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Given what we’ve been – and will be – subjected to courtesy of the Tweetler-in-Chief, we’ve earned a little Schadenfreude.  So, let’s enjoy another assault to his fragile ego via his teeny-tiny hands and compare sizes … of Inaugural crowds!

It’s only been eight years, so we can all recall this joyous occasion on the first Inauguration of Pres. Obama:

This was the turnout for Tweetler Trump’s inauguration on Friday:

To defuse all the whiny excuse-fueled temper tantrums from Trumpkins, let me stipulate that BOTH photos were taken from the top of the Washington Monument, and BOTH were taken at noon.

This site proves it, and has a fun scroll bar that has both photos, so you can move back and forth to compare:


But let’s get to the take-home message:

True to form, the Mango Mussolini today tried to claim he drew a crowd of 1.5 MILLION.


But it’s easy to see how he’s confused.  He thought that all that white from the protective Mall lawn panels were actually KKK Kluckers robed in their white sheets.  Donny's Delusion solved!  (Well, at least in the reality-based world.)

But a little hard data courtesy of the Washington Metro Transit should help him figure things out using actual numbers::

And if you’re confronted with a little Trumpkin trying to Trumpsplain the pitifully paltry populous because “We were all working” – I’ve found it helpful to counter with:

“Oh, you must mean because Pres. Obama, who inherited Dubya’s pitiful and plummeting unemployment rate of 7.9%, worked to turn it around to just the 4.8% that it is now.  You’re right – Thanks, Obama!

And it wasn’t just the pitiful crowd numbers on the Mall.  Take a look at this video from Katy Tur of NBC News, filmed while traveling along the parade route: Empty bleachers!

Everyone is trying to figure out what was in the Tiffany-wrapped box that Melania gave to Michelle.  Well, given the transcript of the exchange, I think I’ve got it solved.  Here is what was said between the two First Ladies when the Trumps arrived :

Michelle: Welcome to the White House.

Melania: Welcome to the White House.

Michelle: It’s very nice to see you again.

Melania: It’s very nice to see you again.

Michelle: Thanks for the beautiful gift.

Melania: Thanks for the beautiful gift.

(Michelle, under her breath: Oh brother, not THAT again!)

So, I’m pretty sure the gift is a leather-bound copy of Melania’s plagiarized Convention speech! 

(No matter what it is, it was a very nice gesture.)

Sadly, the speech isn’t the only thing the Trumps plagiarized.  Nope, they copied the official Inaugural cake that the Ace of Cakes chef, Duff Goldman, designed for the Obamas in 2009 2013:

And here’s some background from 2009 2013 how GOLDMAN designed the cake himself.  (Some Trumpkins are trying to claim that it’s the same because they’re ALL the same – and was directed from the White House staff.  WRONG!)


But I believe we all hope that the Trumps will continue to plagiarize the ideas, ideals and policies of the Obamas.  (Too much to hope he’d plagiarize their dignity and grace.)
And I did deeply enjoy this banner that a plane pulled over NYC the day of Treump's inauguration:



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  1. Thanks to Nameless for the new and older historical photos of the recent inaugurations from the past few years. What surprised me was the short video by Katy Tur showing how many empty seats there were at Drumpf's inauguration. There were lots of empty seats. The graphic informations also told another story as well. I enjoyed this factual and short documentary. 

    So glad I didn't watch the 2017 Presidential Inauguration as I was busy doing some other work on the internet. Time went by so fast that I forgot all about it. lol. Guess I'll run into a few aspects of it during the next few weeks which just cannot be helped nor avoided. Oh well…

  2. Drumpfenfarten is either blind or wilfully delusional.  I favour the latter, the natural condition of severe narcissists like Drumpfenfarten.

    There are more police lining the parade route than there are civilian attendees!  Washington Metro Transit tells a story that contradicts Drumpfenfarten — quelle surprise!!!  And those photos of the Mall from the same location at the same time of day — Drumpfenfarten would say that they had been photoshopped to show a large disparity.

    Nameless, great info that refutes everything that Drumpfenfarten has been saying about the inauguration.  Oh, and the cake,  I guess plagiarising . . . er copying the cake from Obama's first inauguration is a high honour, a compliment to the original designer.

    It is going to be a long 4 years.



  3. Thanks for this Nameless, a picture really is worth a thousand words! 

    (Mind you, it is only a matter of time before the Right start swapping the labels and lying again – it seems to be an automatic reflex with them).

  4. Nor did I watch anything re: DT's inaugural fiasco! *Gene, guess what movie was on that I watched? Breakfast at Tiffany's!! 🙂
    Glad that Duff Goldman set the record straight about the cake too. I like his show, and I like the picture on the LEFT.
    Absolutely LOVE the picture of RESISTing…by Lady Liberty.
    Question here: If Drumptf's pants go to hell on fire?, then does he use Golden Showers to put out the flames? jw. lol.
    He's already started with the censorship too.
    Did you see/read this one? http://www.philly.com/philly/news/politics/Interior-Department-banned-from-Twitter-after-retweet-of-smaller-than-usual-Trump-inauguration-crowd.html

    Thanks, Nameless for post, and Joanne for cross posting.

  5. Good Morning, TC

    Hope all is well in your neck of the woods, we've got a fierce wind going on here, the wind is trying to clear out all of the Drumpthinskin's BS. imho

    Just saw this in my inbox: good read, btw.


    May be late in writing later, as family (gang) coming over for snacks, and watching the GB/Atlanta game this afternoon.

    Take good care, my friend. Hugs Pat

  6. Love it, Nameless!

  7. Thank you so much for putting together this wonderful article, Nameless! I just loved that last picture of Liberty resisting.

    Like most of you I haven't watched the inauguration, but you can rest assured that all hell broke out most everywhere outside the American perimeter about Drumpf and his spokesman Sean Spicer pumping up the numbers of inauguration attendees and accusing the media of doctoring the photos to make it look like less. Media everywhere were utterly disgusted, there is no other word for it. Drumpf really couldn't have done himself a greater disservice: no self-respecting journalist outside the US will ever just print anything that comes out of the White House without a thorough fact checking, everything Drumpf says from now on will be examined and weighed and then dismissed. He had his chance, he didn't take it but blew it.

    I'm sure English bookies are going to open up soon with an opportunity to put down a bet on the number of days before Pence and the GOP stick out a leg and have Drumpf take a tumble. Does anyone here think he'll make it to a 100 days?

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