Aug 182017

I’m preparing to leave for my medical appointment and will publish this when I return this afternoon.  I misread the football schedule.  My Broncos play on Saturday evening and will be televised here.  Wooo Hooo!!  Back.  Excellent results!

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Short Takes:

From YouTube (RWW Channel): Josh Bernstein Says Liberal Group Leaders Should Be Tried For Treason In Wake Of Charlottesville

Barf Bag Alert!!


Damn that Obama! What criminal audacity he had to govern while black. And he even said that black people should be allowed to vote! Treason!!! … Is this Fascist serious? No wonder the pseudo-Christian sheeple still goose-step with a piddle pervert! RESIST!!

From the New Yorker: After many noticed their silence amid the calamitous events of the past several days, Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, confirmed on Wednesday that they have been enjoying a late-summer vacation in a moral vacuum.

In a brief interview with reporters, Trump said that she and Kushner were “just loving” their time in the moral vacuum, calling it “our very favorite place to be.”

“It’s heaven,” she said. “We get up in the morning and never give a thought to our responsibility as Jews, Americans, or moral actors whose decisions have consequences for other people.”

Andy is reporting straight news again. RESIST!!

From Daily Kos: \There is still a segment of America out there that believes Trump’s public pronouncements—about African Americans, Latinos, Muslims, Jews, really anyone of different color or faith than himself—are some type of political invention,  an opportunistic, contrived pose to please the base of people who put him into office.

No. He’s a real, genuine, dyed-in-the-wool racist. The real deal.

Buried in this New York Times piece about how Trump has emboldened the white supremacist movement is an observation about Trump by his aides that explains when Trump is away from the cameras he’s just as much of a racist as he has sounded during this past week:

No word in the Trump lexicon is as tread-worn as “unprecedented.” But members of the president’s staff, stunned and disheartened, said they never expected to hear such a voluble articulation of opinions that the president had long expressed in private.

In other words, Trump wakes up hating African Americans, Latinos, Jews and Muslims, and goes to bed hating African-Americans, Latinos, Jews and Muslims. When he goes to the bathroom or eats his Froot-Loops he’s thinking—and more than that, he’s talking—about how much he hates African- Americans, Latinos, Jews and Muslims.

He’s spouting so much bigotry at his aides in private that they’re embarrassed it’s all now being spilled out in public.

The Fuhrer has pegged himself again! RESIST!!

From NY Times: [In]Justice Neil M. Gorsuch, President Trump’s Supreme Court appointee, is scheduled to address a conservative group at the Trump International Hotel in Washington next month, less than two weeks before the court is set to hear arguments on Mr. Trump’s travel ban.

Stephen Gillers, an expert on legal ethics at New York University, questioned the justice’s decision to speak at the hotel, which is at issue in lower-court cases challenging the constitutionality of payments to Mr. Trump’s companies.

“At this highly divisive political moment, especially as many Trump decisions are likely soon to reach the court’s docket, one just days later, a healthy respect for public confidence in the court should have led Justice Gorsuch to demur,” he said.

Justice Gorsuch declined to comment, said Kathleen L. Arberg, the Supreme Court’s public information officer.

Whoresuch sees no conflict. He already knows he’ll side with his Fuhrer no matter what evidence is presented. RESIST!!

From LA Times: Exactly one year ago, Donald Trump tapped conservative media insurgent Stephen K. Bannon as chief executive of his campaign, affirming that while Trump was the nominee, his was a hostile takeover of the Republican Party: with Bannon, he would take it in a new direction — nationalist, nativist and economically populist.

Bannon got some credit for Trump’s upset win and then, as chief strategist in the White House, for his early orders against immigrants, refugees, and more. On Friday, suddenly he was out. Perhaps appropriately, his ouster came in a week in which Trump left no doubt his voice is his own. Bannon was no ventriloquist.

Trump is not a Nazi because of his association with Bannon. Trump is a Nazi, because he represents the views of the Republican Party, and they represent his views. Bannon sees the bottom of the bus, only to give Trump a way to hide. Nothing has changed. RESIST!!




  11 Responses to “Open Thread – 8/18/2017”

  1. BBA: Blame everyone else…so full of hate, and more hate…ugh.

    NYer: Ain’t that the truth, lol, Andy.

    DK: He took an Oath of Office, and yet, everyday, with every action, with every comment, he defies this sacred promise to the American people. “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.” Yes, he is the head honcho of bigotry, hate, etc., It would be wonderful if every one of his aides, walked out. Left the building. He’s got to go!!

    NYT: Of course. Isn’t it all show? I believe it is. He’ll do dt’s bidding.

    LAT: Glad he out!! Next!!!………

    Cartoon: I remember watching this on our little B&W t.v. back in the day. It was such an inspiration!

    WooHoo! Glad your results were good. Hope that you have a relaxing evening. Take good care, and Thanks, Tom.

