Fuhrer Equals Failure

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Aug 202017

The New York Times, aka the Gray Lady, tends to be very balanced in it’s editorial positions, often so much so that they have drawn criticism from me for presenting Republican lies with the same weight as progressives’ facts.  This morning I witnessed something I never thought I’d see: an absolute condemnation of not only a [p]Resident, but also, the leadership of both the House and Senate in an editorial.


With each day, President Trump offers fresh proof that he is failing the office that Americans entrusted to him. The rolling disaster of his presidency accelerated downhill last week with a news conference on Tuesday at which he seemed determined to sow racial strife in a nation desperate for a unifying vision.

Since the 1930s it has not typically been a challenge for an American leader to denounce Nazism. But there is nothing typical about this president; urged by some of his advisers and family members to summon the majesty and moral authority of the presidency to heal the wounds of last weekend’s neo-Nazi violence in Charlottesville, to put the good of the country before personal pique, he chose instead to deliver a defense of white supremacists that raised as never before profound doubts about his moral compass, his grasp of the obligations of his office and his fitness to occupy it.

This, in essence, is where we are now: a nation led by a prince of discord who seems divorced from decency and common sense. The alarm bells were loud and swift. Five members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff delivered a rare rebuke, condemning race-based extremism in the military and the nation. Foreign leaders, from Secretary General António Guterres of the United Nations to Prime Minister Theresa May of Britain, condemned intolerance and a failure of leadership in the White House.

Of all the many complaints and condemnations, the strongest came from Mr. Trump’s putative allies in the business community, a glittering who’s who of financial and corporate leaders who began resigning from two White House advisory councils early last week, ultimately forcing the president to dissolve both panels in order to spare himself the humiliation of further corporate desertions. The White House ultimately abandoned a third advisory council, on infrastructure, an area where Mr. Trump had hoped to fulfill at least one of his campaign promises to create jobs… [emphasis added]

From <NY Times>

I strongly recommend that you click through and read this editorial in its entirety.  You may never see anything like this again!



  8 Responses to “Fuhrer Equals Failure”

  1. All I can say is WOW.  I do note also the signature line on it is “The Editorial Board.”  That suggests unanimity, something rarely achievable by ANY group.

  2. AWESOME!!! Well said, excellent article! Kudos to the editorial team of NYT.

    (Time magazine also has excellent articles called ‘Hate in America’. ‘Bigots, boosted by the Bully Pulpit’ to name a few. )

  3. The Gray Lady has rebuked Drumpf before, but this time any remaining cushioning has gone and she now carries a big stick. And she hits out at both Drumpf and his enablers, the Republican party’s leadership, which is refreshing. Individuals may have taken a stick to the GOP leadership in an Op-Ed but it probably is a first for the Editorial Board of the New York Times. Kudos to them! The times are a changing and Drumpf is sinking ever lower in the cesspool of his own making:

  4. Excellent piece!  The Times editorial board lays everything out clearly.  I can just hear Drumpf howling about this piece as “fake news” and threatening to sue the paper.  He already doesn’t like the Grey Lady so this opinion piece will not endear her to him.  The fireworks are likely to make the 4th of July look anti climactic.

  5. Failed presidency?

    Hell, I say he’s failed as a human being!

  6. The “Editorial Staff” indicates an official position, where most editorials are the opinions of that particular editor.

    Thanks all.  Hugs!! 18

  7. Good to see!  There is no decency among the GOPig leadership, and the word would experience magical spontaneous combustion, were it to be attributed to Trump, at any point in his life!

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