Aug 172017

By now Wendy is on her way to Southern Oregon for a country music festival.  So yesterday I serenaded her that I will never rope my goat again, until I have her love.  Unfortunately, that means I don’t get my Sunday morning shower until Monday evening.  All Sasquatches, who are downwind, be warned!  Tonight is a Holy Night in the Church of the Ellipsoid Orb, but the worship service between my Broncos and the 49ers will not be televised here.  Tomorrow, I have a routine biannual checkup with my Pulmonologist, so please expect no more than a Personal Update tomorrow.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 3:52 (average 5:43).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From YouTube (MoveOn Channel): Trump’s Unstaffed Administration


As we are shocked more and more each day by the hatred and corruption of Trump’s Republican Reich, let’s not get too sidetracked to remember their utter and unprecedented incompetence. RESIST!!

From The New Yorker: A growing chorus of Americans is demanding that an offensive symbol of racism be removed from public property.

Creating outrage since it was first installed at a historic landmark in January, the symbol, a figure of a man standing six feet two and weighing approximately two hundred and fifty pounds, has emerged as one of the most despised objects in the country.

Now, less than seven months after the figure’s installation, calls for its removal have spread from home to abroad, with many of the nation’s allies wondering what possessed Americans to put such an odious figure in such a visible position.

Large protests broke out this week in New York City, where the offensive symbol was briefly on display.

And, we should ship that vile symbol to where it belongs and can be displayed by its owner . RESIST!!

From Daily Kos: …No matter how many times someone talks about “economic uncertainty,” anyone who voted for Donald Trump had to be comfortable with someone who was perfectly willing to attack someone based on race, religion, or gender—with disabilities tossed in for a side dish. While pundit and politicians of all stripes are still quick to say that not all Trump voters were racists, that doesn’t matter.

Trump voters were willing to accept racism to get what they wanted. That’s all it takes.

Where Trump is taking Republicans, and the nation, now is only a further step down the road they were already walking. He already told them that Mexicans were worse than they were, and deserving of contempt. They agreed to that. He already told them that Muslims were evil, and deserving of death. They agreed to that. He already told them that African Americans were lazy, and violent, and disrespectful to the police, and unable to think for themselves. Trump voters may contend that they voted for him because he promising more jobs in Ohio, or to burn more coal in West Virginia, or bring more auto factories back to Michigan, or make more steel in Pennsylvania—even though he didn’t say how he would do any of those things. But to get what they wanted, they were willing to accept it.

What Trump is asking of Republicans now is that they only take the next logical step and agree that Nazis, the KKK, and white nationalists of all stripes are okay. Or, if not okay, at least no worse than the people fighting against racism, hatred, and bigotry…

Very well said. Republicans from Putrid Pence, Bought Bitch Mitch and Lyin’ Ryan down have two choices. They can publicly reject Trump and everything he represents, or through their silence, they can embrace the sheet, hood and swastika. There is no middle ground. RESIST!!




  10 Responses to “Open Thread – 8/17/2017”

  1. 4:18  At least you’ll have water – maybe.

    The special election to replace Jefferson Beauregard Sessions in the Senate now has two candidates.  The Republican candidate will be Roy Noore, you remember, the former judge who was remved from the bench for cause but was voted back in.  Twice.  In Alabama, Democrats need a superhero to win.  But we may just have one. 

    Everyone seems to like the VoteVets ads, so here’s the newest one.

    MoveOn – Of course, this is a feature, not a bug.  It’s not just Trump, but his key advisers, who don’t want there to be a government at all.  Of course, if they succeed, they will eventually realize that all those agencies were there to protect them too, but meanwhile, the rest of us will be dead.

    TNY – I’ve been making a case that Germany has turned concentration camps into educational sites, so as not to deny the Holocaust happened, but to condemn it, not to glorify it.  I have been suggesting Andersonville as such a site for Confederate “Memorials.”  But I gather you are thinking of Trump Tower.  Well, that works.

    DKos – This is perhaps only marginally on topic, but I am vecoming more and more uncomfortable with the term “Antifa.”  I would have thought our experiences working for women’s health would have taught us that it’s always a mistake to let the opposition define us as being anti what they are pro.  I gather the term antifa has a history, but it doesn’t have a history lately, if that’s clear, and it’s being used by the Alt-Right (Nazis) as a cuss-word.  Let’s not go there.  What about Pro-Human?  Or Pro-Dignity?  I know there are a lot of people more creative than I am.

    Cartoon – In Russia, tea served in glasses, not cups.

  2. MO: It’s been scary since he (dt) came into office.

    NYer: Yes! In total agreement, not only removed, but imprisoned as well.

    DK: The repugs will stand beside, and behind Voldemort, and have sworn allegiance to him, by their actions, and lack of standing up to him, and owning a spine. They’re as revolting as he is.

    Cartoon: Through and through!!

    Hope your prayers are answered in Church. I been start praying as my guys play NE on Saturday. Good and safe travels to your appointment tomorrow, and get some rest! Take care, and Thanks, Tom.

    *Joanne, your video is very telling, ברכות! (Blessings!) to this Veteran, and Gentleman. Thank you.

  3. The New Yorker:  I shared this on Facebook, love Andy.
    Daily Kos:  This perfectly describes the Trump supporters. I would enjoy the dilemma our GOP Congress faces from him, if we were not in danger from his antics.
    Cartoon:  Perfect.

  4. You better not hang around on Care2 as long as your goat isn’t roaped, TomCat, in case something happens to it and you’re accused of neglect or abuse. And if you tie it down, you can point at it if someone asks where the smell comes from.

    MO: I can’t see any videos at the moment, but if the title is any indication perhaps it’s better that his administration is under-staffed rather than staffed with the incompetence that do more damage than good. As little as possible from Drumpf’s agenda shouldbe accomplished.

    TNY: That vile object should be taken down to the basement…uhm dungeon.

    DK: Top notch argumentation,  from DK and from TomCat.

  5. Puzzle — 3:41 Drumpf may claim to drain the swamp but I drained the bottle!  BTW, he did not drain the swamp only increased its size.

    Move On — From Trump on down, all of this administration is guilty of treason or sedition, not the legal definition perhaps, but they have all contributed to the dismantling of the structures and institutions that support the people.  That cannot be allowed to continue.  It must be brought to heel.  The other day, I read a short piece where one of Drump’s longtime business partners told his family that he and Drumpf were going to prison.  It is thought that this business partner and Manafort may have both cooperated with the special counsel.  If this is true, and I hope it is, that is when the expanded swamp will start to drain assuming that Pence does not continue in the same way and assuming he is not tied in.

    The New Yorker — A statue of Drumpf . . . surround it with a pigeon coop and let the hordes of pigeons living in it shit all over him!  Another idea as TC says, is to ship  it “To Russia With Love” . . . maybe after removing it from the pigeon coop and not cleaning it up!

    Daily Kos — Well Sessions at least already has his sheet and hood washed and ironed and ready to wear. . . and likely Bannon too!  The rest are on order.  I do not see any of them changing their ways, unfortunately.

    Cartoon — Indeed!

    Well temperatures have certainly moderated, thankfully.  The winds are coming in from the SSW today (from the direction of Portland).  Perhaps with the cooler temps and some rain, will keep the TomCat perfume at bay!  Busy day yesterday so I had to do my comments today.  I kept falling asleep!  Good luck with the checkup today! 

  6. Thanks all Hugs! 14

    The monument is thew living Trump.  Sending it to it’s owner is sending it to Russia.

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