May 172017

I'm writing late today to be sure that I'm up when Store to Door delivers my grocery order.  Wendy is coming this evening to de-stink the over-humidified TomCat and help with chores.  Tomorrow, please expect no more than a Personal Update tomorrow.  Comcast is coming in the early morning to install an upgraded cable modem and make sure all my wireless devices function properly with it.  Neighborhood House, the Nonprofit that covers around 15% of Wendy's care, is coming in the late morning for me to sign some paperwork.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today's took me 3:50 (average 4:42).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From YouTube (GQ Channel): What’s Happening in Donald Trump’s Head? | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann


I have no doubt that Fuhrer Drumpfenfarten suffers from severe, acute Narcissistic Personality Disorder. RESIST!!

From The New Yorker: Amid concerns about Donald Trump’s fitness to be President, former President Barack Obama said on Tuesday that he was willing to serve as “temp President” while Trump undergoes psychiatric evaluation.

“It would just be a temp thing,” Obama told reporters. “As soon as psychiatrists determine that Donald Trump is mentally stable and fit to serve as the most powerful officeholder in the world, I’d step aside.”

Obama said that he was a “logical choice” to serve as temp President because of his eight years in the White House. “For starters, I know how the light switches work,” he said.

Obama said that, once installed as temp President, he would look after the day-to-day running of the White House: “You know—vetoing bills, naming Supreme Court Justices, that kind of thing.”

From Andy's keyboard to God's eyes! RESIST!!

From Washington Post: Since entering office, President Trump has faced accusations that his District hotel is profiting from his presidency.

For a few minutes Monday night, projection artist Robin Bell tried to bring attention to the issue by shining light on it — a big, blue light.

Bell parked his van about 9:15 p.m. on 12th Street NW across the street from the west entrance of the Trump International Hotel. Bell and two friends then turned on a projector in the van and displayed animated anti-Trump messages about the president’s alleged conflicts of interest onto the upscale hotel’s facade.

Hotel security ordered him to shut off the projections after only a few minutes, but it was enough time for the messages to go viral on social media, garnering thousands of posts on Twitter and Facebook.


Kudos to Robin Bell. RESIST!!



Cartoon 5 years old today.  Republicans have not changed.


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  1. 4:13  I will say the juice is tasty.

    Keith #76 – So the Trump name is now so toxic that the largest condo owner in the building is willing to pay his neighbors to take the Trump name off of the building.  Oh My.  I can't speak to what is going on in the Ochre Ogre's mind (nor can I speak as to what is going on in the minds of his supporters).  But I can speak to the mind of a wealthy man who is willing to pay good money to remove the Trump name from a building in which he owns property.  That is a sound business decision.  I wish him luck.

    TNY – to God's eyes indeed!

    WaPo – Oh, yes, that was BEAUTIFUL!

    Cartoon – I can't believe I am still fighting this s**t (not "Brown", of course, but racism).

    P.S.  My iris named "TomCat" bloomed yesterday.  Unlike our tuxedo TomCat, it appears to be a chocolate point Siamese.  I can't promise pictures, though I'll try, of course.

    • I've never heard of a chocolate point iris.

      • The stands are cream, and the falls are cream-based.  The first day of blooming, the falls look like they have melted chocolate covering most of their surface.  The second day, the chocolate cover recedes to be mostly on the edges of the petals of the falls.

        You might think a tuxedo iris is impossible, and it's true no one has bred one yet, but they have bred maybe a dozen that are so dark they really appear black, even in strong light; and they have bred many with strong contrasts between the stands and the falls, so it is probably only a matter of time.

  2. Thanks, Tom for post.

  3. KO: "Do ya think?"   OH MY YES!!!!!!!!!!!  Reminder: A large group of top psychologists met at Yale last mont, and declaered him "dangerous!"  Alzheimer's, Malignant Narcissistic P.D., or both, showing a 7 year old mentlity?  The ghost writr on "Art of the Deal," who said he'd put "Lipstick on a pig," told of Rumpy's immensely short attention span…AND THIS PUTZ IS GOING OFF ON A FOUR COUNTRY TOUR, as of Friday??????  The putz who publicly idenified the soldier who carries the "nuclear football?"

