Feb 142017

Stumpy is being more cooperative today, and barely squeezed into George this morning, after spending most of yesterday elevated above chest height.  I think he was retaining fluids, because I am mildly dehydrated from spending so much time at my desk and out and about that I paid too little attention hydrating myself.  Some guzzle water naturally, but I have to force myself.  I have my urologist appointment rescheduled for next month.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 4:22 (average 4:55).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From YouTube (GQ Channel): Michael Flynn Must Now Be Arrested | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann


Last Night Michael Flynn resigned to downplay and try to evade prosecution for his treason and to protect his equally guilty Fuhrer. Both Flynn and Trump must be investigated, indicted, tried, convicted and incarcerated! RESIST!!

From The Rachel Maddow Show: Spousal abuse testimony on Oprah a factor in Puzder confirmation

Rachel Maddow reports that video of a 1990 episode of the Oprah Winfrey Show in which the ex-wife of Donald Trump labor secretary nominee Andrew Puzder talks about being the victim of his abuse has been submitted to Senators considering his confirmation.

The Dems, with one exception, put up as good a fight as possible against Beauregard and Know Nothing. It would be nice to block Putzser.  That exception is Joe Manchin [DINO-WV].  He actually voted FOR both Sessions and DeVos!!  Why don’t you give him a call? – WV 304-342-5855 or DC 202-224-3954.  Tell him he’s a waste of skin and a good for nothing DINO turd!  If you wish, be even less complimentary.  RESIST!!

From The New Yorker: An exuberant Betsy DeVos said on Monday that Donald J. Trump’s forty-per-cent approval rating is a “clear indication” that more than half the country agrees with the job he is doing.

“I was so excited to see the President’s approval rating hit forty,” DeVos, the Secretary of Education, told reporters. “Just knowing that well more than half the country is with him gives us a great sense of confidence moving forward.”

She also criticized the media for failing to report “our powerful forty-per-cent mandate.”

“If you believed news reports, you would think that the people supporting the President are in the minority, when in fact they’re forty per cent,” she said.

Dang Andy! Is it any wonder that I just labeled her Know Nothing? RESIST!!




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  1. 4:28  Kinda sorta a walk in the park.

    YT/GQ  Of course Keith is right on the money.  And how anyone can fail to see it boggles my mind.  However, action does, as Keith said before digging into the details, depend on their being any patriots left in the Republican Party in Congress.  There are none.  There are also none so blind as those who will not see.   We are all Madame Drawda.

    RMS – Sadly, DINO Manchin may be the best West Virginia can come up with.  It is filled with Republican ex-coal workers in so much pain that they are taking enough opiods to fell a horse, and their thinking is distorted accordingly.  I'm sure there are drug-free people in West Virginia, but not enough of them to draft and elect a real Democrat.  Maybe it would be better if they did elect a Republican – at least we would know where we are.

    TNY – The first tweet sent out after her confirmation misspelled W.E.B. Du Bois's name – and here's the "apology": "Post updated – our deepest apologizes for the earlier typo."

    Cartoon – Oh, yeah.

    • You might want to ask your doctor about those no-cal flavorings that can make water more palatable if it's not enticing on its own.  I am not crazy about the sweetener they use, but then, my filters make my water pretty palatble without – I just thought I'd try them.  We all talk about "water" as if it were the same thing, and of course H2O is, but the other things in it differ drastically from place to place, and frankly, I think some tap water does need help.

  2. KO: BOOM!!! I'm with him, completely. Flynn is a disgrace!!! Arrest him & dt for being Traitors to this country. The gop is spineless, imo.

    RM: So good to see the Resistance!! on this I hope his nomination doesn't go through, and Kudos to Oprah for submitting the tape to the Senate. Spousal abuse is deeply troubling, for any and all survivors.

    NYer: Gawd…what an ID!!! Not good representation for the SoE, at all !!!! ick! & ugh!!

    Cartoon: Absolutely!

