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Yesterday turned out to be pretty busy.  I did some paperwork.  My helper friend came and we took a trip to the instant teller machine three blocks away, did laundry and cooked six meals,  I now have 12 suppers that need only be thawed and reheated.  Then i meditated on the Orb!  May the holy Ellipsoid Orb bless your team on this high holy day.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 3:02 (average 4:54).  To do it, click here,  How did you do?

Pat A: I forwarded your responses to her.  Here is her reply:

Oh TC – this made me cry – you are all so wonderful!  Thank you so much – may God bless you for your kindness!!!

I hope to be back to PP in the next few weeks some time.  I hope my sister will come to help me here for a while now that she has retired – she offered nearly a year ago to come for two weeks, and actually came last Autumn for three days (but very welcome for all that) – she has never suffered from long term ill health, so has loads of energy.  She promised to be back in the New Year to do the remaining days she had promised … which would have been before now, so I hope still, but am not holding my breath!  Her offers of help have, looking back over the years, about a one in twenty chance of being fulfilled… still, onwards and upwards, and I must do what I can when I can, and she set me some tasks before she left and I am still plodding away at them! 

I also discovered ancient Victorian mould the day before yesterday under wallpaper in my living room, so I must (having allergic asthma) get rid of it ASAP – it will take me at least all week to do this as I can only do a small amount every couple of days, but I am very determined.  I had wondered for years where the slight smell of mould came from as none was visible – now I know (plaster put on the wall cutting through the Victorian plaster [with mould] when I had the damp course done many years ago has not a trace of mould on it, so the mould on the Victorian plaster is truly ancient).  Vinegar, tea tree oil, a multifibre cloth and/or a sharp scraper, a very good face mask, Futuro splints for my osteoporitic wrists, and a LOT of elbow grease are doing wonders – but it is a long job and will take one week or perhaps (please not!) even two weeks.   Prayers for my safety would be most appreciated as I do fall a bit!  (Nicky M would know if I had an accident – we speak/email daily).

Hugs and prayers and blessings


Short Takes:

From Daily Kos (classic: 2/2015): Walmarts are everywhere. They take up tons of space. Superbowl space. They sell everything, they succeed where mom-and-pop businesses fail—and sometimes, they shut down. What happens when a huge edifice, parking lot, highway exit closes in a place? Well, in McAllen, Texas:

They transformed it into the largest single-floor public library in America.

It’s not often that I have an opportunity to post about Texans doing something right.

From The New Yorker: Last month, reporters at the Las Vegas Review-Journal undertook a remarkable investigation into the secret identity of the buyer of their own newspaper. The paper had changed hands in early December for the wildly inflated price of a hundred and forty million dollars; New Media Investment Group (formerly GateHouse Media), which had purchased the paper only months earlier, reported flipping it for an estimated sixty-nine-per-cent profit. Six days after the sale was announced, on December 16th, Review-Journal reporters revealed that the acquiring company, News + Media Capital Group, which had been represented in the sale by an executive named Michael Schroeder, was in fact controlled by members of Sheldon Adelson’s family—and that, as many had suspected, the money had originated with the casino magnate himself. “My money that the children have with which to buy the newspaper is their inheritance,” Adelson told the Macau Daily Times. He said that he wasn’t directly involved with the purchase, and wasn’t interested in owning a newspaper.

Adelson is a keen participant in the U.S. political process and a mega-donor to Republican candidates, having spent, at minimum, ninety-eight million dollars in political contributions in the 2012 cycle, not counting dark-money contributions. He also owns an Israeli tabloid, Israel Hayom (Israel Today), which is brazen in its support of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s hard-line positions on Palestinian rights and other issues. To many observers, Adelson’s background, combined with the initial attempt to keep his family’s ownership interest in the Review-Journal secret, does not augur well for the future editorial independence of the paper, which was founded in 1909 and has a circulation of about a hundred and sixty-five thousand, the largest in Nevada. But the response from inside the paper demonstrated that, even for a determined billionaire and his family, it may not be so easy to gain control of a newspaper.

This is tragic for Nevada residents. The change will be gradual, but within a year or two the paper will be positioned far to the right of the Republican Reichsministry of Propaganda, Faux Noise.

From NY Times: Hillary Clinton has released an aggressive new attack ad, fanning fears about the main Republican presidential candidates to make the point that she, and no other Democrat, “can stop them.”


I disagree with Hillary, in part. She correctly describes the Republican threat, and she could defeat a Republican candidate. However, she is not the only Democrat who could. Bernie can too, and he is a better choice for the poor and middle classes.




  13 Responses to “Open Thread–1/10/1016”

  1. 4:55 (4:54)  Interesting composition.