    Borowitz: "Light switches!!!!" Way to go!

    WP: The best use of modern technology I have seen in a long time!



  4. KO: So well said, thank you, Keith!!

    NYer: YAY!! God, if that were true!

    WP: I saw that last night, and said to myself…"Indeed, how wonderful is THIS?"

    You will be busy! Try and rest in between your chores too. Take care, and Thanks, Tom.

  5. Puzzle — 4:07  No wonder you smell so sweet Puddy Tat!

    YouTube — I think we all here at PP agree that Drumpf suffers from a severe case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.  I read an article within the past week about three psychiatrists who have studied Drumpf, his behaviour, his language and lifestyle and say he exhibits clear signs of dementia.  They clearly said this was not a diagnosis as they have not examined Drumpf.  Can the US afford to have the nuclear launch codes in the hands of a paranoid, delusional narcissist who in essence thinks he is God?  Congress needs to take action which in essence means that Republicans have to take action to remove Drumpf from the presidency.  I doubt they will have the balls to do it, however after today's decline in the Dow Jones of 372.82 points (1.78%), they will have seen declines in their portfolios — in other words, Drumpf is having a negative affect on their wallets.  How long will they allow that?

    The New Yorker — As much as we might like Obama taking over temporarily, it will never be.  Stuck with Pence if Drumpf goes down for the count, the US is screwed.

    Washington Post — Stellar presentation!  I wonder how long before Drumpf takes Bell to court?

    Cartoon — There is no place for racism in the world today!


    Resist and Persist!!!

    You have two busy days indeed!  I had one today starting with 2 hours of physio, a podiatrist appointment, a small amount of grocery shopping and then 4 hours of teaching/tutoring, all on top of no sleep last night.  Thankfully tomorrow is quieter, much quieter.  Say good night!

  6. Uh oh, their're coming to instal an upgrade of your cable modem and have all your devices working with that, are they? Good luck with that, that could take you the best part of your day, TomCat. Keeping my fingers crossed they prove me wrong.

    Keith Olbermann: 'Trump was "in the grip of some paranoid delusion."…Ya think!' Spot on, Keith. Anybody with common sense has known for 18 months that Drumpf's equipment upstairs, for whatever reason, isn't functioning normally. But Keith unfortunately is also right about Republicans will never concede to the notion that they've been supporting a madman. It's to hard to admit to oneself to have been conned by a crazy show business personality. So they have to look elsewhere for motivation to dump Drumpf.
    Keith already gave an example how people are willing to spend money to have the name "Trump" removed from their apartment block to prevent themselves from losing more money than they already have. The remarkable dive of 1.8% the stock markets took Wednesday, may be their answer. The New York Times reported this under the heading "Drama in Washington Rattles Wall Street, and Stocks Dive" and opened with "Confidence in President Trump’s agenda to stoke economic growth was questioned Wednesday, as stocks tumbled and the dollar weakened." The article continued with:

    'And at a gathering of big money managers in Las Vegas, the former chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, said he was worried about the stability of Mr. Trump’s leadership.
    “I think it’s a reasonable concern, obviously,” Mr. Bernanke said. He later added that after years of a strong economy, statistically speaking, it was time for a slowdown. Over the next four years,” he told an audience of hundreds of investors, “there is a pretty good chance we’ll have a downturn.”
    The question is whether it began on Wednesday.'

    TNY: No satire, just wishful thinking, Andy: '"…as temp President, he would look after the day-to-day running of the White House: “You know—vetoing bills, naming Supreme Court Justices, that kind of thing.”' Oh, yes PLEASE!

    WP: Kudo to Bell and his two friends indeed. We need loads of actions like that, and their recordings not only put on Twitter and Facebook but also on all major media sites like that of the Washington Post to give it as much coverage as possible. The more the better, because even his enablers at the White House can't screen him from seeing some of it and prevent it from bringing on his final breakdown.

    Cartoon: But Republicans have changed, TomCat. For the worse. They're more racist than ever.

  7. Thanks all!  Hugs!!

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