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It has been a frustrating day for me.  Last night, I unlocked my desk to take my bedtime meds, locked it up, and went directly to bed.  When I got up, I started to prepare breakfast and headed for the throne, but I could not lock my door, because the lanyard with my keys, that I wear 24/7, was not around my neck.  It has to be in my room, because I had never left the room, since the last time  I used it.  I searched for three hours and could not find it.  I finally broke down and called a locksmith to pick and re-key the lock on my desk, so I could take my meds.  That’s $255 worth of ARGH!  The Manager gave me the duplicate room keys and a new door FOB.  To make matters worse, 89° may not be 90°, but it’s still too stinking hot!  Tomorrow will be better at 80°, but it will take two or three days for the building to bleed off the heat.  TGIF!!

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 3:35 (average 4:49).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Religious Ecstasy:


The important part was the first quarter and the first half of the second, because both teams substituted liberally after that.  At that point, my Broncos led 10 – 0.  The Bears introduced a rookie QB named Mitch Trobiski.   Watch out world!  Some day that Bear will shit in the woods, and wherever else he wants!

Short Takes:

From Alternet: Stephen Colbert knows exactly where he stands on President Trump’s “fire and fury” threat toward North Korea.

“I’d like to go on the record. I do not want the Earth to blow up,” the Late Show host said. “That’s where my house is.”

He described the president’s threatening language as being akin to telling North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, “Go ahead, kill everybody. I’ll kill ’em deader. Then who wins?”

I found video.

The Fuhrer needs to stop making war decisions from his golf cart. RESIST!!

From Raw Story: President Donald Trump supporter and CNN contributor Jeffrey Lord is facing accusations of promoting Nazism.

According to Media Matters, Lord published an article attacking their organization that misspelled their president, Angelo Carusone’s, last name. When Carusone pointed that out, Lord responded with a tweet that simply said “Sieg Heil!” [Nazi delinked], the infamous Nazi salute.


Will CNN ban Bannon too? Please? RESIST!!

From Mother Jones: As President Donald Trump doubles down on his aggressive efforts to locate and deport undocumented immigrants, California’s Democratic lawmakers have been drafting a bill that would put new limits on federal immigration authorities’ ability to operate in the state. If passed into law, the California Values Act would erect a legal wall between California and Trump’s immigration policies. The bill, authored by State Senate President Pro-Tempore Kevin de León, would effectively bar cooperation between federal immigration authorities and California’s local, county, and state law enforcement agencies.

Even though the state might be Californicated, this is a great idea. RESIST!!




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  1. 4:24  I went to this right after X-posting The Fun, and the colors were so similar, I kept forgetting what I was supposed to be seeing!

    Weather – thunder and lightning here – thought the Mooch was gone!

    I couldn’t wait – I looked up the score (and smiled) – but your account is far more colorful.

    AlterNet – My house is there – here – too, Stephen.

    Raw Story – I believe he has been officially fired.  (And, apparently,. so has Godwin’s Law.)

    MoJo – Calling California “californicated” is reminiscent of Scaramucci’s unforgettable Bannon image.  And, yes, this is a great idea, as long as it doesn’t lead to secession.  The rest of the United States needs both coasts, whether they admit it or not.

     Cartoon – Oh, yeah, I see it coming.  Faithful America has a petition up calling out “Pastor” Jeffress. 

    • Californicated goes way back and is an Oregon thing.  When I first got here, thousands of cars had “Don’t Californicate Oregon” bumper stickers. 14

      • Oh, yes.  Here too.  For decades.  Back to the 80’s.  “Don’t Californicate Colorado.”   But it was always something California was doing to OTHER states, not to itself.   That’s what amused me.

      • Here in Oregon we were tal;king to each other.  Republicans controlled the legislature back then, and every time California proved that an idea did not work, Oregon adopted it. 18

  2. Religious Ecstasy: If only that had been the Super Bowl. Ecstasy++: The Broncos beating the Cowboys. Even more ecstatic: The Broncos beating the Giants.
    Cartoon: Reminds me of Mark Twain’s observation that if Jesus was live today the one thing he would NOT be is a Christian.

