Mar 192017

It’s a Wendy day, and other than that, I’m staying all the way down.  My coughing was sufficiently severe that I pulled abdominal/chest muscles, and it hurts to breathe, let alone cough.  I’ll be calling Home Health tomorrow.  ARGH! Hugs!! RESIST!!

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 3:52 (average 4:59).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?




  8 Responses to “Personal Update – 3/19/2017”

  1. Best to rest as much as possible. Have Wendy call your home health services and leave a message for them
    to see you first thing on Monday morning.

  2. 4:15  Looks like exploitation to me.

    Sounds like the prescription for coughing is not working as well as it should.  Sure glad you will be calling home health.


  3. take it easy and I think there are many places the GOP shouldn't be allowed….starting with any political office, any school, any medical clinic………..okay I know there maybe some good teachers and doctors who are Republicans, but I get tired of their continual bringing their politics into other people's places

  4. So sorry to hear you pulled some muscles before you could get in touch with Home health, TomCat. It always seems to get worse during the weekend, when you can't reach anyone unless it's so bad you end up in the ER, doesn't it. Jim's advise is sound and I think you should follow it. Don't wait until tomorrow morning, make sure you're on top of their priority list right now..

  5. Puzzle — 3:29  No dolphin fricassée for you, and no one-on-one basketball either!

    Cartoon — I'm with Dave . . . no Republicans anywhere!


    Resist and Persist!!!

    Sounds like you may have an intercostal muscle sprain brought on by coughing.  That's what I had last October along with a sinus infection.  You with COPD don't need the agravation of a sprain and coughing.  I agree with the rest, check with your PCP or home health provider and take care of you!

  6. Thanks all.  Sick hugs.

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