Apr 192017

I’m still in a lot of pain, but I did get some sleep last night and this morning, so I’ll try to publish, while waiting for my grocery delivery.  Wendy comes tonight to de3stink the TomCat.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 3:37 (average 5:20).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From YouTube (GQ Channel): Proof that Donald Trump is Getting Crazier | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann


If the Fuhrer is craziER, the Pope must be Catholic. RESIST!!

From The Last Word: Is the O’Reilly era at Fox News coming to an end?

New reports – including from Murdoch-owned WSJ – say Fox News may be close to cutting ties with Bill O’Reilly. NYC Public Advocate Letitia James is asking for a probe into the sexual harassment scandal. Media Matter’s Angelo Carusone also joins Lawrence O’Donnell.


Watching O’Lielly crash and burn puts a smile on my face. I’ve waited years for this. May Faux Noise, the Republican Reichsministry of Propaganda, follow him down. RESIST!!

From NY Times: Jon Ossoff, a Democrat making his first bid for elective office, narrowly missed winning outright in a heavily conservative House district in Georgia on Wednesday, throwing a scare into Republicans in a special congressional election that was seen as an early referendum on President Trump.

Mr. Ossoff received 48.1 percent of the vote, just short of the 50 percent threshold needed to win the seat, and he will face Karen Handel, the top Republican vote-getter, in a June runoff.

A documentary filmmaker and former congressional staff member, Mr. Ossoff, 30, had hoped to avert a runoff in the Sixth District, a Republican-dominated section of the Atlanta suburbs that had been represented by Tom Price, who is now Mr. Trump’s health and human services secretary. But despite his financial advantage — Mr. Ossoff had raised $8.3 million, more than quadruple that of the next-closest candidate — and a highly energized liberal base, a majority was just out of reach in a district that has not sent a Democrat to Congress since the Carter administration.

Now we need to win in December. RESIST!!



Republican Terrorism in action.


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  1. 5:15  That was a challenge, and the phone ringing didn't help. 

    Comment on Raw Story by user "Casual Observer":  Putting a Gag Order on Alex Jones sounds like trying to put a condom on a monkey trying to fuck a football. Good luck with that one Your Honor.

    Keith #60 – Oh, yes, he is getting crazi-ER.  But the biggest problem with that is NOT him.  The biggest problem with that is his supporters, who get crazi-ER right along with him.  Failure to release his tax returns, however, is not crazy.  That's just covering his a$$.  I might also point out that 25 years of the adult in the room failing to put the brakes on the terrible two-year-old, usually because the two-year-old was in the majority and in our system of "representative" government having its hands tied by the majority, does NOT make the adult equally culpable with the two-year-old.  Should have known better, yes, but usually DID know better but was unable to act.

    Last Word – Oh, yeah, he's gone.  It's a done deal.  Both the Washington Post and New York magazine are reporting it as breaking news.  In related news, O'Lielly didn't have an audience with Pope Francis, but he shook his hand in a reception line.  I hope the Pope has good strong hand soap in the Vatican.

    NYT – They may still be counting – no, a runoff will not be avoided, but the vote percentage may be closer to 49 than 48.  A commenter at Daily Kos pointed out that, due to the way Georgia keeps ecords, it's not that easy to identify unaffiliated voters, who are the ones that we need most to reach.  That's sad, because we wouldn't have had to do VERY much better to win outright.  Either the same, or another commenter on the same article, said turnout was about 9% but that the GOP had expected 5%.  Both figures are way too low, but I think significant.  And we need to win in June.

    Cartoon – And they DID!!!  And we are still paying for it!!!

  2. KO: Love this guy! Keep them coming, KO! Definitely treating myself to your book when it comes out too.

    LW: Thank the Heavens above!! What great news, I can't stand him, or Faux news either.

    NYT: Bummer for Mr. Ossoff. I am hoping for a win in June runoff for him!

    Cartoon: Such a tragedy! So very sad.

    Hope that you start feeling better. Take good care, and Thanks, Tom.

  3. I doubt that Rumpy is getting crazier, think, rather, that his craziness is finding new levels of expression.  One does not get more narcissistic, but sinks to increasingly bizarre tactics to hide the lack of connection with that part of the world that is not him!  Well, okay, maybe that means he is getting crazier. 

    Bye, bye Billy boy, see you in how many court rooms over the next year, or two?  Sadly, Murdoch stood by this POS for all these years, since the 2004 case was settled.  

    Too bad Ossoff could not quite pull it off.  The amount of money that will be spent on the runoff will be immense!

    • On second thought, Rumpy may be getting increasingly desperate and ACTING in crazier ways, rather than becoming crazier.

  4. Cartoon: I remember that day all too well. I was at work and we saw the windows kinda breathe when it blew. Heard on the radio that something blew up downtown OKC. We all thought it was a water heater or something. Unfortunately, it wasn't. It was a hard time for OK. 

    KO: He is so on target every time! RESIST!!!

    My son lives in Ossof's district. We have been posting on FB about the fight! I sure hope it goes blue! They can't stand red ANYMORE down there around The ATL!

  5. Puzzle — 4:29  Pretty posie but a stinker as a puzzle.

    YouTube — I did not think it was possible for Drumpfenfarten to get any crazier, but he has surpassed all expectations and is a raving lunatic.  Crazy is as crazy does!  Kudos Keith!

