Apr 192017

Here are the results of our “Justice for Traitors” poll.  Politics Plus Polls are not scientific, because those who respond are not balanced according to demographic categories.   Therefore, we do not accurately reflect the makeup of the US population.  Nevertheless, our polls are usually factually accurate, and more often than not, they reflect thinking of the majority.


Since our polling site no longer enables us to copy and paste your poll comments, you may read them here.

I voted two to five, but there has been a lot of scandal since then.  Time will tell.

There is a new poll posted.  After you vote…



  7 Responses to “Poll Results – 4/19/2017”

  1. The big fish mostly get away.  Benedict Armold died in his bed in London.  Richard Nixon died in his bed in New York.  OK, Vidkun Quisling was executed (still in denial), but he is the exception.  I don't see justice reaching any of them.  I just want my country and its Constitution back.

  2. just want them gone. The millions of dollars spent, the denial of the investigation by the Repugs, and the bombing of Syria ups the ante for all of them (dt), to be terminated immediately. Wouldn't that be wonderful??
    NK is flexing their muscle, it's a political debacle, imho. I worry for our children, and how our beautiful country is going to H in a Handbasket……..I worry. A lot.

  3. If only it was today, tomorrow, or at least this month! 

    Hope you get feeling BETTER, TC!

  4. I voted less than 2 years, but realistically, unless Drumpfenfarten totally ticks off the rest of the Republican party, getting rid of him will take longer. To Democrats or those professing to be progressives : Simon says VOTE! in all elections and get rid of this swill!

    This administration is one BIG clusterf**k SNAFU from start to finish!

  5. The poll had been up for a while and in general people were quite optimistic about Drumpf and his cronies paying for their crimes when they voted, but from the comments it seems that the outlook grows somewhat more pessimistic as time goes on. That may be because of the things Drumpf & Co are allowed to get away with now and to the ever increasing number of people implicated in his sordid Russia dealings. And no matter how many new ways the media report on by which the Drumpf family is enriching itself at the cost of the taxpayers at this very moment, Congress keeps stumm.

    Joanne is probably right, the big fish usually get away, with impeachment the best we can hope for. And that impeachment can't be soon enough, the way Drumpf is flexing America's military muscles to take the attention away from himself…

  6. Thanks all.  Hugs. 

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