Happy Veterans Day!

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Nov 112017




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  1. YVW – and I probably could speak for all veterans, but I won’t.  I want to hear (=read) all the takes on this that I can.

  2. Care2 has been down for hours.  I’ll have to upload tomorrow. 26

    • Just came by to ask whether anyone had been able to get into Care2 since it shut down for scheduled maintenance at 11:00 a.m. Pacific.  Apparently not.  Apologies to people who deserve stars.  Eventually, I suppose!

    • It is 2300 hours and Care2 is still down.  Started at 1000 hours for maintenance.  That is a lot of maintenance!

  3. For Canadians, whether a veteran returns in a body bag, or walks off a troop carrier seemingly whole, we owe all veterans a debt of gratitude and support.  Thus we remember their sacrifices on the same day, unlike the US which has 2 separate days.

    Thanks to those who gave so much!

    On the piece that I published today on Remembrance Day, there is a picture at the very end with an inscription that explains in few words the greatness of the gifts of our soldiers.

    “They gave their tomorrows so we could have our today ….. Lest We Forget”

  4. Thanks for posting, TomCat.

  5. Good Morning!
    Seems that its still down, as I’ve tried a couple times now.

    I was very busy on Veterans Day, started at the local cemetery, and paid my respects. Taps played on the bagpipes during the fly over, is very symbolic to me, and I always choke up when this happens.  
    I went downtown to view the Parade, and they also had a Classic Car show going on. There were a couple female Vets there, so that was nice to talk to them. 

    Went out for lunch, to which it was packed, but free to all Vets.
    All in all…was a very nice day.

    Thank you all, and Tom for posting.

  6. Thanks all.  Care2 working a couple hours ago, but it was working the way it always seems to work after they “fix” stuff. 01

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