How to Impeach the Fuhrer

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Jul 152017

As I’m sure you know that the Reich on the right, the Republican Reich, is virtually always wrong, and the Reich on the left, Robert Reich, is virtually always right.  The treasonous conspiracy by Putin’s perverted puppet and his minions is unraveling at a prodigious rate.  Robert Reich thinks that we had better understand the impeachment process, since we may need the information sooner than we think.  He’s right!


The 10 Steps to Impeach a President

It won’t be easy to impeach Donald Trump. No president in American history has ever been convicted on articles of impeachment.

Only two presidents so far have been impeached by the House and had that impeachment go to the Senate for trial. The first was Andrew Johnson, in 1868, when the Senate came one vote short of convicting him. The next was 131 years later, in 1999, when Bill Clinton’s impeachment went to the Senate. 50 Senators voted to convict Clinton, 17 votes short of what was needed.

What about Richard Nixon? He resigned early in this process, before the House had even voted on articles of impeachment. And then his successor, who had been his vice president, Gerald Ford, gave Nixon a full and unconditional pardon for any crimes he might have committed against the United States while president.

This isn’t to say Trump couldn’t or won’t be impeached. Only that it’s a long and drawn-out process.

It all revolves around Article I Sections 2 and 3 of the Constitution, and rules in the House and the Senate implementing those provisions…

From <Robert Reich>

Click through for the list of steps.  Here’s the video.

And while we’re at it, let’s not forget Pence!



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  1. So, OK – I can dream, right?  I want to see Trump, Pence, and Ryan simultaneously arrested on criminal charges, cuffed, and perp walked (and denied bail).  I want to see Amendment 25 used at that same time.  Something like this is the only way I can see bypassing Pence and Ryan.  Unfortunately, the criminal charges most likely to stick AT THIS TIME are the New York State charges (money laundering, IIRC?) that Schneiderman is working on.  Pence and Ryan are a bit outside Scheiderman’s jurisdiction, unfortunately.  I’ll just point out to authentic Christians, and authentic anyone else who prays, that prayers for Mueller would not come amiss.

  2. I’ve been waiting with bated breath for bait I can pass-by.  So a couple of fun ones:

    And the serious, bottom line one:

    • My name starts with an “M,” there are peach trees growing at my community garden, and mint is growing on my patio: I’ve not missed a vote in my entire life, can I get in on this one, huh, please, PLEASE!!!!!!? 

    • Do you know why those two lovely folks are smiling?  Because they’d read of Nostradamus’ prediction that spontaneous combustion would come to the American House of Orange!  And they planned to just sit back and wait, with a bag of marshmallows!

  3. I hope that the investigations continue, he’s found guilty, and he is headed out the door.

    изгнание, любой? Banishment, anyone? Guess to where?

    *Nameless, Love your comment!!

  4. This is hardest thing that haunts me day and night! It is affecting my very soul and makes me have nightmares!
    I’ve been offline for a long time. But hopefully, I will be back online. Neck is no worse. But I still have to stay in bed most of the time. 
    Hope you are doing better! I see you’re posting a lot more lately. I’m so glad to hear you are doing bette! 
    Peace, love and HUGS from the Okie hillbilly! Let me know when the draft is gonna be. Maybe I can get in there and get me some good players!

  5. Joanne, I’m dreaming right alongside you!  I do not know the presidential replacement sequence, or whatever it is called, beyond the Speaker of the House, as I expect is true for most people, but if anyone does, please let me know. Pence is now the president of the senate, right? If he gets to be POTUS, who replaces him in that capacity?  Or, hounds of hell, does he get to be both?    I swear, my personality seems to be changing, before the eyes of my lovely wife: grumpier, nastier she says.  
    I’ve long had a problem tolerating idiocy, but there is so much more of it in evidence, of late: People who still think this Orange clown will wind up having done something wonderful for the country to which he is obviously giving the royal screw; money whores who continue to reject climate, and other science (I just read, in the Smithsonian Magazine, that Creationists insist that dino fossils are the result of Noah’s flood, less than 6,000 years ago; GOPigs who think that education is being the ruin of the country; Faux News is still in existence; and on, and on!  
    Müeller will need fortitude, many prosecutors, many sandwiches, much sleep to sustain his fortitude, maybe even many twinkies!

    • I, too, am disheartened, never dreamed our country would sink so low.

    • Line of succession (must be otherwise eligible)

      Vice President

      Speaker of the House

      Senior Senator of majority party (President ProTem of Senate) – this is currently Orrin Hatch

      Secretary of State

      Other secretaries in order of how old their departments are – they must be otherwise eligible – as an example, Elaine Chao, the Secretary of Transportation is a naturalized citizen, not a natural born one, so is ineligible. 

      You can see the complete list here.  McConnell is not in it, thank God.

  6. I hope he is impeached and fund guilty, but doubt that it will ever happen.

  7. Succession of President

    No. Office Current officer
    1 Vice President Mike Pence (R)
    2 Speaker of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan (R)
    3 President pro tempore of the Senate Orrin Hatch (R)
    4 Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (R)
    Complete list:

  8. I am concerned that when it comes to approving articles etc, House Republicans will stymie justice preventing a trial in the Senate.  If it does get to the Senate, Republicans could prevent a successful 2/3s majority vote for impeachment.  The only place for the Orange Ogre is in an orange jumpsuit behind bars, permanently . . . no special privileges, no running his business, no computer access, etc, etc.  I’ll keep dreaming!

    And yes, I want the entire succession line toasted, although I don’t think Hatch is a target unless being annoying is a crime.  Come 2018, put as many Republicans in the unemployment line as possible.

    Resist and Persist!!!

  9. Another great article/video by Mr. Reich and I sure hope he’s right and it’ll come in handy. Soon. Really soon. But there’s one step missing from his 10 steps; let’s call it step 0, because it needs to be taken before all others will ever come to fruition. Americans need to break political habits and ALL go out to vote in the midterms 2018, not just the habitual Republican sheep, and vote the GOP out of their majority in Congress! Because I just can’t see any of those 10 steps taken by a GOP dominated Congress, neither by Ryan nor by McConnell, nor can I see a majority vote for impeachment even if they did.

    And better make Pence and possibly Ryan and McConnell part of the impeachment too, otherwise you might as well not bother. Pence is just as bad, only sneakier and bit more intelligent, so more dangerous, and he’ll make sure that Drumpf is given a pardon for all his sins, just like Nixon got from Ford, just to shut him up. Ryan and McConnell will back him in everything Pence does, just as they’re already doing now and will continue to make sure a Democratic majority won’t be able to oppose Pence. They all need to go if America can get to any normality and can start with picking up the pieces.

  10. Thanks, very tired hugs and AMEN to all! 23

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