Bill Maher from 10/20

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Oct 212017

It’s that time of week again, and I’m happy to share three fine video clips from Bill’s show last night.  Enjoy!!

Monologue: Salt in the Wound


Bill may have been mistaken to present Tillerson positively in this. Chad withdrew its troops, which had stabilized the region, because Chad was added to the Republican Muslim Ban. This happened after Chad sued Tillerson’s company, Exxon, and made them pay $millions in past-due payments for Chad’s oil. That, along with a massive Republican intelligence failure, may well be why our soldiers died.

Janice Min: Predators in Power


Once Republican predators are outed, like Donald Trump and Clarence Thomas, Republicans ignore their crimes, and cover-up for them. Once Democratic predators are outed, like Weinstein and Weiner, we punish them and get them into therapy.  That says it all.

New Rule: ShitStarters


"Facebook is the place where thinking went to die." He sure got that right!

Now it’s time to…



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  1. All good.#3 is pretty spot on, imho.

  2. Bill – Salt – I knew about Chad pulling out because of the new “Muslim ban” but not that it was because of Tillerson’s company.  You know, “he knew what he signed up for” was pulled directly from that the casualty officer said to Kelly when Kelly’s son died.  But there are two reasons why that still was not good.  First, Kelly’s CO made it a part of a long list of appeals to the feelings of a general.  Trump took it out of context.  Second, a war widow cannot be expected to think and feel like a general.  To me, a veteran, (even though non-combat), I don’t think “he knew what he signed up for” is nearly as repulsive as “But I guess it hurts anyway.”  I guess ???!?!!

    Janice – Yeah.  We may, as individuals, take part in a coverup, and even passively is reprehensible, but, as individuals, we may be under terrible pressure to do so (as Janice says, pressure sufficient to cause PTSD).  But, once they are outed, we don’t condone it, and we do take what measures we believe are appropriate to deal with them.  Republicans defend theirs.

    New Rules – Even Gorbachev thinks, and went on record saying, that both Trump and Putin are – well – crazy.  And that this is dangerous.  For both.  Did you ever think you would wish for Gorbachev back?  Facebook – Bill says “Fakebook.”  Someone who comments where I do says “Facebork.”  Maybe we could settle on “Fakebork”?

  3. Hey, TC- Oxymoron alert: “Republican intelligence….”  WTF?  All the Maher pieces were good.  Equal rights would be nice, but this is a hugely hypocritical country.  An Op-Ed. pice in the NYTimes, on Tuesday spoke to the culture of racial bigotry wherein the vast majority of the states that have NOT bought into the ACA extensions, are just those with large black populations! It’s like “Anmal House,” where “Everyone is equal, but some are are equal.”
    Bill #3: “Facebook is where thinking went to die.”  How good is that?!  “…brain fart culture.”  Both rather priceless, IMHO.  

  4. #1 — “bluff, lie, attack” exactly!

    #2 — Good interview.  Participating in any cover up is not good, but when it comes to domestic violence, workplace harassment etc, covering up leads to more trouble.

    #3 — “Facebook is the place where thinking went to die.” Brilliant line!  And I laughed through the part about cock fighting, but it is an apt description of the effect of the Russian meddling, even including “… and the littlest cock won.”

  5. Thanks for the great Bill Maher videos again, TomCat.

    Still getting my head around how in America the cultural problem of men’s sexual abuse of women can be turned into a political issue. Everything is politicized these days and the resulting political divide is becoming deeper and deeper, encompassing almost everything now. Time is wasted on debates that do not really mater; denying that some things are general. i.e. cultural makes it impossible to even approach a solution to a multitude of problems.

  6. Thanks all!  Hugs! 17

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