Valentines Day

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Feb 142017


May your day be filled with

All the love and warmth

You deserve!



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  1. Thank you, and back at ya.  I saved this one for Valentine's Day:

  2. love, love, love all you need is love…..maybe that is what so called minority elected occupant of the white house and his cronies didn't have in their youth…….

    • I think you nailed it!

    • It is relatively common knowledge (I say "common" despite the fact that some people actually voted for this idiot) that Drumpfenfarten was forced into a military like school because he had behavioural issues at a regular high school.  His father was somewhat distant, although he showed him how to make money, scam people, and discriminate against certain people. I think Drumpfenfarten's father thought money and greed were love!

  3. Thank you, TomCat, hope that you had a nice day!!

    *Joanne, I'm passing this one to my Resistance/Persistant GalPals, Loved it!


  4. Given the trajectory that the Flynn resignation SHOULD lead us, I found some perfect Valentine's Day  candy for Twitler – and pretty much his entire staff of hoodlums:

  5. The Kimmel piece is great!


  6. I have never really been a Valentine's Day person, but this year I'll make an exception.







  7. I'm a day late, so I hope you had that love you need, TomCat.

    You do know that we all love you, don't you.

  8. Thanks all!  Pooped Hugs!

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