Mar 112017

A physician's assistant came yesterday.  She prescribed Doxycycline and Benzonatate.  I still feel awful.  Hugs!  RESIST!!

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today's took me 3:10 (average 4:31).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?




  8 Responses to “Personal Update – 3/11/2017”

  1. 4:19  I had to turn on the space heater.  My fingers are still numb.

    Doxycycline – I hope that doesn't mean bacterial pneumonia, but I fear it does.   Benzonatate should help the cough if you don't push yourself too hard.  Sending love, healing, and prayer.

    Cartoon – Do I even want to know what that looked like?

  2. Cartoon: UGH!

    Get up in your zone, and REST!

    Take good care, glad that you got some meds to help you.

    Thanks, Tom.

  3. TAKE GOOD CARE OF OUR TOMCAT!!!!!!!!!   That's your job. We will hold you responsible for the outcome!

    Rest and take good care.


  4. So GLAD that the P.A. came by to see you! Maybe you will be able to fight this virus and be back to your perky self!!!

    Take it easy, my friend!!!

  5. Puzzle — 3:12  No food for you here, Puddy Tat!  You aren't allowed to go out, especially in this eveer so changing weather!

    Cartoon — And some states are still trying to use it!


    Resist and Persist!!!

    Glad you have some good drugs to help the healing.  I can certainly empathise with you, myself having had bronchial and sinus infections.  Not pretty and not any fun at all, even if you have a pretty looking nurse!  Let me know if you need Dr Winnie.  Take care!!!

  6. Good to hear the physician's assistant made a house call and prescribed some lung-specific antibiotics and cough medicine. I hope that will make you feel better soon and prevent rupturing muscles and losing sleep from too much coughing. Stay in bed and focus on getting well, TomCat.

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