The Dirty Power Plan

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Oct 102017

One of Barack Obama’s greatest achievements, given Republican obstruction and sabotage of everything he did, no matter how necessary, was Clean Power Plan.  Since saving the lives of poor people and producing clean power for less are both against Republican policy, they are introducing their own alternative: the Dirty Power Plan.


The Trump administration will scrap the Clean Power Plan (CPP), President Obama’s signature environmental policy aimed at fighting climate change, confirming earlier reports of such a move.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt said at an event in Kentucky he will sign a proposed rule on Tuesday "to withdraw the so-called clean power plan of the past administration."

The Clean Power Plan, which focused on cutting emissions from coal-burning power plants, was a major target of the current administration’s regulatory rollbacks. In March, President Trump signed the Executive Order on Energy Independence that called for a review of the CPP, which he considers a "war on coal."

And in June, Trump infamously announced plans to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris climate agreement, a global action plan to limit temperature rise to well below 2°C to avoid dangerous climate change. Without the CPP, the U.S. will not live up to its pledge made in Paris…

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Here’s a video report:

And here is what we’re going to lose.

If anyone thinks the approval process will be anything but a rubber stamp, please see me about the bridge I’m selling.

I guess RepubliCare is not the only Republican initiative designed to kill Americans.



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  1. EVERY Republican policy kills people.  EVERY SINGLE ONE.  The only differences are the specific causes of death and how fast they work.  This is no exception.  Honk if you miss Eisenhower.

  2. Resist and Persist is the Phrase of the Year! Keep signing those petitions, making those phone calls, sending those letters and messages and tweets, joining those protests! Make sure that you are registered to vote, and that all of your Progressive kith and kin are registered – then get your arse to the polls. Volunteer to transport those who don’t have the means to reach the polls, or give them write-in ballots. In fact, write-ins may be better in certain states, such as Georgia, which have dodgy voting systems.

  3. Sadly, nothing of any kindness to the environment will be around for our grandchildren, which is frightening.

    The ‘moron’ in charge and his cronies don’t care, and have got to go!!

  4. If Pres. Obama had instituted a White Power Plan, this cretan would be trying to void it! “The war on coal is over!” I believe that is what came from Pruitt’s second anus, but no…the war on the world has begun, and the Koch boys are funding it!

  5. I can’t express in words how angry this makes me (because I swear better in Dutch than in English, I guess). But seriously, the cuts the Clean Power Plan was projecting by 2030 were not sensational to begin with. By 2030 coal and natural (fracking) gas would still be responsible for 66% of the electrical energy in the US. And now even those wee milestones will be abandoned.

    Given the “robust, open and transparent” way Republicans have “repealed” Obamacare, everyone can see that the Clean Power Plan repeal will be nothing but a farce. With Trumpcare the rest of the world could shrug and say that Americans had only to thank themselves for that if it ever came to fruition, because they voted for Republicans and Drumpf knowing what their intentions for Obamacare were. The same could be said for Dumpf’s/the GOP’s/ the Kochs’ Dirty Power plan, except this will have enormous impact on the rest of the world too and the rest of the world didn’t vote for this, nor can it influence a government which will think in terms of “America first”, or rather “America only” in global issues and which has no vision on the future at all and can’t see beyond the next election. We all depend now on those states willing to defy the American federal government and do whatever they can to continue the “war on coal”, gas and all other fossil fuels.

  6. Thanks all!  Hugs! 16

  7. I don’t know where my comment went, but here it is as copied from Care2 which was copied from PP.

    The EPA saying the rollback of regulations would be done in a “Robust, open and transparent way.”  Not a bloody chance!  Such is anathema to Republicans!  

    Unless I missed something, I think it is safe to say that Goffman (2nd vid) does not work for the EPA anymore.  It is absolutely disgusting that Drumpf is rolling back the CPP, more like shoving it of a cliff, and why? . . . because Obama brought it in. 

    Republicans are the party of death.


    Resist, Persist and Remove!!!

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