Aug 052017

Yesterday’s high was 101°, 6° hotter than forecast, and breaking another all time record for the date, in addition to smoke.  Today is the "cool" day, with only 93° forecast.  We may have a week in the 80s°, starting a week from tomorrow.  Even giving myself a whore’s bath daily, I can’t stand myself.  Squatch had better hide, because we have a south wind.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 4:39 (average 6:44).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From YouTube (MoveOn Channel): Breach of Trust


Kudos to Coast Guard Commandant, Adm. Paul Zuklunft, who refuses to break faith with trans service people. RESIST!!

From Think Progress: After the transcript leaked, a panel on an Australian news show devolved into laughter while talking about the conversation Turnbull and Trump had in February. On the call, Turnbull argues that Trump should honor an Obama-era deal that the U.S. would consider taking refugees from Manus Island and Nauru.


Dang! A news show host couldn’t say that here!! They were way too king to Trump! RESIST!!

From TPM: The National Rifle Association continued a streak of publishing decidedly aggressive video content Thursday.

Barf Bag Alert!!


Frankly, I think the gray lady will serve these fascist Republican Ammosexuals their own asses on a silver platter. RESIST!!



We have not had a Republican in the White House that wasn’t a fascist since IKE, with the possible exception of Ford.


  16 Responses to “Open Thread – 8/5/2017”

  1. 6:57  Of course some succulents are edible; I don’t know about this one.

    YT/MO –  Yes.  Admiral Z’s statement was so strong, it made me cry.  Good for him. 

    Think Pregress – I’m so glad they think it’s funny.  Of course, they don’t have to live with him.

    TPM – Actually, We The People have HAD IT with the NRA and Dana Loesch!  Not that I personally want to see her ass, on a silver platter ot any other way.  I don’t need to puke today, thank you!

    Cartoon – Yes, well, Ford was the only one of the bunch who got to the White House on other people’s corruption instead of his own.  That doesn’t necessarily mean his wasn’t corrupted, but it doesn’t necessarily mean he was, either.

  2. MO/YT: Great video. BZ to those who stand beside, and behind those who are LGBT in the military, or are veterans, or in a civilian capacity in the government. After all…we’re all in this together.

    TP: Laughing out loud. (My abbreviations don’t work anymore on C2.)

    TPM: Good God, woman, get over yourself! What mean, hateful, threats to say! BBA! ugh!

    Hot again, and tomorrow too, you mentioned smoke? Where? Hope you are okay. Try to relax, and enjoy your evening….take good care, and Thanks, Tom.

  3. What’s this about Saddam Hussein being given permission to invade Kuwait? I doubt that. I’d like to see some hard evidence. Still, I am no fan of either Bush boy.

    • Freya, I remember this situation and it is well described in a Moyers & Company article from 2014.  The US ambassador to Iraq screwed the pooch on this by not following instructions, and Saddam took it as permission to invade.  The situation that lead to thoughts of an Iraqi invasion of Kuwait was complicated. This is an interesting article.  Have a read.

    • From the NY Times

      We have no opinion on the Arab-Arab conflicts, like your border disagreement with Kuwait

      In diplo-speak, that is tacit approval.  Had she not done so, the US would have denied it.  They never did. 19

  4. Puzzle — 6:30  I hope you enjoy this very small repast, if it is even edible.

    YouTube — Kudos to the Coast Guard Admiral.  People who want to serve their country should be able to, no matter their sexual orientation or identity.  These are patriotic people willing to put their lives on the line for their country, unlike Drumpf who took 5 false medical deferments because he is a chicken shit rather than going to Vietnam!  I have zero respect for people who falsely get out of military service but are fine sending others to possibly die, especially when they also disrespect those who were captured while serving their country.  Ring any bells Drumpf?  Petition at  Signed

    Think Progress — I was certainly laughing at the reporter’s language.  But what is sad is that Drumpf appeared really stupid focusing on “boats”.  He is definitely an embarrassment to the US.  Turnbull doesn’t win any awards either.

    TPM — “I think the gray lady will serve these fascist Republican Ammosexuals their own asses on a silver platter.” — AMEN!  I hope the NY Times makes sushi out of the NRA!  Albeit toxic sushi, so don’t eat it!  

    Cartoon — What can anyone say, Daddy Bush is a Republican!  Republicans are inconsistent and lie.

    Resist, Persist and Remove!!!

    Don’t worry about the stink Puddy Tat.  Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, can get by the smoke here!  At least the temperatures have dropped — it is only 25 C (77 F) right now but next week is promising to be another scorcher.

    • I am looking at the sun in the north west sky right now and it is orange-red, made so by the smoky haze that blankets the region.  The air has been thick with smoke which is affecting breathing and eyes.  Just sitting in the house, I feel the stinging in my eyes and throat.  This is the worst that I have experienced. Here is a picture but the trees obscure it.  If I can get a bit of a picture, I’ll attach it.

  5. While you were in the depths of heat-avenging perdition, we here in KCMO woke up to 58°!

    I had to put on my sweatpants & flannel shirt this morning!

    We got rain & thunderstorms for most of the day (cold air mashing into a hot, humid air mass tends to do that) and now through the night.  We could use the rain, and the lower temps are a welcome respite!

    Hope your respite is coming soon!

  6. MOC: It’s so good to see that those in command in the military who have actually worked with transgender personnel know from experience that they are just as committed, able, valuable and up to their job as any other person who has signed up for the military, are “indistinguishable” as far as they’re concerned and stand up for them. Kudos to those who do.

    TP: I’ve commented on Drump’s “Aussie” call extensively yesterday, so I won’t go there again. However, I can assure you that in general Aussie TV and newspapers not of the Murdoch brand are very critical and derisive of Drumpf. This clip was from the ABC, the national/federal broadcasting media, or non-commercial TV as we call it, and it’s amazing to see how the treatment of Drumpf in the news and news related programs has gone from skeptical irony to derision and contempt in the six months he’s been in office. And leaks like this do not do Drumpf any good, but Turnbull neither, as he’s a conservative with a business, i.e. wealthy, background who isn’t very “transparent” in his politics and has great trouble holding his coalition together.

    TPM: Not enough access to see this, perhaps that’s for the best.

    Cartoon: Learned something new again today.19

    Hope your building cools down fast, TomCat. A spot of rain might do the trick.

  7. YouTube MoveOn: Kudos to the Coast Guard Admiral and to the speaker in the video. MoveOn petition signed. Drumpf had 4 deferments to get out of the military. Drumpf has no business in dictating to the military when he know zilch on how it works. Drumpf is an outright chickenhawk.

    Think Progress: As usual, Drumpf shows off his stupidity once again. A really bad habit. Maybe not a bad habit but he really is: stupid.

    TPM: Definitely a Barf Bag Alert. Where did this piece of NRA ammosexual ass come from… D. Loesch… She should have known better than to use the word “fisk” in this country when an extremely few people have ever heard the word before. I even thought it was “fist” too. I thought Loesch was talking about taking her fist up the NYT ass. What do I know. lol.

    • Since the NYT is the Old Gray Lady (or, as she so sweetly put it, “hag,” I visualized a different orifice.

      Apparently they are so dumb they do not realize that arguing for more guns while sounding like people who should NEVER have guns is maybe not the best strategy?

  8. Hi All: I am taking something of a break from all the craziness, having become wrapped up in some fascinating reading that does not come in loony orange packaging!  I’m not leaving the scene, just taking a back seat.

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