    Good news, and hope that Stumpy gets better. Enjoy your evening, take care, and Thanks, Tom.


  3. YT/GQ: On the money!!!!!!!!!  My biggest little fear upon hearing of Flynn's resignation was that the whole thing would now be swept under the proverbial rug!  

    Maddow: Do you recall how SCOTUS waste Thomas was accused of sexual improprieties, to use a nice word?  And he got approved by a Republican congress?  Watch the same frigging thing happen, all over again!

    New Yorker: Andy must love these assholes, they provide so much fodder for him!

  4. So Stumpy is acting not like a stump but like a (camel's) hump, retaining water, TomCat? 😉 😉 That's a myth, by the way, the humps are a fat reserve, not a water retainer. It sounds like your leg could do with a good massage now and again to transport fluids better. Have a talk with your PT.

    Keith Olbermann: The trouble with commenting almost a day behind is that things may change very quickly, especially on board of the sinking ship called the Drumpf administration. Keith didn't know that Flynn would resign after the Washington Post published the warnings the administration were given last month about Flynn lying about his conversations with the Russians shortly after Keith  made this video. So Pence knew Flynn was lying and he himself lied when he said that he was misinformed by Flynn. You're not misinformed with a lie if you know it's a lie. Keith also didn't know that not so patriotic Republicans like Chaffetz (the matter has resolved itself) and Ryan (we must not take steps to hastily) who both wanted to drop the matter now and halt any investigation. However Democrats pushed hard enough, perhaps with all the knowledge Keith and the WP provided them with, to have McDonnell give in to a full investigation. Which makes Keith's analysis and call to indict Flynn now and impeach Drumpf if necessary all the more pertinent. Go Keith!


    Rachel Maddow: If Puzder's spousal abuse didn't har his career from 1990, there's little chance a "trifle" like that in GOP eyes will keep him from being nominated, will it. Republicans are willing to risk the future of America, and of the whole world, for their short term greed, so what do they care about a little wife-slapping among friends.

    TNY: Andy, this can only make me smile like a farmer with a toothache again. I'm starting to think that Republicans by having agreed to her nomination have killed two birds with one stone: they have rewarded  her for the hundreds of millions she donated to the GOP/Drumpf and made it clear to their buddies that they think this is the best women have to offer. Putting DeVos in the cabinet has hushed any ideas of a female candidate in 2020 and thereafter to rest.


  5. Puzzle — 3:49  I hope it is not raining as hard there as it is up here today!

    YouTube — I read about Flynn's resignation yesterday and my first thought was "Which Republican in the Congress is going to be a true patriot and see that a full legitimate investigation, unfettered with goosestepping, is carried out?".  My guess is that the goose-stepping will continue.  Drumpfenfarten is so obsessed with terrorists from Arab countries coming into the country and making a big noise about it, that too many people will ignore the true terrorists, Republicans goose-stepping.  This is a cancer within the Republican party.  I so agree with Keith.  Amen Keith!!!



    TRMS — Our radio news today, or maybe yesterday, reported that Putzer's ex-wife had recanted and the abuse never happened.  How convenient.  Sounds rather fishy to me.  How strongly are the goose-stepping leadership going to twist the arms of those Republicans having doubts? — I believe that it is referred to as extortion.  I guess we need to wait and see just what unfolds.



    The New Yorker — The new Secretary of Education needs to return to an average public school for remedial mathematics!  Good one Andy!



    Cartoon — Ain't that the truth!



    Glad that Stumpy is coöperating.  Dehydration, even mild dehydration, can cause so many difficulties like infections, dizziness etc.  Get hydrating with old fashioned water (not coffee etc — I know, you like to mainline coffee!) — about 2 litres (2 quarts) a day.  You'll pee like a race horse initially, but it should help.  I drink 2 litres of plain water a day, but at one point, I was drinking 4 – 5 litres of water per day.

  6. Thanks all!  Hugs!!

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