    The Last Word — Ding dong!  The wicked warlock is dead! Faux Noise has canned O'Lielly!  From the Daily Beast:

    "The reign of the most-watched host on the right-wing cable news network is coming to an end after two full decades, brought down by a perfect storm of newly unearthed sexual-harassment accusations, a massive advertiser boycott, and the absence of Roger Ailes, a fellow serial harasser of women, to protect him.

    21st Century Fox confirmed the end of O’Reilly’s tenure in a Wednesday statement: “After a thorough and careful review of the allegations, the Company and Bill O’Reilly have agreed that Bill O’Reilly will not be returning to the Fox News Channel.”"

    NY Times —  A jungle primary is right with what,18 candidates vying for the one House seat!  But I would say that Ossoff equipped himself well to pull in 48.1% of the vote.  Let us hope that the Republican, Handel, who garnered 19.8% of the primary vote, cannot muster a cohesive attack on Ossoff in June.  I dare say that all Republicans will be gunning for Ossoff during the next 6 weeks.  Here are the results as reported by Heavy:

    Precincts Reporting: 100% (210/210)

    Jon Ossoff (D) — 48.10% – 92,390
    Karen Handel (R) — 19.78% – 37,993
    Bob Gray (R) — 10.81% – 20,755
    Dan Moody (R) — 8.85% – 16,994
    Judson Hill (R) — 8.77% – 16,848
    Kurt Wilson (R) — 0.94% – 1,812
    David Abroms (R) — 0.85% – 1,637
    Ragin Edwards (D) — 0.26% – 502
    Ron Slotin (D) — 0.25% – 488
    Bruce LeVell (R) — 0.24% – 455
    Mohammad Ali Bhuiyan (R) — 0.22% – 414
    Keith Grawert (R) — 0.22% – 414
    Amy Kremer (R) — 0.18% – 349
    William Llop (R) — 0.17% – 326
    Rebecca Quigg (D) — 0.16% – 304
    Richard Keatley (D) — 0.12% – 227
    Alexander Hernandez (I) — 0.06% – 121
    Andre Pollard (I) — 0.03% – 55

    Total registered voters: 445,095
    Ballots Cast: 193,483 (43.47 percent voter turnout)

    Cartoon — And Republicans worry about terrorists that just happen to be Muslims from overseas?  There is more danger from right wing home grown terrorists in the mold of McVeigh than there is from Muslim extremists.


    Resist and Persist!!!

    I told you earlier about my friend who passed away from pancreatic cancer recently.  His mother-in-law, age 96, passed away last Saturday.  How much must a family bear at one time?  Would you keep the family in your thoughts and/or prayers.  Thanks 

    Also, thought I'd let you know that a woman at physio to whom I recommended the blog, told me today that she is following along every few days.  She has not commented yet but hopefully she will join in the discussion at some point.


    • I knew a woman once who lost 30 family members in one year.  It was a very rough time for her.  She was only in her thirties, so it wasn't like losing one's contemporaties to time, either.  It was a very large family though.

    • You Reportes O'Lielly's demise far more thoroughly than I am in today's Open Thread.

      Thought's and prayers for your friend.

      Please tell your other friend that we look forward to it.

  6. Glad the cat naps help to a certain point and let you have at least a little sleep, TomCat. Every nap contributes to you getting over this awful cold and all its side-effects. Felling all fresh and fluffy after a de-stink shower will certainly contribute to feeling more feline too.

    Keith Olbermann: I really wish Keith wasn't so spot on. It doesn't matter if Drumpf is really getting crazi-ER or just less able to hide it now that he has to govern and not just rally in an election, the man IS crazy and a danger to the world and that is ALL that matters! During the election campaign the question if this man could be trusted with the nuclear code came up on a regular basis because many already had seen Drumpf is crazy. But the GOP and the Drumpf devotees, with the help of Russia, but not by popular vote, had this madman sworn in as "president" and now won't back down even though even they must see where this is headed. There's exasperation in Keith's voice when he signs off, it is as if even he can't believe his "peace" will last, not with a president going crazi-ER by the week and nobody standing up to him. Can the resistance stay peaceful when Drumpf starts WW III?

    TLW: We have Fox entertainment and sports stations on cable here, but no Faux News, so there's hardly a soul who knows who Bill O'Reilly is, but that didn't stop the Dutch news from breaking the news late last night that he had been fired by Murdoch. And the BBC news had a splendid time with that information too. They did not have any footage of him sexually harassing anybody of course, but they showed a very old clip of his show where he completely lost it when he couldn't read the monitor properly and went "live" with his announcement. Marvelous, it was O'Reilly in a nutshell and only made you wonder why he was kept on so long.

    NYT: Democrat Ossoff had almost 30% more of the votes than Republican Handel whom he faces in a runoff in June and that has to account for something in such a "Red" district, hasn't it. Democrats must do their utmost to support Ossoff in his campaign and shield him from the undoubtedly nasty campaign the GOP is going to have Handel run against him. If Ossoff wins this "Republican seat", that may be the turning point for all Democrats running for seats after that. AND a big blow for Drumpf, of course.

    Cartoon: RESIST & PERSIST!

  7. Thanks all!  Hugs!

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