A Major Heil from the Fuhrer

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Aug 162017

All along, Republicans have been saying that Trump is not a racist, not a Nazi, and not a white supremacist.  Confronted with the flood of hate speech he has spewed from early in his campaign to the present, Republican pundits say that he really doesn’t believe that.  He’s just saying what segments of the base needd to hear.  Yesterday, he removed all doubt.  He clicked his heels, raised his arm, and screamed "Heil!"  The Alt-right Nazi Republicans and KKK Republicans loved it.


President Trump buoyed the white nationalist movement on Tuesday as no president has done in generations — equating activists protesting racism with the neo-Nazis and white supremacists who rampaged in Charlottesville, Va., over the weekend.

Never has he gone as far in defending their actions as he did during a wild, street-corner shouting match of a news conference in the gilded lobby of Trump Tower, angrily asserting that so-called alt-left activists were just as responsible for the bloody confrontation as marchers brandishing swastikas, Confederate battle flags, anti-Semitic banners and “Trump/Pence” signs.

“Thank you President Trump for your honesty & courage to tell the truth,” David Duke, a former Ku Klux Klan leader, wrote in a Twitter post [KKK Republican delinked] shortly after Mr. Trump spoke.

Richard B. Spencer, a white nationalist leader who participated in the weekend’s demonstrations and vowed to flood Charlottesville with similar protests in the coming weeks, was equally encouraged. “Trump’s statement was fair and down to earth,” Mr. Spencer tweeted [Nazi Republican delinked]…

From <NY Times>

Even to a monster like Trump, that level of hatred just does not come naturally.  It has to be learned.  And that begs the question, "Where did Trump learn it?"  Last night, Rachel Maddow addressed that issue.

Normally, one would say, the apple does not fall far from the tree, but in Trump’s case, the tree took a big dump, and that bad apple was Trump.



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  1. Who could have imagined a year ago that we’d actually end up with a white supremacist Nazi sympathizer in the White House – and surrounded by a cabal of like-minded hate-mongers!

    Words fail me.

    Hopefully it will at least make his removal from office easier.  But please, Mr. Mueller – HURRY!  Our nation’s (?world?) survival literally depends on it!

  2. As Maya Angelou said (and Hillary Clinton and others have been quoting), when someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”  Only those who pooh-poohed that could possibly have been surprised.  Well, that’s the White House staff, isn’t it?

    I do also want to point out – also no surprise that there is no such thing as the Alt-Left.   The US barely even has a left at all

  3. While he (dt) spews his hatred for the media, he argues about the treatment of the Alt-Right. Vile, and disgusting, and absolutely horrible!! He supports them, and embraces violence!

  4. The man is a very, very sick dude!  If he believes this crap, he is a sick dude!  If he does not believe this crap, and is just playing to the racists, he is a sick dude!  One way, or another, he is a sick dude, and I believe he believes the crap.
    I’m not going to watch the Maddow piece, but expect that it is about his father, and his beliefs.
    If he’s “only” been playing them, he’s not going to come out and say so: “Hey, you bozo’s, I don’t believe your crap, I have been using you, and your stupidity for my personal gain.  What, you don’t believe that?  Listen, I’m a flaming narcissist, and I do nothing, you hear, nothing, believe me, that serves anyone’s purposes but MINE!”

    • It leads up to a mention of his father, through an analysis of the 1924 Presidential election, specifically the Democratic Convention, which went to 103 ballots before giving up and choosing a nonentity.  Al Smith was one of the contenders; you likely recall he was Catholic.  The other was a guy named William Gibbs McAdoo, who was endorsed by the Klan and did not reject that endorsement.  He was incidentally married to Woodrow Wilson’s daughter.  And, yes, Fred Trump was arrested as a Klan member somewhere around/after that time.

  5. He showed his true colors again, but his supporters will not desert him. I will never understand that!

  6. Of course the neo Nazis and the white supremacists won’t desert Drumpf because he has validated, and continues to validate their cause.  Hopefully, the ordinary Americans who make up part of his base will now see him for who he really is — a narcissistic, vengeful sociopath who has no allegiance to anyone or anything except himself — and will desert him.  That will really tick him off but he will come out swinging with invectives targeting that very base that leaves him as losers.  In my opinion, he is evil incarnate.

    Rachel’s history lesson was fabulous for understanding some white supremacy background and Drumpf’s background.

    The sooner this asshole resigns or is impeached, the better! 

    Make America Great Again!  Make America Safe Again!  DUMP TRUMP!!!!!

    Resist, Persist and Remove!!!

  7. Thanks all.  Hugs!  Down with the Republican Rectum Reich! 42

  8. Where did my yesterday’s comment go?

    Excellent coverage by Rachel Maddow of Drumpf paving the way for the fascistic, nationalistic elements in American culture to crawl back to political power. And she’s showing that this attempt to normalize the KKK and other alt-right groups is deliberate, and not Drumpf going rogue at the spur of the moment on home turf, and that it stems from a family tradition, as his father was actually a member of the KKK in his days.

    If any one sane American with a conscience still had doubts about what a despicable man Drumpf is, Rachel surely must have taken it away with this award winning piece of journalism. And it should have everyone wondering what hold he has over his wife Melania, who apparently is a devout Roman Catholic, and his son in law Kushner who is Jewish and who is supposed to broker a peace deal between the Israeli and the Palestinians. How can they stand by the man who defends the KKK who rallied in Charlottesville with their signature antisemitic and racist slogans, admitting that their rally had nothing to do with the statue?

    But as Rachel said, Republicans only mildly rebuked Drumpf for his pro alt-right speeches. When will enough be enough. It feels like they’re waiting for the riots to start so they can blame the latest creation of the White House, the “alt-left”for it and stand behind their Führer again. Wish Mueller and his grand jury made haste.

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