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I got more sleep last night, and that's good, because I have a couple busy day's coming up.  Tomorrow is a Wendy day, and on Monday, I have an appointment with Greg Cost, my Urologist.  No Worries.  It's just to pee in the cup, shred the toilet paper, and discuss the high Cost of urination.  I hope you're having a great weekend, or as good a weekend as is possible if you live in a Republican Reich.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today's took me 3:46 (average 5:20)_.  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From YouTube (GQ Channel): Is This How Trump Will Deport Millions? | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann


Protect them! RESIST!!

From The Rachel Maddow Show: Magnitude of Trump adviser Flynn's Russia scandal gains clarity

Rachel Maddow reports on the still-developing scandal that Donald Trump national security adviser, Mike Flynn, reportedly discussed U.S. sanctions with Russia before Trump was in office, and that communication existed during the campaign.


Trump worked with the Russian government to coordinate Russian interference in our election, and the Republican Party conspired with them to cover it up. I don't know what the remedy is.  RESIST!!

From The New Yorker: Hinting darkly that “there’s something going on,” Donald J. Trump complained on Friday that he has been treated “very unfairly” by the people who wrote the United States Constitution.

“If the Constitution prevented me from doing one or two things, I’d chalk that up to bad luck,” he said. “But when literally everything I want to do is magically a violation of the Constitution, that’s very unfair and bad treatment.”

Lashing out at the document’s authors, Trump said that “America is a great country, but we have maybe the worst constitution writers in the world.”

“Russia has much better constitution writers than we do,” he said. “I talked to Putin, and he said their constitution never gives him problems.”

“The situation is very unfair!” he added.

I trust Andy accurately reflects the Fuhrer's thinking, but only in part. The rest is to get his top, Vladimir (R-RU) to help implement Russia's constitution here.  RESIST!!




  17 Responses to “Open Thread – 2/11/2017”

  1. 5:02  Very pretty.

    Not to belabor the obvious – but Keith, of course, has brains.  And anyone who has a brain could also have seen this coming last October.  Not that just anyone with a brain could have expressed it so effectively  I'm so glad we have Keith.  I hope he doesn't "disappear."

    TRMS – I know I have said this before – but, after a General who had previously worked with Flynn was quoted that he must have "come down with a case of the dumba*s," my response was that then he needs to be facing the opening of a can of whoopa*s.  I am now also chuckling over how life imitates art imitating life.  That "Look for a break in the pattern – look for the unexpected" mirrors a gazillion mystery novels.  The remedy – with Republicans in control of the Presidency, the House, and the Senate – if there is one, it has to depend on NGOs.  NGO watchdogs (sorry for the language.)  Public Citizen?  Project on Government Oversight (they usually look into monetary abuses, but…)?

    TNY – I am not sure the bollockchinned spunkbubble has thought quite as far ahead as you have, TC, but no matter.  Putin has.

    Cartoon – When do we get to stop idolizing the Founders?

  2. KO: WOW…a very telling, and scary discussion of deportation and camps. Concentration…camps!!!

    RMS: Why isn't this guy being fired??? This is treason, and that goes for the campaign of dt, and their involvement with Russia.

    NYer: Man knows nothing of what he's doing. Tweet that, donthecon!

    Cartoon: Yes, they do. ugh!!

    It's a gorgeous day here. Anyone see the comet/full moon/lunar eclipse last night? It was pretty awesome!  The next lunar eclipse will be 2035 in case your wondering. Enjoy your evening, take care, and Thanks, Tom.

  3. YT/GQ Olbermann: "humane" concentration camps in USA…

    Cartoon: Make gerrymandering aka redistricting illegal. 

  4. YT/GQ: At this time of day (night) I can not watch.  I lost several hours of sleep,last night, after Crosby Stills and Nash sang so beautifully in that piece. Olberman is great, but I can not remain, nor easily get calm, after seeing him.

    Rachel M: Her presentation was so well put together!  In my book "THIS BE TREASON!"  It will not be enough to have Empty Orange step down!  The entire election, ending in a GOP victory, will have to be redone, and damn the chaos, for it will be peanuts compared to what happens if the GOP remains in the W.H. with no new contest!!!

  5. Puzzle — 3:06  This brings back fond childhood memories of when my father would take us fishing in the canoe.  There was one  large area of water lilies where fish liked to hide and where motor boats could not go without fouling their propellers.  The lilies were like a thick carpet on the water, so thick that one could be forgiven for having the notion to walk to shore.

    YouTube — Humanely???  I have visions of the trains in Nazi Germany — cattle cars jammed with humanity — rolling into camps where over 6 million people died.  Just incase people did not see George Takei's petition about rounding up the Muslims in the US and putting them in camps, click on his name.  Yes this is about Muslims, but this is what Keith is taking about for any peoples not deemed desirable by the administration.  I have my safety pin on, do you?



