Trickle Down from the Reich

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Oct 112017

As tempted as I am to focus on the ongoing Republican scandal that afflicts our nation on a daily basis, I think I’ll take time out to address an issue that should be of interest to all Americans, regardless of whether they are interested in politics or not.  The Reich is right about taxes.  I’m not referring to the Republican Reich.  The Reich on the right, is virtually always wrong.  I’m referring to the Reich on the left, who is virtually always right, Robert Reich.



Trump and conservatives in Congress are planning a big tax cut for millionaires and billionaires. To justify it they’re using the oldest song in their playbook, claiming tax cuts on the rich will trickle down to working families in the form of stronger economic growth.

Baloney. Trickle-down economics is a cruel joke. Just look at the evidence:

Inserted from <Robert Reich>

Republicans do plan to raise taxes and expenses for the poor and middle classes.

Resist Tax Cuts for the Rich!!



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  1. Another good video. RESIST tax cuts on the rich!

  2. Senator Claire McCaskill may have her faults, but she just publicly pointed out how much the Trum “tax reform” bill (should be called “tax deform” if you ask me) looks like Kansas.  And that may have been good for Dorothy and Toto, but it looks like the Wicked Witch of the West to the rest of us.

  3. (The photo in the above poster is from Dorothea Lange’s iconic series memorializing the ravages of the Dust Bowl)

    • Truthfully, the Blum version actually makes more sense than with money, which can be banked indefinitely, whereas table scraps spoil, and make a mess, and have to be cleaned up, which is a job the poor can do.  On the other hand, our wealthy are so greedy they’d probably rather compost the scraps than give the tiniest one to someone poor.

    • A truly trenchant way to describe the Reagan era BS!

    • The problem here is that only effect is fatter Banksters. 10

  4. No more needs to be said than No Name’s quote of Robert Blum.  Only the venal greedy need apply!

  5. Of course Reich is absolutely right; I don’t think I’ve ever seen a video of his that wasn’t spot-on. But the good people of Kansas or Louisiana seem to disagree and like all red states keep voting for Republicans who propagate these tax cuts for the rich on both state and federal level. I guess the rich Republican voters want to share their good fortunes with others, while the poor Republican voters want to share their misery. They won’t have to wait long; after this Republican congress pushes this “tax deform” (good one, Joanne) through, y’all will be sharing, in the misery most likely.

    America is no longer moving towards the slippery slope – it has reached the end of that with last years election – but is now only yards away from the edge of the cliff. I could shrug and wish Americans all the best were it not that America’s economic free-fall will drag the rest of us down with it. So:

  6. Thanks all!  Hugs! 18

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