping a low profile and not braving the dreaded CAPTCHA, TomCat. You need to be restored to full health before you’re allowed to face that monster.

  6. Well, I guess this year the Broncos are more like My Little Ponies. Patience, patience, though – they’ll have a great year soon. Besides, remember the Patriots are the defending Super Bowl champs.

    That whole Whitefish is definitely – ahem – fishy. Boys and girls, can you say blatant overcharging? And they had only two employees when they got the Puerto Rico contract? Now tell me there wasn’t something stinky going on sub rosa–

    The cartoon is spot on. I was able to renew my Obamacare at a lower rate, but that isn’t the real solution to our healthcare woes. We still need a single-payer system.

  7. Puzzle — 4:50  Dang, I can’t even come in under the average!

    The New Yorker — What!!!  Drumpf’s “take him at his word” seems to be contagious!  It would appear that the inmates are in charge of the asylum! Lord have mercy for everyone else.

    AlterNet — And now the Puerto Rican governor is off to Washington to attempt to get equal treatment for Puerto Rico with that received by Texas and Florida during their weather related crises.  I wonder how that is going?  A $300 million contract to a new company with only 2 employees and no track record?  How typically Republican — I wonder which Republican in DC is getting kickbacks?  You know there will never be an investigation of this travesty, nor a law suit against the company for overcharging. 11 And who will suffer? . . . Puerto Rico whose people are all American citizens.  

    Common Dreams — I hadn’t made it to your comment when my own was already on my tongue . . . McTurtle LIED which is all that Republican knows how to do.  McTurtle and the rest of them are heartless bastards that don’t give a rip about ALL the people they supposedly represent.  They are totally vacuous, devoid of all ethics and decency!

    Cartoon — And you can bet that the only one’s to benefit from this benefit are the Republican undertakers.

    Hope you get to feeling a little better everyday! Although I am a bit better, I still hack away. Today the hacking is worse because I am up and down two flights of stairs doing laundry. We wouldn’t want a “nekkid” Sasquatch would we!

  8. Thanks all.  Sick Hugs. 19

  9. TNY: Hey, question Putin’s veracity?  If tRump did so, Putin just might pull the plug out of the Orange Gasbag!
    Alternet:  Aren’t these two guy connected to tRump?  Nothing he does, or touches, is not all about him!
    Common Dreams: “Misspoke” is code for “I lied my damned ass off!” 
    TC: Feel still better!

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