    TRMS — I am not aware of an act of treason of this magnitude in the US previously.  Would that be correct?  If, as you say Flynn and Drumpfenfarten collaborated with the Russians (BTW, I agree with you), and the Republican Party was in collusion to cover it up, then the electoral win last 08 November is a sham, and illegal.  The remedy to it is another matter.  Certainly, the main players, Drumpfenfarten, Flynn, and persons X, should be tried for treason or other charges from which they can't wiggle out.  The Republican Party deserves censure and penalties for its role in the coverup.  It would seem that extraordinary measures are called for, but the running of the country must take precedence in the interim.  What about calling Obama back for a limited time while things get sorted out?



    The New Yorker — O, the prescience of the Founding Fathers from 240 years ago! — setting up Drumpfenfarten to fail!  Good one Andy!



    Cartoon — From Britannica.com

    "He was an outspoken opponent of ratification of the U.S. Constitution, fearing that it might give way to aristocratic or monarchical rule. However, he gave it his full support after its ratification, helping to draft the Bill of Rights and serving as a representative in Congress for two terms (1789–93)."

    Gerrymandering may be attributable to him, but at least he didn't set himself up early on to be Drumpfenfarten's BFF!  Dems and Republicans have used gerrymandering but neither has taken the time to make it illegal.



    Sleep is so important.  I had a good sleep too, but I still feel tired and napped several times today, curled up with at least one furbabe.  Maybe I am becoming a cat since they sleep about 18 hours per day.  I hope there is no rain tomorrow as I would like to get my mother's few things out of my car — walker, pictures etc.  It is getting cramped in there!  We had a nasty wind and rain storm yesterday and last night and rain today, but it still has not washed away the most recent snow dump.

    • George Takei's petition has, so far, garnered over 316,156 supporters, which is a lot for a C2 petition. 

    • I tried that none with the lily pads.  Didn't work. sad

      Gerry inventer the term when he became the forst victim.  Because the new borders of his district looked like a salamander, he said he had been gerrymandered.

  6. Excellent articles, thank you TomCat, and brilliant comments.  Sorry I have trigeminal neuralgia today, so I can't comment, but I loved reading everyone's!

    • I feel so sorry for you, Pat. The pain is excruciating, one I hope I never have to experience again, so I know what you're going through. If the cause of your Trigeminal neuralgia is unknown, check in with your dentist and have your teeth on the affected side of your face X-rayed. Mine was caused by an unnoticed small infection festering for years under a badly placed filling and finally infecting the Trigeminal nerve. Good luck.

    • Horrors!! Please follow Lona's advice!

    • Oh, my!  I hope you find some relief – and quickly!

      (Not a pediatric affliction – but certainly one of the worst chronic conditions pain-wise for adults who suffer from it.)

  7. Cartoon: redistricting (gerrymandering) project


    The National Democratic Redistricting Committee, which is being chaired by Eric Holder, has the support of President Barack Obama in what’s expected to be a main political focus of his post-presidency. 

    President Barack Obama and Eric Holder’s quickly expanding Democratic joint project to tackle redistricting reform has picked a leader: Kelly Ward, fresh off four years as the executive director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

    Ward is coming in initially as the interim executive director of the National Democratic Redistricting Committee as it continues to come together, meeting with donors, hiring staff, managing groups joining as members and beginning to identify races to target as the effort gears up for action in 2017, 2018 and into 2020 — and then the actual rounds of redistricting in 2021.

    Many of the current maps for state legislature and House districts represent Republicans’ “fundamental challenge to our democracy,” Ward said, because of how much gerrymandering they entail.

    The NDRC is coordinating between several Democratic campaign committees and outside allies in directing resources and attention to races for state legislature and governor, aimed at bringing major changes to the district lines after the next census. 

  8. Glad you slept well, TomCat. Keep up your strength.

    Keith Olbermann: With news coming in that ICE has started to round up illegal "criminal" aliens and was tearing families apart of people who had been in the country for nearly 14 years, I had been wondering when Keith would get to the subject of concentration camps. He now obviously has, but the creepy thing is that at the end of this video it said it was from the archive and recorded on October 12, 2016, before Drumpf was even "elected". I think it's a mistake, too many of his remarks allude to the current situation; it would chill me to the bone if a video recorded then could be so spot-on about what is happening, and about to happen, today.


    Rachel Maddow: Bravo, Rachel! Bravo, for keeping the pressure up, for connecting all those dots that are out there time and again and for slowly unraveling the truth about the long term corroboration between people who are now in this administration and the Russians. And she's doing that together with the Washington Post, the New York Times, even with CNN, and it's substantiated by 9 intelligence officials. This is the opportunity "to blow the da"m the resistance has been waiting for. But don't let your attention waver for one moment and keep your eye on all those other points of resistance.

    TNY: Aw chucks, even the Founding Fathers are treating Drumpfie unfairly.We can expect some tweets addressed to them shortly then?

  9. Thanks all!  Hugs!

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