    TC, I can and will PM Pat A, but if you do, please let her know that, as from one person with mold allergies to another, getting it off is only part of the problem.  There is a primer named "Kilz" – OK, there are several formulas – which is the only thing my sources have found that will seal it out of coming back for the foreseeable future.  She should check to see if she tolerates it wet and dry, and may have to move out while it is drting – I don't know how long that would take, since local conditions would affect it – but if she could get it on before doing any other refinishing it should be a good investment.

    DKos – Refreshing indeed to be able to praise Texas!

    New Yorker – What a tragedy indeed!  Interestingly (maybe only to me), when I was laid off from my last job which led to my reyirement, it was because the company moved the functions of my department to other states.  Laid off people moving to the new locations was discussed, but I was not in a position to consider it.  But the two states which they split the functions between were Oklahoma and Nevada.  Jeesh.  As frustrated as I sometimes get in Colorado, I am better off here.

    NY Times – Well TC, I can't add to that assessment.

    Cartoon – Well, but – which organ are you referring to – the one attached to the body, or the one that is open carried in holsters?  Oh, I guess it doesn't matter – removing either would be an improvement for any Republican.

  2. I love the cartoon and I would say the appendage attched to body, Joanne. Also Joanne, give my regards to Pat. She is not on my friend list, but I feel most everyone who posts on Tom's articles are friends.

  3. Does Pat have a church?  Wouldn't someone there be willing to make a project out of ganging up to do this work on a weekend?  Nothing wrong with asking for help, is there?

  4. Pat's task seems huge to me and in addition to churches, is the kind of project some youth service groups would take on (scouts, etc.).

    I thought the rules about media market diversity prevented secret sales of stations and newspapers…

    Yeah–Bernie's percents show him beating the GOP candidates, too.

    Oh how quickly some men forget…

  5. 3:15  I love tomatoes (and so do my boys), but you obviously love them even more Puddy Tat.

  6. I feel for Pat. I, too, have mold allergies and have a Some in my house. Since the doctor experimenting with my meds has left me without so much as a scintilla of energy or able to move without my breath being taken away by the pain of my back and neck disorders, I could never try such a feat! Kudos to Pat for her bravery! 

  7. DK: I read about this, and the library looks wonderful.

    NYT: I like her approach, and she's upfront about it.

    Cartoon: I remember this, gosh! Gotta laugh at the comment though! EEEk!

    Pat A: Prayers for you, and the task that you are undertaking, and for not falling! Take good care!

    Glad that you got out, and took a walk. Hope all went good. Well, I've lost out on becoming a millionaire (lottery), Texans lost, and GB struggling. Not a good weekend at my ponderosa. Did make a kick a- – dip and some chili though. Enjoy your evening, take care, Thanks, Tom.

  8. You've had a very busy, but very fruitful day behind you, TomCat. I hope you enjoyed your meditation too.

    Thanks for Pat's reply, It's good to hear from her again.

    Daily Kos: A Walmart turned into a library, now that is what I call an unusually bright idea for Texas. Public libraries are closing down everywhere in Holland because the councils have no money left to spend on them, so this idea is music to my ears. I hope they go with the time though, and put on a lot of other activities on besides lending out books; on such a prime location that really should work very well.

    The New Yorker: The Murdochs, Kochs and Adelsons, or the 1%, all play the same game: buy the media, buy the politicians and make a country do your bidding so you can become even richer, perpetuating the circle and finally rule the country and the world. Then it's only a question of time before they start to war between them with us caught in the middle.

    NY Times: Her ad is good (from what I can gather from the description), it's about time Democrats show where they stand on the content of the Clown Car. But I agree with you, TomCat, Bernie Sanders would be the better choice for the average American in combination with a strong Democratic majority in Congress.

    Cartoon: "have" or "is"?

    • "have" most definitely!  Then, hopefully, there won't be any little Republicans running amok!

  9. I hope you enjoy your meals.  Sounds like you got a lot done in one day.

    Tell Pat A. to take it easy, don't risk a fall.  We miss her.

    Daily Kos:  Good for Texas.  Wal Mart also builds BIGGER Wal Marts and shuts down smaller ones, leaving a great big box in town that becomes an eyesore.  Pikeville, Ky. turned one of these into a medical clinic for out patient services.  It is doing well.

    The New Yorker:  I had read about this before.  Adelson will certainly use the newspaper to further his political choices.  He all ready donated enough money to have undue influence. This adds to his power.

    NY Times:  Yes, Hillary can defeat them, but so can Bernie.  The biggest difference is the media ignores Bernie as much as possible.

    Cartoon:  Yes they should!



  10. Thanks all!!  Hugs.  In a hurry!!!

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