Samantha Bee from 10/11

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Oct 122017

It’s that time of week again, so here are four excellent video clips from Sam’s show last night.  Enjoy!!

Listen Up, Creeps: Weinstein Edition


Sam nailed it. Impeach Weinstein and the other pervert.

Abortion, Birth Control & Other Unnecessary Things


Republican right to life begins at ejaculation and ends at birth. Republicans believe that it is immoral for the rich to pay for anything, let alone birth control.

Finnish Fake News


It’s a great idea, but it only works if everyone does it. Once it’s already viral, Republican propaganda needs to be debunked.

A Penis PSA


Even though it’s something I don’t to, I shall not masturbate in front of employees. I trust Wendy will be pleased at that.

I hope you liked it.



  8 Responses to “Samantha Bee from 10/11”

  1. Sam – Harvey – People really don’t listen to what they themselves are saying, do they?  If Joe Predator acts out whnever he comes in contact with women, the solution is to segregate HIM out – not the women.  They are innocent.

    Finnish Fake – “We are more f***ed than I realized.”  Hey, we here realized it – didn’t we?  Well, the one piece of advice we can use is “don’t repeat the lie.”  I think.  Sigh.

    Abortion – “Downtrodden people of faith.”  I don’t have enough palms to facepalm that.  Or enough faces, either.

    PSA – Sam can certainly take plain common sense and put it in a way that – gets attention.

  2. Sam is spot on, with the news!! Love her!!Learned a lesson from the Finnish folks too, which is good!Kudos to Sam for her Penis PSA , well done!

    Thanks, Tom for sharing Sam ! πŸ˜‰

  3. thanks, stand strong,  stand together, persist, resist! can’t stop laughing…..

  4. Sam 🐝’s take on sexual harassment on the work floor throughout this show is excellent. She invites women to speak up about the negative experiences they’ve had and bring the problem more out into the open, but also speaks directly to men and tells them to keep their business in their pants. Very funny, and many men will laugh about it. Those who don’t will know why.

  5. Thanks all.  Lazy hugs! 33

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