Bill Interviewed Assa

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Feb 252017


Once again, it's time for some relief,courtesy of Bill Maher.  Here are two clips from last night's show.

Rep. Darrell Issa Interview


Issa lied. He staged a demonstration of supporters at his office. Decent people got wind of it and counter-protested, but virtually all of Issa's interaction with "demonstrators" was really with supporters. He does sound somewhat reasonable, but I know he will not follow through on any of the good things he said, especially about investigating Trump. How do I know? Darrell Issa Issa assa and Darrell Issa turd!

New Rule: Press We Can


He does make a really excellent point. I can count the "news" shows worth watching on one hand with fingers left over.



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  1. One of Bill's strengths is that he will talk with anyone.  Bill is a complex person with a lot of intelligence yet some crazy blind spots.  He is taking heat from the left now for his Islamopobia (which I suspect is actually atheism – he appears to be an equal opportunity religion-hater).  I would hate to lose Bill myself, but I don't think anyone can take him as "gospel."  That said, I couldn't manage the Issa interview.

    I have been told by people whose on-line presence I respect that Cosmopolitan, Elle, and (seriously) Teen Vogue have some of the best and most accurate political reporting on the net today.  Perhaps that goes with the pussy hats.

    • For Bill, atheism is a faith about which he's every bit as evangelistic as the most rabid pseudo-Chrfistian.  I tolerate that for the rest.

  2. Issa: Let's see if he does something with the investigation of Russian interference with DT's campaign…I doubt that seriously. All talk and no action.

    'PRESS WE CAN', I like that!!

    *JL, I read that! I was rooting for Mr. Ellison though. Thx!

  3. Issa: I'm sorry, as much as I like Bill, I can not watch/listen to Issa, Traitorous Empty Orange , or Chris Christy (Man, this dirt-bag has the name of Christ in his moniker, not once, but twice!!!! You know what my favorite Frenchman would say?…"SCHMUCK!").

    New Rule:  Now that makes sense!  One of the things i hate about snowy weather, here, is that the newscasts get all bent out of shape showing scenes from everty conceivable part of the broadcast area, no favoritism here!, of people out doing their snow removal jobs, That's not damned news!

  4. New Rule:  BUT WAIT—–THAT WAS A FAUX NEWS POLE!!!!!  Did I miss something?  He reported the results of a Faux News pole!!!???        Talk apout not trusting news reporters!

  5. Don't know if "Assa" is a typo or purposeful – but I like it! 

    Maybe "Asso" is even better (close as one can get & keep it clean).

    • Funny you shoud come up with "Asso", Nameless. That's what the Dutch use for short for anti-social people, people who don't care about society, only for themselves. People…how shall I describe them…who are Drumpf supporters.

  6. It was a good show. Could've done without Assa. But, gotta show all sides. 

    Been following #NODAPL and Standing Rock and Sacred Stone Camp the last few days. Hope ALL is well!

    Take care, TC!


    I wouldn't trust Issa as far as I could throw him and that is not far — I'm a weak Sasquatch!  He's a Republican!  Need I say more?!


    Resist and Persist!!!

  8. Thanks TC.

  9. 1. Bill had heard different about Issa's 'Town Hall Meeting' and waits on the facts to be checked. Your comment explains well why Bill was hesitant.

    2. Issa still stands behind the GOP's Repeal and Replace of the ACA with no definition off the time between the Repeal and Replace of his party, but prefers to call it 'Reform'. If you truly have a plan to reform, i.e. make it better, you don't repeal it first and leave millions without healthcare for an indefinite time.

    3. Given 1 & 2  I don't believe for one moment that he's seriously going to look into Russia gate. He'll stall and  wiggle until Drumpf goes down on something else, because too many Republicans are implicated in it. After Drumpf is out, they'll go after the little guys, as usual.

    I have to admit that our national Dutch news, watched by most people and appreciated by most too, tends to put an "uplifting" item at the end of some shows, just to take the mind of all the doom and gloom the viewers have been served before, I guess. Although at this point in time they hardly have time to get our own election campaigns covered with all the Drumpf "news" from around the world, so we're left a little more depressed each time we watch the news. 🙁

  10. Thanks all!  Hugs!!

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