Sep 172017

Here is the ninety-fifth article in our Republicans on Parade series, featuring individuals who personify what the Republican Party has become. Today’s honoree is Republican Firefighter Tyler Roysdon. He is so honored for his representation of Republican hate and racism.

0917racistA volunteer Franklin Township, Ohio, firefighter lost his job after his racist Facebook post came to light.

What made the post especially egregious was that his rant was not just derogatory to black people, but it actually related specifically to his job.

WHIO reports that 20-year-old Tyler Roysdon was suspended without pay Tuesday by Fire Chief Steve Bishop after a Facebook post attributed to him said that if he had to choose between saving a dog or a black man from a burning building that he would save the dog first because “one dog is more important than a million niggers.”… [emphasis added]

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Here is a video source.

Now, this Republican could not have acted more like a Republican, so he clearly deserves his parade.

Hoiwever, if he had said that one handsome, intelligent tuxedo cat was more important than a million Republicans, that would have been completely accurate. Winking smileCat face



  14 Responses to “Republicans on Parade – 9/17/2017”

  1. 99th edition of Repuglicons on Parade makes the next a 100 and you have enough information for at least a 1000 certainly

  2. oops I read it wrong, 95 not 99th, but you surely will have information for a 1000 anyway

  3. Yep, these racists/haters are coming out of the woodpile,…just like the rats who live there. ugh!!!

  4. Now, you know no Republican is smart enough to recognize the value of a cat.  I would put it at over a million Republicans myself.  Wastes of oxygen, they are.

  5. And, for whom do you guess this pos voted, in 2016? My money is on Rumpy!
    Like so many other typical Rethugs, this guy has no heart, compassion, nor inkling that he is just one more human, as are the million other people whose value he would ignore.

  6. Did that dork of a firefighter really think that no one would see his infantile rant on Facebook? Well, anybody who would past something so nasty and ignorant probably is a ramp short of a cloverleaf. He asked for it, he got it!
    As for the cartoon, the most amazing thing about that picture is they are all standing upright. One would expect their knuckles to be a lot closer to the ground.

  7. Drumpf’s election has given carte blanche to all kind of Republican nobodies to achieve their 10 minutes of “fame” by spouting their sick racism on Facebook. The scary thing that after all the angry old white men having had their say, a whole wave of angry young men just crawled out of their eggs and want their say too. Tyler Roysdon is only 20 years old, about the age of a lot of the white supremacist and NeoNazis that marched on Charlottesville, and as a Republican on Parade stands for another lost generation. Unless you’re Republican, of course.

  8. I don’t know where this POS came from, but he should go back.  There is no place in the world for attitudes like this.

    I agree with you Lona — Drumpf’s promotion of and use of discrimination and bigotry during his campaign has given rise to a whole bunch of nasty attitudes that has infected American society.  

  9. This is typical of the idiots on the Far Right. Can’t understand why they are coming out so much lately, LOL! 

  10. Thanks all.  Hugs! 19

    See today’s Open thread to learn Facebook’s new name.

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