Mar 182017

I slept very poorly, because of severe coughing and people drag racing in the street.  Pardon my brevity.  Today’s only article from me.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 4:33 (average 6:03).  To do it, click here. How did you do?

Short Takes: Bill Maher

President Crazypants


Uh Oh! My coffee pot is spying on me.

New Rule: Collective Responsibility


He makes a good point.  RESIST!!



Now gutted


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  1. Bill Maher videos

    "We have a president who makes you want to puke all the time".
    "…that's the great thing about having tiny hands. It's easier to pull
    stuff right out of your ass."

    Regarding the meeting with Angela Merkel, it was obvious that not-my-president  Drumpf has a strong dislike of her. Gee, I wonder why: Could it be that Merkel is lots smarter and more intelligent than him… lol.

    Collective Responsibility-
    stereotyping people and their tribes…
    …" a woman should be… whatever the fuck she wants so liberals you can applaud that or you can pretend this is just a fashion trend you just can't do both." See accompanying graphics in video towards the end.

    • Merkel was clealy the only adult in Friday's meeting.

      There was a great Tweet that I'll recreate here (since I've found no was to embed Tweets in comments):

      Recent photos catpure the time-honored tradition of the leader of the free world meeting with a child in the Oval Office.

      And might as well continue the theme with this one:

      No idea why that top photo is so huge.

      Here's the link to the Tweet it came from:


      • I've reduced that top photo in my file THREE times – and it still puts the huge one in.

        I'll try just posting it plain here:

      • In both pictures, it is VERY obvious who the child is! . . . and it ain't Merkel in the second, just in case anyone was in doubt.

        • "In both pictures, it is VERY obvious who the child is! . . . and it ain't Drumpfenfarten in the second"

          Since when did you start calling Chancellor Merkel "Drumpenfarten"?


      • Of course Angela Merkel's visit to the White House got a lot of attention here, and I've seen coverage of it from many different countries and angles, but in none of them Drumpf bothered to look at Merkel when he spoke to her or she to him, let alone make eye contact. The only true conversation was between Merkel and Second Lady Ivanka. Apparently Drumpf's sociopathy isn't hereditary. The way Drumpf treated Merkel was an affront, but Merkel showed the world who is the leader of the free world is.

      • Love it! The balloon words make total sense! lol!


    • The world's most powerful woman earned her Ph.D. in quantum physics, presides over the richest economy in Europe, and is the central broker in a massive euro-bailout deal. As a female with a doctorate in quantum chemistry, Merkel immediately stood out in the political realm.

      Details of how Angela Merkel became the most powerful woman in the world.

  2. 5:51  What a blast.

    Crazypants – He also celebrated Saint Patrick's Day by claiming an anonymous poem (but quite possibly by a Nigerian) was an "old Irish Proverb."
    "What have you got to lose?  Life as we know it."  Of course all his supporters thought that life as they knew it couldn't get any worse.  Surpri-i-i-ise!
    Ummmm – the tiny hands may make it easier to reach in and pull it – but – maybe harder to get a grip in it?
    The Madness of the Ruler – So what used to be Boanthropy is now – Lawnmoweranthropy?  It would be well if he would read the writing on the wall – if he could read!

    New Rule – Boy, he really has a talent for sticking needles into cherished beliefs, doesn't he.  He also has a good point.  The adults among us DO accept some degree of collective responsibility for things our groups have done.  And consistency.  Indeed.

    Cartoon – And Republicans have been undermining and ignoring it ever since!

    (when you're up to it.)

    • P.S. – Would Jeff Merkley consider a 2020 Presidential run?  I see him joining on national conference calls with Ilyse Hogue and Dr. Barber, and that's just this week, and I wonder whether (and hope) he is increasing his national visibility for such a run.

  3. And Mr. Orange Schmuck is what we now have as the representative of our country to the rest of the world!  As Bill asked, "What in hell are the Republicans waiting for?"  "Oh, teacher, teacher," he said, wildly raising his hand, "I know, I know, their big tax breaks, and the  campaign funds they'll get from the already fucking super wealthy, as thanks for theirs!"  "Why yes, little Johnny, you are so right.  And, when we get to take our next class trip to D.C., YOU get to pee on Paul Ryan's shoes."

  4. Puzzle — 3:59  I've been pining away today!

    YouTube — Bill is so spot on!  Several funny lines that had me LMAO, particulary the small hands making it easier for Drumpf to pull things out of his ass!


    Resist and Persist!!!

    YouTube — I especially liked the part about the Irish terrorists in Northern Ireland.  Bill is correct and also, how about McVeigh, or about the whites that lynched or otherwise killed blacks in the US.  They too were terrorists.  Or even Republicans with policies that kill, just a little more slowly.


    Resist and Persist!!!

    Cartoon — Yes, a person's miranda rights should sacred but from what I have heard, they are not always.


    Resist and Persist!!!

    I hope you get a better sleep tonight!  Take care Puddy Tat!

  5. That dreaded cough; sound your medication hasn't got agrip on that yet, TomCat. Perhaps you should get in touch with your doctor again, before you pull a muscle or worse. If you sleep better, you'll also heal better too, though there's no medicine against drag races yet.

    Bill Maher 1: Bill must be battling with conflicting feelings for some time now: both frustration and gratitude for the enormities delivered by mad king Drumpf each week. And frustration and gratitude for the certainty that the lawnmower on the White House lawn will come up with equally horrendous policies and irrational behavior

    Bill Maher 2: Bill has a good point with his Irish terrorists in as far as it points out that terrorism isn't a strictly Muslim thing, but I can't remember too many Americans of Irish decent taking such a big stand against Irish religious terrorism, and the IRA was partly funded by American sponsors. Because it wasn't about religion either, but about politics, (English) domination and above all money and power.

    Cartoon: For the time it lasted.

  6. Thanks and sick hugs!

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