    • He would not be a Republican Supply-side pseudo-Christian.  He would not be welcome in their churches.  They would crucify him.  44

  3. AN: Good Lord, somebody shut his A – – up!!!! What’s with Pence standing by, meekly, while his Führer was spewing these insults and threats?? Guess he doesn’t care if we all die either, eh? w.t.H.????

    RS/MM: Glad CNN got rid of him, read an article somewhere, that he was called a ‘Bigoted Sycophant’, which describes him well. Glad he’s gone. for now, anyway!

    MJ: At least one state is standing up for immigrants, and for their rights to live here….Kudos to Jerry Brown!

    Cartoon: Gulp!! *Joanne, signed petition. Last sentence of petition after signing…”Twisting the words of scripture to justify nuclear war runs deeply counter to Jesus’s message of peace and reconciliation.” AMEN!

    I feel your morning frustration, glad you got it resolved. Glad you got a good game from your guys, your prayers were answered. We’re supposed to be back in the 100’s all next week, weather wise. ugh! Hope you have a good evening, take care, and Thanks, Tom.

  4. That sucks.  Any idea on what happened to the lanyard?  It didn’t walk away by itself.

  5. Alternet: Bad internet connections here intervene with some videos more than others, and this one ends up with an error. Darn, I could have done with a bit of satire, there’s little to laugh about in the Aussie media, especially not since the Aussies have offered Drumpf their country’s support in event of an attack on the US (Guam). Well, their PM did, in desperate need of some diversion and “strong leadership” himself too, and without consulting parliament. But apparently Drumpf was tickled pink, uh orange, with the Aussie commitment to his good cause and praised the “beautiful” country.

    RS: Might we ask why Jeff Lord was working for CNN in the first place? Probably a relic from the time they were all pro-Drumpf and he didn’t attack them as fake news every chance he gets.

    MJ: Kudos to California! The law, if passed, may not hold in court, but it’s a fantastic gesture towards immigrants.

    What a waste of money having to call in a locksmith that was, TomCat, especially as you are sure your keys must be in your room somewhere. I hope you haven’t emptied your trashcan yet, because things that disappear in the night sometimes develop little legs that gets them among the trash somehow, I’ve learned. Or in between the the bed’s headboard and matrass, or under it. I’m sure you’ll find you keys again with some assistance, with lifting perhaps, when it cools down.

  6. MJ: That is a wonderful idea!  THIS is a place from which people ought to focus on “State’s rights!”
    Colbert has a way with words.
    MM: Sadly, fools are ubiquitous!

  7. Puzzle — 4:05  This one really gave me the gears!  BTW, you missed the target box on this one.

    AlterNet — “I’d like to go on the record. I do not want the Earth to blow up. That’s where my house is.” — Yeh, mine too!  If Drumpf and Kim Jong-un want to duke it out with nuclear warheads at 50 paces, let them do it on Mars and the rest of us will stay comfy here.

    Raw Story — I read that yesterday and it damn near made my day! . . . not the tweet, the firing.  I wonder if other reputable networks will still have him on as a panelist?  I hope not.  He is a waste of good air.

    Mother Jones — Ah!  So is this maybe what got one NRA spokesperson and conservative talk radio host, Grant Stinchfield, so hot and bothered?  Hot and bothered enough to tweet this: “Let’s send a note to North Korea that Sacramento [California] changed its name to Guam!,”Good on California!!!

    Cartoon — It is non stop already.  Drumpf and the current crop of Republicans keep ratchetting it higher and deeper!  A PhD in TEAbuggery and Bullshitology!

    Resist, Persist and Remove!!!

    Haven’t you just had a peachy day! NOT!!  Having lost/misplaced keys a number of times myself, not only can it be expensive, but damn, it always happens at the worst possible times! . . . not that there is ever a good time.  At least though, there should be cooler weather on the way.  It was a bit cooler here and there is a possibility of rain on the weekend.

  8. Missed the target box? 14

  9. Thanks all.  Getting tired hugs! 16

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