Apr 182017

Last night the pain in my side kept me up most of the night.  This is my only article today, and I won’t be distributing links on Care2.  Please3 expect no more tomorrow.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 2:48 (average 4:10).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From Daily Kos Elections: Daily Kos Elections’ 2016 presidential results for congressional and legislative districts


Therein lies the problems we’ve had long term and what we must correct. RESIST!!

From The New Yorker: In a major foreign-policy coup for the Trump Administration, North Korea offered to unconditionally abandon its nuclear program on Monday, after Mike Pence spent several minutes angrily squinting at the nation from just across the border.

Warning North Korea that the United States had jettisoned its policy of “strategic patience” and that “all options were on the table,” Pence fixed his steely glare on the isolated Communist nation and began furiously staring it down.

After Pence spent between five and six minutes demonstrating U.S. resolve by squinting indignantly, the government in Pyongyang released a statement indicating that North Korea’s nuclear ambitions were a thing of the past.

Dang Andy! Fat chance! RESIST!!

From YouTube (GQ Channel): Is There an Actual Tape of Trump’s Russia Collusion? | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann


LORD! Let it be so and fully exposed.  RESIST!!




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  1. 4:04  I've never been able to catch up to a hummingbird myself.  You did better … but don't overstress yourself!

    Excellent resource.  NOT so excellent news.  Another article on DKos (from David jarman, another of the elections staff) clarifies who at the national level is responsible for addressing these figures – on the Democratic side, it is the DLCC (Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee) which looks at races for state houses, state senates, and elected state officials other then the governor (Secretary of State, Treasurer, Attorney General and whatever) and helps out with funds when snd where they think they can make a difference.  So, don't yell at the DNC; it's not their job.  The Republicans, incidentally, have a similar structure, though they tend to like the initials NR where we use D_C.  I thought this was quite illuminating.

    TNY – Now THIS is satire!  (Alas!)

    Keith #59 – Well, obviously, these are not normal times.  In normal times Trump, or someone like him (I fear there are plenty of people like him – O'Reilly comes to mind.)  But, even in these times, law enforcement needs to actually have a case before they can go to a court with it.  The reason that investigations are kept confidential until they go to a court is that there may be a need to seat a jury (less and less frequent, but still always a possibility) which is impartial.  As encouraging in one way as this is, if it's going to prejudice the possibility of a jury trial, I think I would rather NOT know.  Do the words, "already tried in the court of public opinion" ring a bell?.

    Cartoon – Coming, hell!  They're here!

  2. Don't recall you mentioning a "pain in your side". 

    Hope you can refresh my memory if this is an old concern.

    • He is probably referring to the intercostal muscle tear that resulted from so much coughing earlier.  |Having had an intercostal muscle sprain or tear last October, I know just how painful it is.  It does not take much to reïgnite the damn things even months later, although my flare ups have been minor compared to the main event.  TC's seem to be intense probably because the main event was so recent.

    • I could not have explained it better than Lynn.

      Thanks Squatch!

  3. Puzzle — 2:49  Damn it Puddy Tat, you leave that little bird alone!  Besides, chasing it will just make your pain worse!  You choose — birdie or pain!

    YouTube — I have seen placards in some of the reports about the marches this past weekend showing Drumpf  with n ever growing nose . . . Pinocchio style.  Everyday, that nose gets longer and longer.  And this report should cause it to grow to three times its current length, at minimum.  Drumpf can't even get in a freight elevator without his exceptionally long snotbox sticking out through the doors and preventing them from closing.  Drumpf has been denying the Russian collusion to the point that I would be very surprised if he did not get impeached and tried for treason.  Even the more reasonable of his supporters have or are losing faith in him. 

    The New Yorker — I wish their nuclear aspirations were a thing of the past!

    Daily Kos — As indicated, there needs to be a massive shift in almost all states right down to dog catcher — shift left.  Without a shift at the roots, nothing will change in Washington.

    Cartoon — In 1966 there was a funny movie called "The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming" which was the fictional story of a Russian sub running aground off the New England coast during the Cold War.  Of course its title is a parody of Paul Revere's midnight ride.  Unfortunately, today's episode is not a funny movie but an alledged act of treason by certain members od the federal Republican party.


    Resist and Persist!!!


  4. You poor, suffering kitty. Sounds like you really did some damage to your ribs and muscles this time, TomCat, perhaps even a break. Not that it matters much, both tears and breaks are excruciating and take about 6 weeks to heal. I feel so sorry for you, knowing how painful it is from experience, but at least I only had to go through it once, not twice in a row. There's nothing for it but rest, rest and more rest, so let me know when you run out of cat naps.

    DKE: That map immediately brought to mind the voting map of Turkish referendum to give Erdogan more power that looks very similar to this one. Blue (49% against) on the edges, i.e. the coasts and the Kurdish region and Red (51% for) in the middle, with the exception of major cities like the capital Ankara. The opposition immediately had a joke on it: Turkey is now that country surrounded by a lot of sea on the outside and lots of dumb people on the inside.
    You know what to do now, America:


    TNY: Tillerson obviously didn't have that staring power when he stood in exactly the same spot in South Korea last month, because nobody in Pyongyang reacted to this provocation. So now Pence has to do it all over again in the hope Kim Jung-Un will react in a way that'll give Drumpf an excuse for a preemptive strike. Thank goodness both countries are now both stuck in the groove of belligerent "preemptive strike" rhetoric; let's hope neither is going to do take some action on it. Unless the FBI or CIA or…comes up with more evidence of Russian electoral interfering/Drumfian collusion of course.

     Keith Olbermann: Of course the contention that "no president would be stupid enough to put it on tape" is utterly ridiculous. Nixon did it, for one, and then had a hell of a job destroying the evidence. But remember this tape was made before Drumpf became not-the-popular-vote President, at a time he himself didn't think he had a chance in hell to get into the White House. He made the tape to ask the Russians to help him by hacking to make the impossible happen, he didn't make them when he was president. Not that he isn't stupid enough to that – his tweets show that much – but simply because he doesn't need to now. The Russians have already helped him to get where he is now. At this point in time, the intelligence agencies should be looking at tapes, phone calls or even carrier pigeons flying to Putin to ask him to get Drumpf out of the mess they've gotten him in in the first place.

    Cartoon: Shouldn't that be "The North Koreans are coming"?

  5. Thanks all.  Pained hugs!

  6. How did I miss this one? lol
    NYer: Good one, Andy. Good laugh too!

    KO: Let the investigations start. It's been way too long not to.

    Cartoon: Of course they're here, and probably eating beautiful chocolate cake with Chinese President Xi too, alongside with dt.

    Hope that your pain abates soon. Take good care, and Thanks, Tom.

  7. NYer- Andy rocks, as usual.

    Keith- Tapes would be just lovely.  And Nixon was considered to be quite intelligent, not that one can't be both intelligent and paranoid, and a racist.  But, it may be a hard juggling act.  Rumpy is NOT bright, to begin with, period.

    Pain, pain, go away…and get lost!


  8. Thank you both.

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