    • p.s. I wish that Mr. Obama was still in the WH….he would do so much in a day, than dt would ever do in his lifetime. just sayin’

  2. YT / RWW: Definitely a BARF BEG ALERT! Where did he come from… Ugh to Josh Bernstein.
    New Yorker: Sounds like moral turpitude with Drumpf as its head in this portion of the family.
    Kos: Finally, Drumpf declares himself as an outright racist. When will the GOP declare that its party is also racist?
    NYT: A “whore” for Drumpf is why Gorsuck was nominated and got a seat on the Supreme Court. Conflict of interest…
    LA Times: Many of us saw through Drumpf and Bannon in the early days. Too bad that the sheeple who voted for Drumpf and the GOP did not see the early warning signs. Many of them are now realizing the error of their thinking and voting. Supporters of Drumpf remain a bit less but the GOP’s popularity is sinking lower and lower these days.
    Cartoon: History for technology. Wish we had more explorations these days.
    GOOD NEWS: We need a bit of it these days.
    Great news as HBO finally announces Jon Stewart’s official return to television after nearly two years.

  3. 3:43  It’s tough to hang on to the pieces when one is sneezing!

    WTactualF!  I take one day (OK, one day every two weeks, but TODAY – ) to go visit hubby in prison, I come back, and Bannon is out, the Arts Council has resigned en masse with a letter containing “RESIST” in code, the first white NFL player breaks the color line to support blacks on the National Anthem, half the population of Durham is channelling Spartacus, in Tampa Bay their pro sports teams volunteer to pick up the tab for moving Confederate statues, Murdoch Junior gives a million bucks to the ADL – is this really happening, or am I having allergic hallucinations from so much sneezing?  ZOMFG !!!!

    RWW – I know who should be tried for treason, and it ain’t us.

    TNY – Colbert did a segment imagining their first Sabbath meal with their rabbis after all of this.  I haven’t seen it yet but have marked it.

    DKos – Yes, I had figured that out.  Confirmation always helps, though.

    NYT – Not just whoring, but whoring in public in broad daylight.  Mm-Hmm.

    LAT – There are petitions up to fire the rest of them, including Gorka and Miller.  I honestly don’t know of the two which is worse.

    Cartoon – I was in boot camp (Officer Basic) at the time.  I do remember the photo being taken.

  4. RWW: Is there an emoticon where the emojis jaw hits the desk/keyboard,  TomCat? Because I’m desperately in need of one. This is so much idiocy from a mentally disturbed man that I’m lost for words, and such an emoticon would certainly get my message across.

    TNY: 1407😈 I’ve been wondering myself how they can live with themselves when working for daddy and daddy in law. They’ve managed to get rid of Bannon, so they’re probably thinking they’re doing the right thing.

    DK: Of course racist, bigoted Drumpf is the real deal. Most Americans have known that from the start and some had hoped he wasn’t,  or would learn to appear otherwise, because of the guilty conscience they got stuck with when they voted for him. But he is a bigot and the base of people who put him into office couldn’t be more delighted.

    NYT: Goresuch speaks to conservatives in a Drumpf hotel. He might as well have given the senators who have vetted him the middle  finger. I hope that he’s taking things too far the rest of SCOTUS and demand that he’ll recuse himself from all cases concerning Drumpf.

    LAT: Drumpf hired  Brannon because Bannon shared Drumpf’s views, and Drumpf needed someone who stood by him and could translate the chaotic bigotry floating around in his head into something his base could relate to and who had the plans he needed to turn more voters /supporters over for him. But with both having the subtlety of a bull elephant and with Bannon lighting with Kushner, Brannon had to go. Another one of the Drumpf team under Miller’s scrutiny bites the dust; but as you say,  TomCat,  nothing changes.

    Glad your health check went well and with excellent results. Time to meditate. Enjoy!

  5. Puzzle — 3:47 I got seasick!

    RWW — Barf Bag Alert indeed!  More than just a little projection, don’t you think!  The only ones I see trying to divide the US are Drumpf and Republicans.  When this bonehead says divide America, he is really saying “divide white America” because no one else matters.  This Republican cretin makes me ill!

    The New Yorker — “Andy is reporting straight news again.” — No, no!  Andy is reporting straight news STILL!

    Daily Kos — Drumpf was raised at his father’s knee and his father was a white supremacist, arrested for same in 1924.  Not only did he follow his father into business, he continued to make racism and bigotry the family business.

    NY Times — Gorsuch was elevated to SCOTUS by Drumpf, and now the first installment payment is due.

    LA Times — “Nothing has changed.”  — So true!  Bannon has pledged to fight for Drumpf from outside the WH, from Brietbart.  If anything, being outside gives Bannon more freedom.  As to Drumpf, he learned his Nazism at his father’s knee.  He is as he has always been — a racist and bigot!

    Cartoon — I’ll bet it doesn’t look the same now.  We’ve had 51 years to destroy it more!

    I am very glad to hear that your medical appointment went well.  Take care!

  6. WOW!  Good news on the health AND football fronts!

    (I just hope you rank them in that order.)

  7. Thanks all.  Pooped busy hugs! 15

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