Oct 202017


As Fuhrer Drumpfenfarten continues to demonstrate that every day, he is more insane, more greedy, more hateful, more incompetent and more dangerous than he was the day before, we become more and more frustrated that the Republican infestation of government prevents Democrats from ousting him.  We often ask, "Why don’t Republicans do something?"  I think we all have a pretty good idea, but the following article illustrates it superbly.

Republicans In Congress Profit From The Coming Trump Apocalypse

Somebody ought to write a self-help book for Republican politicians called, "How to Profit from the Coming Trump Apocalypse." Although, come to think of it, they’re doing pretty well with that already. The newspapers have been filled with stories of Trump’s tense relationship with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. And Trump’s escalating war of words with…

From this we see clearly that we do not have a Trump problem.  Trump is a symptom.  The disease is the Republican Party.  That disease must be excised.



  11 Responses to “Republican Reich Profits From Trump”

  1. Excellent article, that I must save and re-read over and over.Imho, they are all sonsabithches, that we must resist. Over and over!!

  2. Someone else referred me to this in Our Future (a lot of good stuff there) – it did, and still does, make me think about pickpockets.  Yes, they did love them some distractions.  Even better pickings than at the Globe, however, were at the public hangings of – pickpockets.  And … if they were ever running slow, one of them would shout loudly “Beware!  Look out for pickpockets!”  And, almost automatically, each man would put a hand to where he kept his money – so it would be easier for the pickpockets to find.  It all sounds very Republican, doesn’t it?

  3. This is why we need to elect genuine Progressives to every level of government. Make sure you are registered to vote, make sure your Progressive kith and kin are registered, support real Progressive candidates, help out at voter registration drives, offer to drive people to the polls – do all that you can. The next couple years are probably our last chance to turn this country around with legal and peaceful means.

  4. Watching Keith, last night, I bristled when he said “We can fix this,” or something to that effect.  Not so easily!  When G.W.bush took office, I had been of the opinion that it would take 20, or more, years to “fix” the crap he was going to create.  Well, are we not still in the “Afghanistan War?”  That began in 2001, and we are still putting our soldiers in danger there.  What about the SCOTUS justices he enabled?  And justices elsewhere, as tRump is doing?  It is going to take a huge, concerted effort to undue tRump’s damage, by congress, and then…there is the cultural damage: Giving Bannon a platform, and encouraging, and enabling the right-wing nut jobs.  If tRump is ousted, and Pence, or Ryan gets to be POTUS, then what?  And how MUCH more damage will we see created?? 
    We need to get the GOPigs out of control ASAP!!!!!!!  If the house can possibly change “color,” as it were, then Ryan will not be speaker, but that does not get Pence, and his Dominionist delusion out of the way.  What might he do, make Cruz (and his father, by extension) VP?

  5. “…few people are talking about the systemic failures of democracy that made him president in the first place…”? 01 Here on PP we know that isn’t true. Everything discussed in this excellent article has been topic and point of discussion here over and over again, right from the moment Drumpf got the GOP’s nomination.

    It’s good to see that other progressives also notice how the GOP is keeping Drumpf in power so that they can harvest, uhm steal, from Americans mesmerized/brainwashed by Drumpf’s utter madness. 05 When the GOP has bled the country dry while it wasn’t paying attention, they’ll heap all the blame on Drumpf and his clan and let them sink in the swamp where they came from.
    And saying this isn’t something that is new to PP either.

  6. I had an older female work colleague back in the mid 1970’s who used to say “Cut them off with a rusty open sardine can!”  I have not thought of her in years.

    Well I am going to appropriate her line for use with the Republican 1% mafia.

    Cut them off with a rusty open sardine can!

  7. Thanks all!  Sardine free hugs! 35

  8. Took me a while to read that one. And I was more SCARED after I read it than I was going in! Ugh!!! Why, OH WHY, can’t we get rid of the tangerine twit? He is pulling us farther and farther down the rabbit hole!
    Thanks, TC. I’m running way late!

  9. An interesting book titled “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump” – 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President. (it is on Amazon) Give me the willies. Don’t turn out your light after reading.

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